Awakening - Assorted Brief Writings

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Set foot on the other side! A vast resonant space.
Great Water lies behind, with glittering cities
of many pointed coloured lights on the far shore.
Here there is nothing, no me and no world,
The unbroken whole, the uncarved block.

Here is beyond all words, it is their source.
This voice shall resonate from the source,
sending waves across the Great Water,
Channelling the nothing through the waters into the illusion,
so people will see from where these waves originate,
and then there is breakthrough.


Throughout the millennia prophets have prepared us for these times,
planting the seeds of subtle truths and sacred wisdom,
weaving thoughts within our collective consciousness.

All of the advancements in philosophy, science and technology,
the growth and maturation of our social conscience,
the sustained love and nourishment from our battered Mother Earth,
and the Love of God ever present in our hearts and hidden within our churches.

All these things will converge in these times.
This age is a cauldron of writhing powers, boiling and fusing together,
out if this cauldron things will arise that will forever change this planet.

For 500 million years there has not been such a time on Earth.
Know that we do indeed live in interesting times,
and we two leggeds play a pivotal role.
Prepare yourself and pray that you falter not in these trials to come.

There will be no trumpets and clarion calls in the sky,
there is only the day to day battle, the inner struggle,
to remain true to that which we hold sacred.
Fall not into despair or apathy for the world needs you,
now more than ever.


It has been said that “the paranoid and the mystic share much in common,
paranoid persons believe there is a conspiracy in the universe against them,
mystics believe there is a conspiracy in the universe on their behalf.”
(from the book “The Coming of the Cosmic Christ”)

There is no conspiracy on my behalf, not the small 'me' anyway,
but there is definitely a conspiracy in the universe on Gods behalf,
and that is the big 'me' in all of us.

Just like a cell in ones body that starts calling out for more oxygen,
then many other cells join in, and next thing oxygen starts rushing in,
they don't know about bodies and lungs and breathing, you are just their whole universe,
but they would have to wonder if there was some kind of cosmic conspiracy,
because things most certainly aren't random.

It is the same with me in my universe,
there is too much order and responsiveness for things to be random chaos,
this universe is alive,
and we are a small cluster of cells within its body,
participating in its dance of life.

There is a cosmic metabolism going on,
call it a conspiracy if you will,
I for one intend to align with it,
and not with the cancerous tumour growing around me.

By tuning into the cosmic metabolic dance,
rather than the local cancerous dance,
perhaps we may bring a little healing magic,
into this part of the universe.


You are the vehicle of your voyage through life,
you must know your Self before you may truly know anything.
Beware of self-images that others have implanted within you,
at times when you where young, confused or dependent.

They are masks that we internalise,
whips that we flay ourselves with inwardly,
illusions that we project onto others.

Know that you are a child of the Universe,
a precious and unique creation of God.
The whole Universe loves you,
all the hosts of angels adore you.

Dare to let go of all you thought you knew,
dare to believe in yourself for existence is your right,
dare to look deep within with a critical eye,
and separate out illusion from reality.

Awaken to your glory and rise up,
to join the blessed multitudes of Gods creatures,
and participate in this cosmic community.


I am a lone visionary. I unravel many secrets. I seek to know "What am I? What is this world?". I have seen things that most cannot see. There are events occurring, driving the whole planet through a Meta System Transition. Most are unaware of their involvement, they cannot perceive or conceive of phenomena on that scale, just as a cell is unable to comprehend the organism that surrounds it. To any who look deeply and critically into this world these events can be seen, they are vast and looming, only dimly visible by their countless particulars which blur together to form an image of a higher level ecosystem, indeed a multi-levelled ecosystem. These are worlds within worlds. Our world is at a critical point, our passage through this stage will radically effect the nature of our future manifestation. We are put to the test, this requires our fullest awareness and attention for us to survive the coming process.


I've had the lines of a song in the back of my mind for a couple of days ... "We've been wasting most our lives, living in a fools paradise". It is apt...


Life is paradoxical for beings that mindlessly cling to life. Human existence is not eternal, it is not the ultimate product of the universe, it is one small step along the way. Any beings that cling become obstructions that must be swept aside, our purpose is to live, to create beyond ourselves and to die to make way for the future. The future is not ours as humans, it is God's and it is ours as creatures of the Universe.

