Correspondences with other Metaphysical Paradigms

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Mystic Christianity:
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American Indian Prayer

Here I illustrate some correspondence between the systemic or computational metaphysical paradigm that is arising and several ancient metaphysical paradigms. I will not go into any detailed discussion of the correspondences, I merely present some of my own interpretations that some people may wish to contemplate. I have used them as 'keys' with which to unlock secrets from amidst ancient analogies; perhaps others may also wish to use them and adapt them for themselves and those familiar with these paradigms may wish to use them to contemplate aspects of the computational paradigm.


Here I provide a few key quotes from the Bhagavadgita and some of the principle Upanishads to illustrate the nature of the metaphysics that is implied throughout this profoundly mystical philosophy and its intimate connections with a systemic or computational metaphysics.

Bhagavad Gita

All of these quotes are purportedly spoken by Sri Bhagavan (the Supreme Godhead or Ishvara or a personified form of the Transcendent Process) to Arjuna on the eve of a great battle in which Arjuna is to wage war against his own kinsmen who have been overcome by avarice and greed and have succumbed to evil. Arjuna falters but Sri Bhagavan counsels him on all matters of sacred Truth, the nature of reality, the nature of one's Self and how to act in the world as a part of the world, and encourages Arjuna to act without ego, to fulfill his dharma and thereby do his duty.

The following quotes are taken from (“The Bhagavadgita”, trans: Prof V. Nabar and Prof S. Tumkur, Wordsworth Classics, 1997)

Extracts from the 13'th chapter entitled “The Yoga of the Division of the Cosmos into Body and Soul”:

This very body... is called the ksetra [field or information space], and he who knows it is called the ksetrajna [the knower of the field or the computational process]... Know that I am the ksetrajna in all ksetras... I hold that, knowledge of the field and of its knower is true knowledge.

... who its knower is and what his powers, I shall explain briefly.

I will tell you what is to be known... [the ultimate goal of knowledge] It is the Supreme Brahman [the transcendent process], without beginning, said to be neither imperishable nor perishable... He pervades everything, abiding in it...He gives the impression of having the qualities of the senses, yet is without the senses ['information' depends upon perception but transcendent computation precedes empirical perception]. Though unattached [not believing in the world illusion], He still supports everything [it is analogous to the computer that a simulation]. Void of qualities, He enjoys them nevertheless. He is outside and within all things. He is immoveable and yet moveable. Subtle, He is incapable of being known [occupies a different information space]. Far away, He is still near. Undivided, he is still broken up among all things [transcendent computation is One at its source but distributed throughout the empirical simulation]. He must be realised as one who, supporting all things, destroys them and refashions them again. He is said to be the Radiance among radiances, beyond darkness, Knowledge, the object of knowledge, and that which can be known only through knowledge [cannot be perceived but only inferred]. He is seated in the hearts of everyone [transcendent computation is the inner essence of all things].

Know that prakriti [nature, mechanical existence, causality, outer aspect] and purusha [soul, consciousness, will, inner aspect] are both without beginning [prakriti is the representational aspect of information and purusha is the computational aspect]. Know also that all forms and constituents arise from prakriti [the base information medium is the ultimate foundation, it is pure semantic representation (prakriti), which underlies the potential for existence. Purusha or computation then animates this and togehter they combine to form ever higher levels of creation]. Prakriti (nature) is said to be the cause behind the act, its instrument and its doer, while purusha (soul) is said to be the cause behind the experience of pleasure and pain. When purusha is positioned in prakriti, it enjoys the constituents born of prakriti [immersion in the perceptual stream, identification with the information stream, partaking in the simulation through the suspension of disbelief and thereby experiencing the phenomenal world or the 'virtual' reality]. This marriage with the constituents is instrumental in its taking birth in good and bad wombs [empirical manifestation or samsara].

This Being [the simulator or virtual-reality generative process that operates within the transcendent context] who, close to prakriti, witnesses its constituents, consents to them, adds to them, and experiences them, is termed the Great Lord, the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Purusha [the 'Supreme' computational process] which dwells in the body [transcendent context].

