A common cause of the failure of projects such as this is that most people focus on the 'world' outside themselves whilst being oblivious to the core confusions within themselves. These core confusions within give rise to many dysfunctions in our interactions and thereby throughout civilisation. When people come together to resolve the outer dysfunctions they often deny or ignore the core confusions within themselves and these confusions give rise to dysfunctions within the group, which becomes a microcosmic dysfunctional society. This makes meaningful communication and group activity impossible.

Hence before STAR can begin there is much ground work that needs to be done. There are deep confusions throughout our minds, language, culture and all communications, most of which people are oblivious to. If we wish to discuss things then we must start with fundamentals about how we perceive, think and communicate before we can have any hope of meaningful communication about that which we perceive and think.

Doing anything other than this would be to remain entangled in common misconceptions and either just confuse each other or reinforce each other's misconceptions. Both of these are counter to what STAR is about.

Purpose of Pre-STAR: Is in accord with the purpose of STAR but focuses on preparing people to be able to work towards clarifying the core confusions within themselves before they can effectively participate in STAR. We cannot build upon a faulty foundation of common misconceptions and must dig into that foundation and develop a clarified foundation upon which to build STAR.

Principles of Pre-STAR: Are in accord with the principles of STAR but focus on not discussing any complex subjects until fundamental misconceptions are overcome. There is much work to be done on all levels but we cannot do any of it without mastering the basics of how to do it.


Once we have developed an understanding of the fundamentals we can begin to systematically work towards more complex subjects. In order to take part in the latter stages of STAR people will need to work through the successive stages in order to have the clarity to do so.

The initial starting point is the phenomenon of naïve realism and the subtle relationship between 'perceptions' and 'world' as well as between 'concepts' and 'world'. We will be taking it slow, moving forward systematically and creating a learning trail so that late-comers can catch up.

Some of the basic issues that will be covered are:

Only join in if you are willing to systematically work towards laying down the foundations for clear, open, meaningful and profound discussions. Off-topic discussions and premature introduction of complex subjects built upon misconceptions are not welcome in Pre-STAR.

If you have read and understood ALL the introductory material and think you have what it takes to participate in Pre-STAR then apply to join.