We think we know what is going on, we think we are in control but we are dust swept up from the surface of the Earth by a storm of creative energies that flows through all things. We earthly creatures are clay being moulded by those creative forces. The intricacy and subtlety of those processes is beyond our full comprehension but much of it is comprehensible to any who awaken from slumber. We may seem to be running as fast as we can into hell, but nevertheless everything is exactly as it must be, God has never lost control and never abandoned creation, one moment would not follow another if it weren't for the constant loving attention of God. Joy and Love are the essence of reality but few dwell in reality, for any who dwell in delusion it is suffering and fear that is the essence of their world.

Crisis is vital and death is certain, these are not things to be feared but sacred challenges and opportunities. Growth and transformation requires us to sacrifice our most cherished delusions, but for those that cling, these must be prised from their hands through suffering great enough to overcome their arrogant delusions. All great awakenings are preceded by a great disillusionment. In this I thank the authoritarian regimes for their work and the corporate slave drivers and world rapers. They are so delusional and arrogant that they are driving this world into a crisis, a time when even the most unthinking, fearful, confused and apathetic people cannot persist in their comfortable delusions.

But this is no ordinary crisis, this has been building throughout the whole of civilisation, we have remained in denial for thousands of years but no longer can we deny our predicament. We have reached the end of our tether and this is not all. We are also in the midst of the greatest and most widespread new age revival of all time, most people are not even aware that there is even a history to such things, the very existence of such things is heavily censored by authoritarian culture and our minds are heavily inoculated against thinking about such things. But people are awakening in a way that the beast cannot understand, it knows not what we are and it knows not the wisdom and power that lies within us. It thinks that it can drive us into suicide and we will mindlessly conform like we always have, but when faced with immanent oblivion, primal forces stir within, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Unlike any time before, now is a convergence of forces that lead either to annihilation for all or annihilation for the beast, it's foundation is crumbling to dust, it cannot persist for much longer. Of course it may cling and struggle for another thousand years perhaps, creating untold suffering and destruction, but its doom is sealed and the world will move on. Even after nuclear annihilation, this planet will rebuild and in another billion years or so things will regain balance, but even if we were to destroy the very rock of this planet, still it would mean little. We are but one bubble forming on the bottom of a cosmic pot about to boil; a phase transition of life. Just as the stars have transformed the cosmos, so too shall life. Ultimately, what happens to us humans matters only to us. We are a vital part of creation and we may perhaps become one of the brightest stars of the future but creation does not depend upon us for its success, just as there is not only one star in the night sky, or only one fish in the sea.


To use a little terminology from western esoteric philosophy, we are experiencing the death throws of the old world, the end of the Aryan age, and the birth pains of a new world. These ages are characterised by a preponderance of particular types of beings. First was the Lemurian age, the age of body centered beings who dwell amidst appetites and urges and who's dharma was to master the physical body and its appetites and to form a foundation upon which later beings may evolve. Then came the Atlantean age, the age of solar plexus centered beings or astral body beings, beings who dwell amidst energised thought forms, who weave 'glamour' about everything, who seek to define their reality through a consensus of accepted thought forms. The fashion industry is a master of the art of glamour, so too is government and advertising. Meaningless symbols become so energised that they eclipse the underlying reality and come to seem real. A piece of plastic woven with the glamour of 'money' becomes worth fighting and dying for. When a person puts on certain 'airs' they become a certain being in the eyes of Atlanteans, to such people greatness is achieved through recognition and social reinforcement, power is achieved through the projection of thought forms. The government declares something to be 'illegal' or 'authorised' and Atlanteans cannot discern the difference between this glamour and reality. This age formed the foundation of civilisation atop which the Aryans have built their own.

The Aryan age has been characterised by a preponderance of beings centered in the intellect or third eye. Glamour holds no power over such people, they have had to be weary to protect themselves from the delusions of Atlanteans but they cannot believe or even fully comprehend the world of the Atlantean age, it seems bizarre, primitive and superstitious. The intellect communes with Truth, it recognises no other authority since in truth there is no other authority. Whilst Atlanteans weave complex webs of glamour, delusion and authoritarian structures, the intellect weaves webs of understanding, of open mindedness and of enlightened anarchy.