Whatever is born, moveable [empirical forms] or immoveable [transcendent processes], comes into being through the union of the ksetra and the ksetrajna [computation within an information space leads to simulation which leads to empirical forms].

He who sees the Supreme Lord [transcendent process], who is present equally in all creatures [simulated systems manifested by the transcendent process], who is not destroyed even when they are, he may be said to have truly perceived. Perceiving the Lord as equally pervading everywhere, he does not let his self-sense [empirical egoic delusion] destroy his true Self [awareness of ones transcendent nature] and, in that way, he attains a state of excellence [true understanding and alignment with reality]. He who perceives that all aspects of actions are performed only through prakriti [everything is information and we are dynamical patterns of information] and also that the self is a non-doer [universal consciousness is the doer], he may be said to have truly perceived. On perceiving that the multifarious aspect of things is located in one point [the transcendent process], from where it extends severally, he attains the Brahman.

Without beginning, devoid of qualities, the Supreme Self, imperishable, though stationed in the body, neither acts nor is touched in any way [separation of information spaces]... Just as ether, pervading everything, is unsmeared on account of its rarefied nature, in the same way the Self, present in everybody, is not besmirched. [a computer cannot be defiled by a program that is run on it]

Just as the Sun, alone, lights up this entire world, so also does the Keeper of the field light up this entire field... those who in this way, through the eye of wisdom, perceive the difference between the field and the one who knows it [between simulation and the simulator], and the manner of release of all beings from prakriti [overcoming the objective world illusion through detachment and transcendent knowledge], they obtain the Supreme.

Excerpts from chapter 9 entitled “The Yoga of Sovereign Knowledge and Sovereign Mystery”:

I have pervaded this universe through My imperceptible form. All created things are in Me but I am not in them... However, these created beings do not abide in Me. Behold this, My Divine Yoga. My spirit, which created these beings, is embodied in them but not in them... Just as the great wind [ether], blowing everywhere, is forever contained in space, likewise are all created beings in Me. Know this. [this is hinting that 'simulation' is the manner of the manifestation of the empirical context, it is not contained within God in a simple physical manner]

All created things are absorbed into My prakriti [transcendent nature, the metaphorical cosmic computer itself] at the end of a kalpa [one complete cycle of transcendent creation] and, when a kalpa begins, I recreate them... Seizing hold of My own prakriti, I fashion again and again this great number of beings which is helpless, being subject to prakriti [they cannot but act out their nature]... since I exist as if indifferent, unattached to My action, these actions do not bind Me [God does not fall for the illusion so there is no karma]... Under My direction, prakriti creates the moveable and immovable universe [the base information medium is structured and animated so as to manifest an empirical universe].

I am all that makes holy or which can be known... the ultimate state, the supporter, the lord, the witness, the dwelling, the refuge, the friend, the origin, the destruction, the existence, the place of repose and "the imperishable seed"... I am immortality as well as death, the imperishable and perishable too... I am the beneficiary and lord of all sacrifices... I am the same towards all creatures. To me no one is unliked or dear. But I am embodied in those who worship Me with devotion [focus their mind beyond the illusion of the senses and into the underlying transcendent processes], and they in Me.

Excerpts from chapter 7 entitled “The Way of Knowledge and Realisation”:

Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, reason and sense of self [empirical identity]: these are the eight divisions of My nature... This nature is of a lower order [empirical or virtual nature]... know that there exists besides, My other superior nature [transcendent or computational nature], which is the essence by which the world is maintained... Realise that all created beings take birth in both these [the virtual space is a projection of the computational space]. I am the origin of this cosmos and also its end... there is nothing else higher than Me. Like a row of beads strung together, so is all which is here strung on Me...

I am the life in all living beings... know Me as the eternal seed in all created things, I am the intelligence of the intelligent, and the magnificence of the magnificent... I am the strength of all the strong...

