The Result

The finished works are presented as archival quality giclee prints on heavy stretched canvas and fully sealed on both front and back, ready to hang. The sizes of current finished works are 500mm square or 600mm x 400mm landscape although larger sizes and other formats are planned for production as the opportunity arises.

But what relation do these finished works have to the process?

In a very real sense the closest thing to the 'original' artwork is the digital file, but it isn't an image, it is a pattern of 0's and 1's. So the 'original' is not perceptible. In order to perceive it we need to translate the binary data into image data and then transform this into pixel patterns or ink patterns. These then translate into a pattern of light rays with different frequencies. These then stimulate receptors at the back of the eye that transform the pattern of incident light into a pattern of neural signals within the nervous system. Exactly what happens then is poorly understood but in some manner these neural signals are translated and transformed into subconscious impressions. These are further filtered and translated into conscious sensory experiences. These are further translated into the visual attributes of objects of perception. These are further translated into the visual attributes of allegedly 'external' objects. These are translated into an experience of external objects in space and time. This is translated into an individual personal experience of objects in space and time, which forms an event within a life story for a particular being.

What is finally experienced is some event within your own life story. It takes place around you within space and time, it seemingly consists of objects, relations and events. These are actually cognitive experiences that correspond in some way with neural activity and sensory stimuli. The sensory stimuli themselves correspond in some way to light rays, and so on, back to the original digital file.

There are many stages and phases in the process of viewing an image, but what is constant throughout? It is the pattern. The pattern flows through many different mediums and is interpreted and transformed in various ways. Furthermore, the pattern is distorted at each stage so it is constantly evolving throughout the perceptual process. This means that although the digital file may define a single pattern, as the interpretive and perceptual processes operates on this pattern it changes making each experience unique and singular.

The actual 'original' is pure pattern, pure information and it must be operated on by some symbolic process in order to make it perceptible.

Like music and literature, the work itself is in the pattern. There is no 'original' symphony or book. The object itself is just the medium of transmission for the pattern. Hence the pattern can be exhibited and experienced via many different mediums and is still the same pattern.

Therefore, remaining true to the logic of the process, the final artworks are all reproductions. If you buy a painting you buy a reproduction. But feel free to make use of the digital images in the galleries. It is only if you want a high-resolution hard-copy that you pay for the cost of its production.