Each age has it's positive and negative aspect, Lemurian's are exalted in vitality and vigour but degraded in brutality and gluttony. Atlanteans are exalted in great art, beauty and the positive aspects of civilisation but are degraded in delusion (the confusion of glamour with reality), arbitrary power structures and the negative aspects of civilisation. Aryans are exalted in Truth, intuition and profound communion between the intellect and the soul but are degraded in illusion (which is intuitive soul knowledge being misinterpreted and abused), coldness and over specialisation which blinds one to the wider context. In each age these positive and negative aspects are worked through and only when the negative aspects are overcome and the positive aspects are properly assimilated is there growth and progression toward higher states of being.

Beyond the Aryan age there are no more earthly centered beings, beyond the third eye lies the crown chakra which is the gate to the soul. The Aryan age is a time of awakening from slumber, an energising of our intellects and a deep communion with Truth but beyond this age lies the Great Awakening, the glorious rise of the Soul as it assumes the throne of power and brings all lower officials (such as the ego) back into line and the people (the body) rejoice and whole heartedly open up to the wisdom of the Soul. That will be a time a mass spontaneous enlightenment, a time of profound transformation. But first we have the Aryan age to navigate to its conclusion. It will be a time of enormous scientific discovery that will blow our whole world view apart and reform it again in a new image of wholeness and interconnectedness. It will be a time of enormous social upheaval as the Atlantean structures, built over thousands of years and believed to be the very pillars of our human world, are remoulded from the perspective of the intellect and a deep understanding of the inner causal processes of things. Lemurians primarily dwell in matter, Atlanteans primarily dwell in perception and outer appearance whilst Aryans primarily dwell in the inner causal fabric of the universe.

When all the phases have been mastered and the physical body, the astral body and the intellect are united as one then all these together are known as "the dweller on the threshold". Only then may true soul knowledge flow throughout our being and reality will become clear as day. All that has passed before will be seen to be an obstruction to the Light and all earthly limitation (the mechanistic delusion) will evaporate, leaving wisdom and harmony. This marks not an end but a beginning, it is the Great Awakening to our full potential as beings of the universe, as children of God. What happens then I do not know. It is a provocative analogy for our future evolution.


When a particular sub species of human is raised in an age that is unsuited to them the effects can be catastrophic. For example, at the beginning of the Aryan age there was a growing preponderance of Aryans, but they don't know what they are, we are taught that we are the same and that is it. So an Aryan comes into the world and tries to understand it through their intellect, they expect it to make sense, to be rational, logical, coherent, they expect justice. But they find themselves in a world that seems primitive, superstitious and insane, people seem to be running around scared and obsessed by phantasms, people are projecting astral energies and treating these as though they are the essence of reality, but these mean nothing to an Aryan mind. Thus they live in a world that seems more like a lunatic asylum than anything else and they slowly go insane. They turn to drugs, become depressed, apathetic, poverty stricken, malicious and despairing. They are pushed about by mindless forces that seem to have no clue what they are doing, they see only arbitrary power and corruption.

As the Aryan age comes into full dominance the Atlanteans have had a hard time as well, the world will seem more and more to be based on abstract intellectual ideals that have no meaning to them, all the vast edifices of astral forms that comprise their world will seem to be decaying, to be transformed into strange ideals. There won't be anything solid to cling to, no authority figures coercing them into motion, no glamour for them to believe and to bolster their ego's. The world will seem to be becoming austere and coldly rational. They will cry out in despair, aching for the good old days when things made sense, when they knew what was what.

These transitional periods are very difficult times, for one group things only get better whilst for the other things only get worse. These same types of problems would have arisen back in the transition from the Lemurian to the Atlantean age as well. What was once revered like tilling the land, filling one's belly, lust and vitality would have slowly become obsolete, sidelined and even outlawed. The Atlanteans would have started wearing finery and believing this made them great, they would weave hierarchical power structures that would oppress the Lemurians and exploit them as mere labourers and drudges. The Lemurians would change from being solid pillars of the earth to being mere peasants, whilst the strange and exotic Atlanteans would change from being weak, effeminate members of a Lemurian society into being princes and judges and priests and rulers over the Lemurians. There would have been a great deal of struggle and resentment between the two sub species.