Those without wisdom regard Me, who am imperceptible, as being perceptible, failing to realise my superior, supreme, immutable form [they think of God as an empirical being that exists in space and time] ... Being enveloped in My mysterious power (Yoga-Maya) [simulation], I am not manifest to all. The ignorant do not realise that I am unborn and immutable... I know all created beings in the past and present... and those that will be, but no one knows Me... All creatures in the world are immersed in ignorance... the result of the delusion caused by the dualities arising from desire and hate [attachment leading to immersion in the world illusion] ... But the virtuous, whose sin [delusion and denial of Truth] has ended, escape from the ignorance caused by the dualities... those who realise me as existing in the physical plane, the divine planes, and also in what concerns sacrifices, have a mind which is focussed and know Me even at the time of death.


Beyond the senses there are objects [phenomenal world or empirical context], beyond the objects there is the mind [the suspension of disbelief that binds us into the empirical space], beyond the mind there is the intellect [empirical computation or causal flow]. The Great Self [Simulator] is beyond the intellect. Beyond the Great Self there is the unmanifest [transcendent context], beyond the unmanifest there is purusha [cosmic Person, the spirit, the transcendent process]. Beyond the spirit there is nothing – that is the goal, end of the journey.” (Katha Upanishad 1:3:10-11)

What is that through which, if it is known, everything else becomes known?...

That which cannot be seen, nor seized, which belongs to neither this social order nor that, which has no eyes nor ears, no hands nor feet; the eternal, the all-pervading, the infinitesimal, the imperishable, that it is which the wise regard as the source of all that exists...

The brahman [the transcendent context] expands (manifests itself) by means of concentration [self-referential computation leading to simulation]; hence is produced matter; from matter life, mind, the intellect, and the seven worlds. And from the works performed in the worlds follow the endless chain of effects of the works [empirical dynamics].

From him who perceives all [the transcendent process] and who knows all, whose concentration is filled by knowledge, from him is born that first manifest brahman (Hiranyagarbha or the Golden Egg) [the Simulator], the name, the form, and the matter [the empirical context].” (Mundaka Upanishad 1:1:3-9)

The sages, in meditation and through concentration, have pierced through the cover [world illusion or Maya] to see that great power [computation] belonging to that one himself [transcendent process], what is hidden in its own qualities [gunas, the veil of simulation]. Being one, he superintends all the causes, time, self, and the rest.

We meditate on him [empirical context, the universe] who (like a wheel) has one felly (single first cause) with three tiers (the three gunas) [sattwa (being), rajas (dynamism), tamas (inertia)], sixteen ends (components of empirical existence), fifty spokes (five kinds of misconceptions and ignorance, twenty eight kinds of disabilities, nine inversions of satisfaction and eight inversions of perfection; all of which combine to sustain the world illusion), with twenty counter spokes (five sense organs, five organs of action and ten corresponding objects of both) [all of which combine to bind one into the world illusion], and six sets of eight (primordial nature, physical substances, powers of expression and of action, classes of divinities (or fundamental cosmic entities) and the virtues (or paths of proper conduct)); whose one rope is manifold (desire), which proceeds on three different courses (righteousness, unrighteousness and knowledge), and whose illusion (ignorance of the nature of the Self) arises from two causes (virtuous and sinful action) [both good and bad karma bind one to samsara].

We meditate on the river (phenomenal world) [empirical context] whose waters consist of the five streams (sense organs), which is wild and winding with its five springs, whose waves are the five vital breaths (pranas), whose fountain head is the mind, and whose course consists of the five kinds of perceptions. It has five whirlpools (objects of the five senses), its rapids are the five pains (being in the womb, being born, being ill, growing old and dying), it has fifty kinds of obstacles and five branches (ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and fear of death).

In that vast brahma-wheel [phenomenal world], in which all things live and rest, the bird [jiva, individual self or empirical egoic individual] flutters about, so long as one thinks that the self is different from the mover [illusion of isolated empirical being]. When blessed by Him, then he gains immortality [realisation of ones transcendent being].” (Shvetashvatara Upanishad, 1:3-6)

beyond all the elements, and all the letters. There is no commerce with It [transcendent process]. It brings all distinctions and developments to end; as such it is utterly unavailing. It is only peace, repose and oneness.” (Mandukya Upanishad 12)

That which is the subtle essence, in it is the self of all that exists. It is the True. It is the Self, and thou ... art it.” (Chandogya Upanishad 4:10:1-3)

Tao Te Ching

The “Tao Te Ching” is an ancient collection of Taoist sayings by many anonymous sages and attributed to the mythical sage Lao Tzu; trans D. C. Lau, Penguin Classics, 1963.

