About Us

Glistening Deepwater was born 1966, and has been a painter for almost 20 years. Recently a student of Visual Arts in Cairns, Australia -- extending her practice into assemblage, installation sculpture and digital image making. She is also a long term student of esoteric science and metaphysics.

Within this collaboration she has discovered a profound source of inspiration in the programs developed as a part of the underlying metaphysical research. She has found a satisfactory way to combine the fields of art and metaphysics, and is developing a dialogue through artistic expression, which helps to illustrate some of the fundamental, underlying principles of existence as experienced at the human level. Thus fulfilling a deep desire to communicate her understanding with other people.

Her work continues and can be found on the website allisasis.info.

John Ringland was born 1972, from an early age he was fascinated with the subtle nature of reality and became acquainted with a wide and eclectic range of esoteric and mystic paradigms. He also studied physics and computer science for 5 years at UNSW and ANU in Australia. Then in early 2000, after some time working as a systems architect in the software industry, he experienced an 'epiphany', coming to see all manifest forms as 'systems' composed of information, communication and computation rather than as material objects. Reality was seen more as a process than as objects. This was followed by 6 years of independent research and intuitive enquiry into systems theory, metaphysics and many mystic paradigms. The subtle enquiry led to the formulation of what could be described as a mathematical system theoretic model of general systems, general computational systems and general virtual reality (or simulation). It provides assistance in the construction of the foundation of a unified science and a unified paradigm.

His work continues and can be found on the website anandavala.info.

Mystic Visions began in 2007 and is the brain child of the above mentioned artists. It is an umbrella concept for a process of artistic exploration into metaphysical principles. It is a part of a multi-pronged expression of a unified paradigm. It is a way of sowing imaginative seeds of awakening that may nourish the collective subconscious.

We are currently based in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.