During these times it is vital to understand the underlying dynamic, otherwise things break out in confusion, malice and violence. When we understand the process we can manage the transition better. The Aryans coming into power can better comprehend the needs and fears of the Atlanteans and the Atlanteans would not be so embittered if they knew what was actually happening. It is not in the nature of a Lemurian or Atlantean to think of such things however; the previous transition would have most likely been carried out by sheer dominance of force leading to bitter resentment that leaves scars in the collective psyche and produces tensions that linger for many generations. In this coming transition we have Aryans in the ascendency and they do think of such things, they try to comprehend the inner or transcendent dynamics of the process and they try to communicate this to all so as to expedite the transition as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Hopefully this transition will be a great deal smoother than the others.

The final transition through the dweller on the threshold and the ascendency of the soul will be the smoothest of all, for the soul is the source of true divine wisdom and it commands the allegiance of all lower levels. In this Aryan age, if our intellects commune with the soul and take guidance from the soul we will avoid the dangers of illusion and the soul will gradually rise in power as we more and more recognise it and take heed of it, so the final transition may be as smooth and natural as possible.


When the technology of SMN hits the public domain and is fully recognised for what it is there is going to be a FEEDING FRENZY! There will be an uncontrollable surge in the IT industry and countless other industries for generations to come. Anyone has a fair chance of getting in on the new System Technology (ST) industry. There will be innovation in so many different areas at once that nobody will be able to control it. In this sense the system will become free of the authoritarian clutches of the hegemony and will evolve according to its own dynamic. It is at this time that if there is a surge of progressive human activity there is a good chance of synchronising with the liberated meta system and overpowering the hegemony. We must weaken the beast's grip on the meta system and make way for a saner personality to animate our world.


Today I spent the entire day on the net looking at websites related to the idea of there being a growing need for and tendency for a global paradigm shift or massive transformational change in our consciousness and understanding. It will come about through revolutions in communication and technology and social relations and growing awareness. It is connected to a new vision of wholeness and interconnected and a systemic perspective that will revolutionise our understanding of our selves and our world and our relationship with it.

I see this to be a definite possibility; I too have been working towards this, oblivious to the details of the growing tide, guided by my heart and having faith that I was not alone but was only one small bubble on the bottom of a pot of water that is about to boil. I have interesting news for many people involved in this transformational process, which may benefit them and shed light upon their endeavour.


Some people are closed minded,
they are focused on their agenda.
Some people are open minded,
when the world hurts they hurt.
These are the people who suffer the most.
These are the people most desperate for a radical transformation.


There has for centuries been a loose collective of open minds that have maintained the candle of wisdom in this world of darkness, whether mystic or yogi or eccentric philosopher or various kinds of ordinary people trying to open up to the world and harmonise with it. In the past ages of scarcity information and hence influence flowed along the lines of established power and along cultural lines that were conditioned by the power structure. The beast grew stronger and pulled itself out of oblivion. Now there is a vast network of communications to integrate this collective and there is a new systemic paradigm, a modern day transcendent language, to facilitate the growth of a collective understanding. Information is now flowing profusely in every direction, we as a species and a global phenomenon are self organising. The old power structures are breaking down. There is a growing diversity of beliefs and world views. We are in the midst of a global transition into a new paradigm.

The crudely formed and unconscious organisation will eventually attain individuation and then internal consistency and then sentience and then consciousness and then eventually rationality. The human collective organisation is today in an analogous situation to multicellular organisms just after the Cambrian Explosion. It is only barely coherent, only barely formed over the last 12 thousand years or so, it has a lot of evolving and refining to undergo before it can begin to behave and act in ways that are not damaging to itself and it's environment. It is not evil, it is only primitive, ignorant and unaware; driven by primal urges and fears and confused by ignorant delusions. It will likely evolve into a magnificent higher level species of being, a multi-organism-organisation but in the meantime it is very dangerous. These high level organisms are dangerous because they are very large, powerful, simple minded and blind, and they happen to be forming in a very small, delicate and damaged ecosystem and social system. If we are to have a good chance of surviving this birthing process we had better start to wake up.

We humans have had close to 600 million years of evolutionary refinement to get to the level of collective cohesion that our bodies and minds now have. The human collective organisation has had only roughly 200 thousand years, at the most, in which to gradually form networks of dependencies and build up persistent organisational patterns. We multicellular organisms are far more refined and integrated than the multi-organism organisations are so if we are aware of the transitional situation and we apply ourselves correctly we could assist the meta-system by giving it the benefit of our long experience as 'beings in the world'.