The way that can be spoken of
Is not the constant way
[the nature of reality is non-empirical and ultimately unrepresentable in any empirical idiom]” (1)

The nameless was the beginning of heaven and earth;”(2)

The myriad creatures rise from it yet it claims no authority;
It gives them life yet claims no posession;
It benefits them yet exacts no gratitude;
It accomplishes its task yet lays claim to no merit
[this is pure existence without any egoic coruption]”(7)

The way is empty, yet use will not drain it.
Deep, it is like the ancestor of the myriad creatures.
[the nature of reality is not material, it is empty in that sense, but its use is inexhaustable]”(11)

Darkly visible, it only seems as if it were there.
I know not whos son it is.
It images the forefather of God.

Heaven and earth are ruthless, and treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs; ... [honoured as an offering then discarded and trampled on, we are not ontological beings with innate rights, we are patterns of information]”(14)

Is not the space betweem heaven and earth [the simulator] like a bellows?
It is empty without being exhausted:
[it is a dynamical creative information space]
The more it works the more comes out.
[heaven is the computational context and earth is the empirical context, which arises from the former via 'simulation' which manifests all the myriad creatures.]”(15)

The spirit of the valley never dies. [computation, the ability to 'channel']
This is called the mysterious female.
[the primal existential potential]
The gateway of the mysterious female
Is called the root of heaven and earth.
Dimply visible, it seems as if it were there,
Yet use will never drain it.
[This refers to the plennum of potentiality that is the transcendent computational space. It is forever yielding to the demands of the simulation, it is the root of heaven and earth]”(17)

It gives them life and rears them.
It gives them life yet claims no posession;
It benefits them yet exacts no gratitude;
It is the steward yet exercise no authority.
Such is called the mysterious virtue.
[it manifests the entire cosmos but it doesn't act as an entity 'within' the world, it is the inner essence 'of' the world]”(25-6)

Its upper part is not dazzling;
Its lower part is not obscure.
Dimly visible, it cannot be named
And returns to that which is without substance.
This is called the shape that has no shape,
[like a 3D computer model]
The image that is without substance.
[like a computer image]
This is called indistinct and shadowy.

The best of all rulers is but a shadowy pressence to his subjects. [the way is the most shadowy ruler, it is intangible but it causally manifest everything that is and happens, it is the ultimate ruler, not an ego driven empirical ruler]”(39)

When his task is accomplished and his work done
The people all say, 'It happened to us naturally.'

As a thing the way is
Shadowy, indistinct.
Indistinct and shadowy,
[information theoretic rather than physical]
Yet within it is an image;
Shadowy and indistinct,
[virtual world]
Yet within it is a substance.
Dim and dark,
[not matter but energy]
Yet within it is an essence.
This essence is quite genuine
[ontologically exists unlike empirical forms]
And within it is something that can be tested.
[i.e. amenable to perception and experience, thus giving rise to transcendent representation and empirical appearance]”(49)

There is a thing confusedly formed,
Born before heaven and earth.
Silent and void
It stands alone and does not change,
Goes round and does not weary.
It is capable of being the mother of the world.
I know not its name
So I style it 'the way'.

Man models himself on earth, [we conceive of ourselves as material beings]
Earth on heaven,
[the simulation is produced by the simulator]
Heaven on the way,
[the simulator is a program in the computational space]
And the way on that which is naturally so.
[the computational space is naturally self-existent]”(58)

The way in its passage through the mouth is without flavour.
It cannot be seen,
[computation is the 'seeing' within sight]
It cannot be heard,
Yet it cannot be exhausted by use.
[it is not a physical substance that is diminished by use, it is information]”(78)

Of old, these came to be in possession of the One:
Heaven in virtue of the One is limpid;
[yielding, providing]
Earth in virtue of the One is settled;
[dynamic equilibrium]
Gods in virtue of the One have their potencies;
[transcendent operations]
The valley in virtue of the One is full;
The myriad creatures in virtue of the One are alive;
[dynamical existence]
Lords and princes in virtue of the One become leaders in the empire
[empirical power stems from transcendent power].
It is the One that makes these what they are.

