Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness

Here are some comments on and quotes from the book called "Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness" by Gary Zukav & Linda Francis, Simon and Schuster, 2001.

In my own words, the gist of the book is that emotions and all inner 'feelings' aren't an aesthetic experience that needs to be liked or disliked in the context of a 'lifestyle' or that needs to be identified with or shunned as a part of one's personality, they are rather an important signal from ones inner being. Energy may flow through one's energy system such as one's chakras in two polarities, light or dark, i.e. love and trust or fear and doubt. As the energy flows out of a particular chakra in a particular polarity, this creates a disturbance in consciousness that we experience as emotion, thought, feeling, or some kind of sensation, whether conscious or sub-conscious. By being aware of ones state of inner being one can then monitor the functioning of one's inner energy system. Furthermore, by focusing on a feeling one can channel energy through a chakra in a given polarity and this can create momentum enough to change the habitual energy flows and thereby one's entire experience of life. It's a very easy to read and informative book, I highly recommend it. Below is a quote of the back cover blurb from the book and then a discussion of the main essence of the book.

With the rare combination of profound psychological insight and deep spirituality that has already attracted millions of readers, Gary Zukav now joins with his spiritual partner Linda Francis to help us to develop a new emotional awareness that is central to our spiritual development.

Although developing emotional awareness is challenging and difficult because it requires becoming aware of our buried emotional pain, it is also enormously rewarding. The heart of the Soul shows us how to free ourselves from our compulsions, fixations, obsessions and addictions - such as anger, workaholism, obsessive eating, alcohol and drug abuse - that prevent us from living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Emotional awareness - becoming aware of everything we are feeling at every moment - is one of the most challenging tasks we can undertake. As Zukav relates in the book, "The longest journey that you will make in your life is from your head to your heart". For all of us, that is the unending journey towards spiritual growth and the healing that will allow us to achieve our fullest potential. The Heart of the Soul is a life-changing work that can reshape our lives for the better.

The Essence of the Book in a Nutshell

Note: this table is not taken directly from the book but is inspired by it.
Polarity →
Chakra ↓

Love & Trust

Fear & Doubt

Crown I flow with the Way, I am at one with the cosmos, my will is the will of creation itself. I feel alienated from life and in my quiet moments I am tormented by indefinable cravings.
Third Eye I see beyond the veil of form, into the transcendent foundation of reality. I see only a confusing clutter of particulars and forms. I am always becoming entangled by illusion.
Throat I communicate clearly, I express my inner being and manifest my nature. I communicate negligently or deceitfully and I conceal by inner nature behind a mask.
Heart I form open, compassionate relations and I build tight networks of intimacy. I form cold, distrustful relations that break down into discord and disharmony.
Solar Plexus I have a firm but expansive sense of identity and I effortlessly engage with others. I feel insecure and can be protective, isolationist, selfish, controlling and manipulative.
Sacral I have a creative, sensual and vital approach to life. I have a habitual, sadistic or masochistic, and apathetic approach to life.
Root I am firmly grounded in my innate power and I belong in the world. I am unstable, tense and frustrated, I feel alienated, powerless and frail. I long for oblivion.

On the bright side one can say:

Or on the dark side one can say:

Or in regards to each individual chakra or aspect of one's personality, one will feel characteristic sensations and emotions depending on whether one resonates in love and trust or fear and doubt. We may use these feelings to tune into the problem area and restore health, thereby restoring the balance of the holistic system.

If you notice yourself polarised with fear and doubt in some respect, look into the nature of your feelings and let your awareness settle into the corresponding chakra and associated area of the body. Abide with your feelings, be compassionate and nurturing with yourself, and gently bring the energies around toward the polarity of love and trust. Try and feel into your body and emotions and remember what the bright polarity feels like, visualise it and detect it within yourself and tune into it and draw it out by focusing on it. It is always there although often obscured by stronger feelings. By drawing it out and tuning into it one is aligning with it, releasing knots of bound energy and channeling healing energy from the field. As you align more and more to the bright polarity, this not only makes one's feelings more aesthetically pleasing, but one's entire state of being improves from the subtlest levels upward, manifesting significant changes in one's entire experience of life and one's life situation.