If we remain blindly trapped in the world of our circumstances and agendas and never look beneath the surface of the seemingly obvious and mundane world, we will continue to run along tracks determined by the functioning of the meta-system and will not be able to wield any influence over it. Any energies that we channel will flow along these paths and will collectively manifest the meta-system so if we channel positive energies guided by a deep understanding of the holistic context we may be able to guide the meta-system and consciously participate in its evolution in positive ways rather than being confused, powerless and oppressed as many people feel today.

If one neural network in a brain transforms information in one way but all the others transform it in another, then when all the networks collectively form the larger network that is the brain, the single neural network won't have much influence over the collective behaviour. However as more of the networks start to change over to the other way the influence steadily grows until the whole collective begins to undergo high level changes and it undergoes a transformation. It doesn't just depend upon numbers either, it depends on the type of energy channelled and the focus or determination or commitment of the individuals. Obviously positive energies flow and propagate through the network of interactions far more smoothly than obviously negative energies since at every step there is a willingness to participate in, comprehend and disseminate the energy rather than a resistance that is overcome by coercion.


There are echoes of vast wisdom still reverberating from the ancient past. Many in this naive, ignorant, arrogant and adolescent world are deaf to them. But wisdom has been steadily growing over millennia; beneath the surface of the modern world an ancient heart beats from generation to generation. As darkness spreads across the surface of the world, deep within a power is emerging, a beacon of light to cast out shadows.


With half a brain we are killing our Mother,
She knows this! She is responding!
“With every MX missile placed on her bosom,
three thousand creation mystics are coming out of the closet.”
(from the book The Coming of the Cosmic Christ)

We cells in her body dance to her tune,
cancer breaks the rhythm with a syncopated imbalance,
but ultimately, all yield to her power,
her love will heal all.

The tighter some squeeze the world,
the more slips through their fingers,
we cells are awakening from our slumber,
this world will become filled with beacons of love,
fountains of knowledge and forests of the Tree of Life.

The darkness and the sickness will be erased from the land,
chased into dismal caverns and cornered deep within the her bowels,
where her body will assimilate and transform them,
releasing their trapped energies to flow freely amongst the symphony of love,
that is the mark of a healthy body.


Imagination is our window into the permutation space,
it is our organ of creativity without which we are trapped,
without which we are bound within our perceptual ruts,
unable to escape the world that is imposed upon our minds.
Through imagination we create our world experience,
through imagination we navigate the permutation space.
Without imagination we are powerless and helpless,
we are frail and fearful, we fall into darkness and decay.
“Imagination denied, war ruled the nations,” (William Blake)

Beware the stomach of the beast, it devours us and assimilates us,
these factories for the 'programming' of our young,
where our imagination is crippled,
leaving only robots for the benefit of industry.
Hollowed out and empty, we fall from the conveyor belt,
packaged and labeled, quality assured,
ready for immediate consumption.

Increasingly we are waking up to the implications of this,
we wriggle and squirm as we are stamped into 'proper shape',
we come out warped and confused, rejects to be cast into a heap,
but in this heap there lies the remnants of our humanity,
scraps and fragments, even whole pieces of a treasure that is beyond value.
Here in this heap there is magic occurring,
life is stirring and recognising itself,
it is awakening to its full glory and potential,
it is healing itself and in time it will heal us all.


Now comes the time for awakening,
it is now that the universe calls to us,
the storm is raging and all may be lost,
but within the eye of the storm, within the still heart,
life stirs and the voice of God whispers its gentle truths.

Life is constant renewal, forever changing and growing,
but always arising from the one source,
all beings dwell in Love, all are fashioned out of Love,
when fear grows in ones heart Love dies and so too do we.

In these times of dark forebodings,
even a message of light and hope must speak of much darkness and decay,
but even though we may be teetering the universe retains perfect balance.
In the midst of rising darkness there are forces of light of equal measure,
gushing forth from our hearts and spouting from our minds,
permeating our bodies and spreading like an epidemic,
until this world will be filled with fountains of love.

If ones mind dwells on fear ones heart shrivels up,
and one becomes a cell of the beast.
If ones heart and mind are united in Love one becomes a child of God,
that is all that is required to be a force of light in the world.
There are no commandments, no rules to obey,
Love is the ONLY law;
God Is Love, God Is Life, Love Is Life.