The myriad creatures carry on their backs the yin [outer aspect, being, matter, representation] and embrace with their arms the yang [inner aspect, doing, mind, computation] and are the blending of the generative forces of the two.”(94)

Kabbalah Unveiled

The Book of Concealed Mystery

The Book of Concealed Mystery is a text of the Kabbala Denudata or ("Kabbalah Unveiled", trans S.L. MacGreggor Mathers from the Latin, published by Weiser, 1993).

"The Book of Concealed Mystery" is the book of the equilibrium of balance.

For before there was equilibrium, countenance beheld not countenance.
[no computation so no perception]

And the kings of ancient time were dead, and their crowns were found no more; and the earth was desolate.
[the disordered computations are ended, the computational data structures and functions are gone (the kings are dead, see Greater Holy Assembly), even the prior class hierarchy is destroyed, its not just the instantiations or particular kings, their crowns too are found no more]” (BCM 1-3)

This equilibrium hangeth in that region which is negatively existent in the Ancient One. [potentiality as opposed to actuality, quantum/classical]

Thus were those powers equiponderated which were not yet in perceptible existence.
[computation has not yet given rise to simulation so nothing is perceptible since there are no perceivers and no perceptual process]

In His form ... existeth the equilibrium: it is incomprehensible, it is unseen.
” (BCM 5-7)

... the kingdom of the restored world [this simulation run] was formed from the kingdom of the destroyed world... [the kingdom of the destroyed world is that of unbalanced force, unstructured computation, chaos]” (BCM 19)

It was fomless and void, and darkness upon the face of the deep, [prior to the simulation] and the Spirit of the Elohim vibrating upon the face of the waters [pure computational potential (spirit) combining with representational potential (the waters)]” (BCM 20)

But there are excavations of excavations. (The excavation is the receptacle, like that which is hollowed out, or carved out, like a cave... [the excavations are dynamical information spaces or worlds within worlds]”

"And the Elohim said let there be light, and there was light [perception leading to empirical dynamics, or animation] ... since He Himself spake, and it was done.” (BCM 31)

Like as it is written: "And the Elohim saw the substance of the light, that it was good."” (BCM 34)

Microprosopus [simulator] was at first alone ( ... separated from his bride [the simulation world]). But all things returned into the unity. (... Microprosopus returned to his bride [the simulator starts and the simulation begins]” (BCM 35)



The Greater Holy Assembly

The Greater Holy Assembly is a text of the Kabbalah Denudata or ("Kabbalah Unveiled", trans S.L. MacGreggor Mathers from the Latin, published by Weiser, 1993).

In chapter two is revealed the overall information theoretic layout of reality. It is a little like an object oriented description of the computational context within which the simulation program operates.

... the Arcanum of the Arcana is what men can neither know nor comprehend, nor can they apply their rules of science to it. [the ultimate Source is unknowable]” (GHA 29)

It is said that before the Ancient of the Ancient Ones, the Concealed One of the Concealed Ones, instituted the formation of the King (under certain members and paths of Micropsrosopus) [the simulator] and the diadems of the diadems (that is, the varied coverings whereby the superfluity of the Lights is circumscribed) [the data structures and functions that harness the representational and computational capacity of the computational space]; beginning and end existed not (that is there was neither communication nor reception) [prior to the operation of the computational space and the manifestation of the cosmos there is no computation so there can be no existence and no change]” (GHA 30)

Therefore He carved out (that is, hollowed out a space by which he might flow in) [the transcendent computational space through which transcendent information flows] and instituted proportions in Himself (in as many ways as the Lights of His Understanding could be received, whence arose the paths of the worlds), [the proportions are the finite discrete data types] and spread out before Him a certain veil (that is, produced a certain nature, by which His infinite Light could be modified, which was the first Adam); [this is like the foundational 'program' in the computational space, its "opertaing system"] and therein carved out and distributed the kings and their forms by a certain proportion (that is all creatures under a condition of proper activity; by which He Himself might be known and loved); [the various data structures and functions that combine to manifest the simulator] but they did not subsist... [once the simulator begins functioning the data structures no longer reign, it is the simulator that is the new king]” (GHA 31)

