No-Copyright Notice

All information on this website is free of any copyright restrictions.
It is simply information flowing through the transcendent network
and casting a shadow within the world of empirical forms.
What you 'see' is a pattern of information that is a construct of your senses.
These patterns form, evolve and dissipate.

All that 'exists' in an empirical sense, including we empirical beings, are such patterns.
Thus I claim no ownership of this information; the cosmic information flows as it will.
Whilst we may choose to constrain and channel it within the context of our creative agendas within the world,
such strategies are not required in this case.

This work acts not to reinforce the world illusion but to dissipate it,
thus it needs no other source of assurance other than the cosmic will itself.
This information flows according to that will and thereby does its work within the world.
Therefore, use it, copy it, distribute it, modify it, do whatever you see fit with it.
But know that you will reap the consequences of your actions, whether good or bad.
So act wisely, play creatively and treat this information with respect.