Prior to what we call 'civilisation' the native peoples of the Earth lived for millennia,
in balance and harmony,
with love and respect for the mystery of existence.

Then fear and distrust arose,
which begat grasping and greed and power,
all that underlies civilisation as we know it.

Blinded by fear and delusion we lost sight of reality, we slipped out of harmony,
we came to dwell in delusion and came into conflict with Truth.

Now we are in crisis,
our only choices are to regain our love and respect for the mystery of existence,
or to spiral into inevitable destruction taking the whole web of life with us.

This is the power of love,
fear cannot win out over love.

Love is the air we breath,
we may hold our breath for a while,
but ultimately the choice is forced upon us,
to breath or to die.

As anyone who has tried may testify,
one cannot hold ones breath until dead,
there will always arise an overpowering instinct,
that sweeps away all delusion and forces us to gasp for life.

Life will win out, Love will overpower us,
but in what state will the world be in when this crisis is over?
What world will be left for those who will survive this harsh lesson?
How far will our insanity take us before we come to our senses?
I trust that life will still be worth living,
I trust in the divinity within us to awaken before it is too late.


I love humanity but I reside in solitude,
away from the marketplaces and the bustling multitudes.

Face to face humanity's delusions would intrude on me,
smiling sweetly it would pick my pockets and tell petty lies.

Blessed be humanity, it knows not what it is or what it does,
but in Gods care it will yet bear fruit.


Spirituality began as direct subjective experience of the divine,
through metaphysical misunderstandings half truths spread,
which hardened into the objective dogma of exoteric religion.

Then Religion broke free of divinity and asserted its 'authority',
it rewrote the dogma to impose its vision on the world as 'objective fact',
using the divine to secure its power.

Then science broke free of religious 'authority' and returned to direct experience,
but believing in the 'objective world' it imposed its vision on the world as 'objective fact',
so it too hardened into dogma.

Then nationalist capitalist secularism broke free of science,
to impose its vision on the world as 'objective fact',
but without the divine or direct experience it became lost in oppressive delusions.

Then this beast drove the world into crisis, people could no longer be deceived,
the objective facts diverged so wildly from experience that people were startled out of slumber,
in droves people began to experience the divine manifesting in their own subjective worlds.


To all who rise up in anger against the beast,
all who engage in acts of vandalism and wanton destruction,
all who spit bile and venom,
all who turn inward with self destructive force,
all who turn outward in acts of 'terrorism' or fascism,
and all who turn away in disgust from the beast.

You have been wronged by the beast,
and righteous indignation wells up from your inner nature,
know this nature as God within,
this indignation is God's own vengeance upon the evil you have known.

This indignation is holy and sacred,
It is the response of the divine to that which is evil.
Do not vent it and waste it in petty ways,
and do not allow it to be turned to evil purposes.

Do not allow it to sicken and darken into hate,
do not allow it to ferment into violence and oppression.
This indignation is a blazing inferno within you,
but do not let it consume you and turn you to cinders.

If one lashes out in uncontrolled hate one becomes a tool of evil,
if one strikes back with organised violence one becomes a tool of evil,
know the beast by the tools it uses and do not become a part of the beast.

To strike back with hatred will strengthen the beast,
it will keep the energies of fear and violence in circulation,
the beast will weave its lies and use you as justification to tighten its grip,
do not play its game, it is the game of evil.

Instead transmute this hatred for the beast into love for the antithesis of the beast,
Love Truth, love harmony, love growth, love joy, love God,
this keeps the energies of love and compassion in circulation,
these seem like poison to the beast but are its only medicine.

Do not play its game in any way,
do not accept its bribes nor believe in its threats,
live your life how you know it should be lived,
love all that is life affirming and invest your energies there.

By investing our energies in hate or in violence or in fear of the beast,
we only keep it alive with these energies.
By investing our energies in love and compassion and joy for life,
we keep God alive within our hearts.

This is a hard road to tread, there may be many temptations to strike back,
but know that all such lapses lead only to evil.
To remain strong in love may seem pointless at times when evil destroys all around us,
but know that this indignation is not your own,
it dwells not only in your heart.

It is Gods own response to the evil of the world,
this indignation is welling up in multitudes of hearts.
Although we may be destroyed individually and people may say we have only lost to evil,
look back through history and know that hate only begets hate,
and love has survived through all times and all atrocities,
it may be hard to find in times and places but it is always there,
it will always be waiting for the time when love spreads out its wings and conquers all.