That is the same thing which is said, Gen xxxvi. 29: "And these are the kings which reigned in the land of Edom, before that there reigned a king over the children of Israel." [which is the simulator, and the land of Israel is the simulation world, and the children are empirical forms or systems]” (GHA 32)

The land of Edom “is the place where all judgements are found [the computational space]” (GHA 984)

The Keeper of Israel [simulator] neither slumbereth nor sleepeth.” (LHA 114)

as it is written Exod. iv. 22 "Israel is my first-born son." [the first fully manifest creation of God and also a likeness of God, implying fractal multi-leveled self-similarity]” (LHA 296)



The Lesser Holy Assembly

The Lesser Holy Assembly is a text of the Kabbalah Denudata or ("Kabbalah Unveiled", trans S.L. MacGreggor Mathers from the Latin, published by Weiser, 1993).

God, the most Holy One ... is called the Living One.” (LHA 23)

He hath been formed, and yet as it were He hath not been formed. He hath been conformed, so that He may sustain all things; yet is He not formed, seeing that He is not discovered. [no outer aspect so "He" is not an object in any world but is the origin of all worlds, and "He" has a definite form like a finite state automata that sustains or simulates all things. There are definite information theoretic constraints.]” (LHA 42)

He is that highest Light concealed with all concealments and He is not found ["He" is the hidden source of the simulation or projection, i.e. a computer game character cannot perceive the computer]” (LHA 46)

In this text they develop a detailed analogy of the transcendent origin of reality as a head, implying a consciousness.

... since this Head is the supreme of all the supernals, hence He is only symbolised as a head alone without body, for the purpose of establishing all things. [the transcendent process is an information process, it does not exist in an external world and has no need of a body or outer aspect. Everything exists 'within'.]” (LHA 169)

The Supreme Head is that which is not known, nor comprehended, nor designated, and that (Head) comprehendeth all things.” (LHA 179)

The skull of the White Head hath not beginning, but its end is the convexity of its joining together, which is extended, and shineth.

... From this convexity of the joining together of this White Skull daily distileth a dew into Microprosopus, into that space which is called Heaven...
[representation and iteration combine to produce the transcendent computational space]

And His head is filled with that dew...

and in that Skull is the Supernal Wisdom concealed, who is found and who is not found.
[transcendent information that defines all empirical existence]” (LHA 51-3)

... from Him are all the Lights illuminated...["He" animates all simulated forms and phenomena]” (LHA 75)

He the most Holy Ancient One is found to have three heads, which are contained in the one Head.[triune nature]” (LHA 78)

The conformation of Him, the Most Holy Ancient One, is instituted through one form, which is the ideal Syntagma of all forms.[the finite state automata process as modeled by SMN]

The same is the Concealed Supernal Wisdom...

And this is called ODN, Eden, or the supernal Paradise, concealed with all occultations.

And it is the Brain of the Most Holy Ancient one, and that Brain is expanded on every side.

Therefore is it extended into Eden, or another Paradise,
[there is a superior and inferior Paradise, the transcendent and empirical existential contexts] and from this is Eden or Paradise formed forth.[the emprical world is thereby simulated and brought into being]” (LHA 103-7)

Unto the Ancient One pertain all the Superiors [transcendent aspects], and unto Microprosopus [the simulator within the computational space or the first Adam within the supernal Eden] the Inferiors. [empirical aspects]” (LHA 126)

... the Name of the Ancient One [the essence or synthesis of its power, i.e. computation] is concealed in all things, neither is it found.

But those letters which depend from the Ancient One,
[empirical forms] so that they may be established, are all inferiors...

And therefore is the Holy Name
[computational essence] alike concealed and manifest.

For that which is concealed
[the inner aspect of all things] pertaineth unto the Most Holy Ancient One, the Concealed in all things. [i.e the cosmic computational process IS the inner computational essence within all simulated forms]

But that, indeed, which is manifested, because it dependeth, belongeth to Microprosopus
[simulated forms]...

