Theoretic Context of SMN / IST

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This is an evolving collection of notes that will grow as I discover more.


overview of this discussion


most subtle
many perspectives and different descriptions over the years
there are some interesting theories arising at present
there are ancient ideas reviving in new forms
entrenched misunderstandings are being illuminated
the world knot is being untangled

Not just metaphysics, also software context and system engineering, etc but here mainly focus on the metaphysical context.

explore into the deeper metaphysics gradually
not selling my idea but open mindedly exploring the possibilities
here I present a series of metaphysical perspectives
and briefly explore how they are inter-related
present them in order of increasing metaphysical complexity and also explanatory simplicity

quick introduction

explanation of the context diagrams
internal and external perspectives, "being" and a "thing in a world",
enquiry begins with experience so we begin with the inner. Each level of reality has inner and outer and we explore from the inside out.

(1)The Experiential World

Traditional Western Secular world view / Objective world view
ignores nature of consciousness
matter --> consciousness

(1) --> (2)
Objective/Materialist v's Information Theoretic Metaphysics
first step outside of the experiential world
Cartesian Dualism
Wheeler, Fredkin (Finite Nature), Chaitin, John Gribbin?

(2)A Deeper Dynamic

evidence suggests deeper levels but how deep?
quantum physics
system theory, complexity theory
The Akashic Field

(2) --> (3)
Process Philosophy
Non-process v's Process
leaving last vestiges of non-process thought behind

(3)A Self-Existent Information Theoretic Generative Process

could there be a CTMU style self-existing generative process? (inner without outer, self creation)

(3) --> (4)
explicit concept of a transcendent generative process but it is hidden behind SOC bootstrap
c.f. "Notes on Parallels.doc"
Langan thinks of the idea of an explicit simulator as a throw back to Cartesian dualism, where the computation is a product of the mechanistic functioning of an inert material system. I see it more in the sense that this experiential world is a product of an underlying information process, which is a coherent dynamical flow of information within an existential context that I refer to as the transcendent context. Without the information space there would be no information to flow and without the computational space the process would have no context in which to operate. I don't see it in terms of mind and matter, these are both flawed concepts, but in terms of information processes and information spaces.

(4)An Emergent Information Theoretic Generative Process

Process Physics
could there be a bootstrapped generative process? (outer without inner, hidden context)

(4) --> (5)
explicit concept of a transcendent generative process that can be known
as well as aspects its explicit transcendent existential context

(5)An Explicit Transcendent Context

'inner' only
God cannot be known unless there is an interface
could there be an IST like explicit transcendent context? (inner with unknown outer, hidden cosmic outer)

(5) --> (6)
prayer, meditation leads to direct knowledge of God

(6) An Explicit Transcendent Origin

'outer' aspect of transcendent context
could there be an explicit and knowable God? (final totality known)
mention vedanta and kabbalah, with quotes
not all metaphysics explicitly represents every aspect

Degraded Metaphysics

there has been much blurring of knowledge over time
Principle theories are on opposite ends of the spectrum; materialism (1) and spirituality (6).

Degraded Materialism

simplistic mechanistic world view

the western scientific materialist dogma over the centuries, it has been a subtle superstition that has enthralled our minds.

Degraded Spirituality

Subtle truths have been obscured by being used as a tool for religious social engineering. This has devolved into a simplified and distorted metaphysics.
Heaven --> God --> story book creation --> Earth --> humans --> particular religion --> particular dogma
Earth is the objective world and heaven and earth are totally separate spaces and God is a being that dwells in Heaven. Heaven influences Earth via 'miracles' that are obviously outside the scope of nature, our souls are individual separated egoic entities that exist on Earth but may also exist in Heaven. There is only one 'correct' religion and life revolves around the performance of religious practices according to ones particular religion. Other religions are 'wrong' and need to be corrected because they are leading people into 'hell' with their heathen practices. And so on...


how deep do the levels go?

information theoretic perspective on reality, it is an information construct

process oriented perspective on reality, it is a dynamical 'happening'.