Download SMN

The SMN engine is still in the early (alpha) phase of development and is only available as either source code or as a 64bit linux binary.

It is written in ANSI C and all libraries used are cross-platform so it can be compiled for any platform. However it has not been tested on any other machines other than the development system, so please give feedback.

The binary executable is dynamically linked with libraries in libraptor and libSDL so these first need to be installed before the engine will run.

Compiling the Source Code

To compile the source code, you will need to first install libraptor and libSDL if they are not already installed. The Raptor library is used to read in the owl files and SDL provides cross-platform threading and later a GUI. It is easiest to use the package manager on your distribution to install these.

To compile the SMN engine, uncompress the zip file, then, f you are using unix/linux, just open a terminal in the main SMNEngineXXX directory and type:


then test that everything is working by running the twoSystem model:

cd src
./smnengine twoSystems.owl

If you are using Anjuta (a gnome programming IDE) there is a project file in the main directory to help you work with the source code. 15th Sept 2008