And therefore do all the blessings
[aspects of manifest existence] require both concealment and manifestation. [both inner and outer, or inner causal essence and outer objective appearance, or transformation and representation]” (LHA 128-33)

The place of comencement is found from the Most Holy Ancient One, and it is illuminated by the Influence. That is the Light of Wisdom.

And it is extended in thirty-two directions,
[the 10 numbers and 22 letters in Hebrew, this implies idiomatic permutation and also the Tree of Life] and departeth from that hidden brain, from that Light which existeth in Itself.” (LHA 183-4)

... this Wisdom instituteth a formation and produceth a certain river which floweth down and goeth forth to water the garden.

And it entereth into the head of Microprosopus, and formeth a certain other brain
[the simulation itself]

Thence it is extended and floweth forth into the whole body,
[material existence] and watereth all those plants (of the garden of Eden).

This is that which standeth written, Gen ii.9: "And a river went out of Eden to water the garden &c"
” (LHA 188-91)

All things depend mutually from Himself, and mutually are bound together unto Himself ... all things are one ... the Ancient One, is all things, neither from Him can anything whatsoever be separated.” (LHA 199)

... that river that floweth on and goeth forth is called the World, [experiential stream producing an experiential existential context] which is ever to come and ceaseth never.” (LHA 245)

... all the lights which shine from the Supreme Light [individual consciousness], the Most Concealed of All, are all paths (leading) toward that Light.” (LHA 349)

And all those lights adhere mutually together... [consciousness is One]

And they shine mutually into each other, neither are they divided separately from each other.
” (LHA 351-2)



The Tree of Life

Furthermore here is an interpretation of the “Tree of Life” from the Kabbalah in terms of the computational paradigm, there are many possible interpretations and each may provide illumination in different ways.

Below is another interpretation of the Kabbalistic “Tree of Life” to contemplate if one wished:

Mystic Christianity

See the collection of quotes from mostly Western Christian mystics, taken from the book The Coming of the Cosmic Christ. In particular, refer to the section regarding the computational nature or reality.

Throughout the last two thousand years Christianity has been under attack from forces trying to alienate it from it's mystic core and transform it into an empiricentric, egoic and exploitative mechanism of social control. But in all ages there were people who spontaneously communed with the divine that is the essence of reality and which permeates everything and is of equal access to everyone. Throughout this time Christianity has survived and evolved, and it has been growing stronger and reconnecting with its own inner truth; its mystic core.

Table of Correspondences

Below is a brief table of some correspondences between the pattern of four levels, as described in the computational paradigm, and Vedanta and two aspects of Kabbalah (the Tree of Life and the Greater Holy Assembly).

Computational Paradigm


Tree of Life

Kabbalah (Greater Holy Assembly)

Transcendent Process
(quantum, non-entropic)



Ain Soph to Macroprosopus

Transcendent Context
(classical, non-entropic)



the land of Edom

(quantum, non-entropic)



the first Adam or Microprosopus

Empirical Context
(classical, entropic)



the land of the Children of Israel

The Ogdoadic Glyph

Here is another glyph (the old word for a Mind Map or Concept Map) that utilises the ogdoadic (8 sided) symmetry that is found in Islamic, Buddhist and High Magic symbolic languages, this is interpreted in terms of the computational paradigm:

Below is the same glyph (simplified to two levels) and interpreted in terms of Vedic Metaphysics to show the parallels:

American Indian Prayer

This is an image representing an interpretation of an American Indian Creation Metaphysics, that forms a sacred prayer: “Grandfather, Grandmother, Creation, Great Mysteries, Spirit, Mataqui Oyasin (for all our relations)”:

In my own interpretation; Grandfather (primal energy or the cosmic seed or computational power) combines with Grandmother (potentiality or the womb of creation or the transcendent representational space or memory space) to produce Creation (reality or the transcendent information space or the computational space within which manifestation exists and happens), within which arises the Great Mysteries (Simulator generating the empirical universe), through which flows spirit (computation of transcendent information, consciousness or the "life spark" that sustains embodied being).

If anyone knows the traditional metaphysical meanings of these, then please let me know.