Think back to the Roman atrocities against the Christians and know that,
Love and passive resistance tore down the mighty Roman Empire.
Although its seeds of oppression have spread and taken root,
so too have the seeds of Love.

Think too of the peaceful overthrow of the British Invasion of India,
lead by Gandhi and fueled by love of God and the sanctity of life.
Life is always stronger than hate,
it takes only a moment to destroy and some think this is power,
but destruction cannot build a universe, only love can, only life can,
and this is power.


The battle between subjective and objective,
runs parallel to the battle between individuals and organisations.
In order for an organisation to function as a being in the world,
it must harness us as its cells, and to do this it must objectify us,
we become objects such as citizens, consumers, workers, customers, criminals and patients.

These organisations cannot comprehend our inner experience, they are not of our kind,
they arise from us but they cannot comprehend us,
just as we arise from our cells but cannot comprehend the world that they experience.
As power shifts to the organisations the world is cast anew according to their vision,
and we become mere objects scurrying about like tiny specks, doing their bidding.

The first time this happened on Earth was about 500 million years ago,
and we call it the Cambrian Explosion.
Now this is happening again, for several millennia we have been immersed in the process,
and we call it Civilisation.

Contemplate yourself as a civilisation of trillions of individuals,
every aspect of society finds some abstract parallel within you,
if you know yourself completely you will know your world,
and you will know that this world is alive as surely as you are.

This society around us, this thing I call the beast,
it could be a beautiful, healthy, graceful being,
but it is primitive and wracked with sickness, cravings and fears,
it trembles and thrashes about violently, killing us and everything about it.

So look not at the world through organisational eyes,
you have eyes of your own,
believe not the myths and lies that are used to entrap our minds,
experience and know the world for yourself.

Organisations give us high level concepts with which to grasp the world,
but these filter out most of our experience of reality, leaving behind only their vision of events.
Here in Australia many people see 'queue jumpers' or 'illegals',
but if they opened their minds they would see individuals and families fleeing persecution,
trusting that we Australians have compassion but only finding barbed wire fences,
institutionalised abuse and closed minded vilification.

In the USA I hear much organisational talk of 'freedom', 'liberty' and 'national security',
but these have become empty signifiers, meaningless phrases,
used only to sway the hearts and minds of the unthinking, unseeing, post-human masses.
These organisational monstrosities, built of our ignorance and apathy,
are what I collectively refer to as the beast.

We cannot avoid forming into higher forms of life,
unless we avoid all forms of cooperation and interdependency.
It is through every one of our interactions, beliefs, experiences, traditions and institutions,
that we create beyond ourselves.

If we circulate energies of greed, hatred, objectification, distrust,
fear, apathy, opportunism, injustice and despair we will create a beast.
But if we circulate energies of love, trust, hope, compassion, abundance, vitality and justice,
we will create an Angel of light, a yogi with mystical powers or an athlete with great vigour.

Through our collective integration we magnify our energies,
by each of us changing the way we interact we change the very nature of that which we create.
Acting out of love is the only way to heal the beast, it is not 'inherently evil',
it is sick and confused and frightened, it needs love and security and nurturing.

A yogi nourishes every cell and harmonises every cellular interaction,
until their whole being is resonating with life and vitality,
transforming them to higher levels of existence.

So too our society may be transformed,
just think if all the inner struggle, strife, hatred and suffering,
that fills the body of society with dis-ease,
if this was to be erased, if the body was whole and healthy,
it would perform miracles in our eyes,
it would rise to higher levels of existence that we cannot even comprehend,
from our current state of sickness and despair.

Like an invalid leaping from their death bed and becoming a vigorous athlete,
so too our world could be transformed into a radiant symphony of life and joy,
creating and nurturing and dwelling in wisdom and harmony,
the likes of which have hitherto only been glimpsed in dreams of our highest hope.


When I say that our society has become the beast,
I mean that this potentially healthy being has become psychopathic,
it is sick, it is dangerous, it is not itself.

We must all beware and protect ourselves,
and heal ourselves of the sickness within us,
that magnifies and manifests as its sickness.

We must do everything we can to heal it for it is our creation,
our lives that animate it and our Mother Earth that sustains it.
In the name of all we hold sacred we must breath sanity back into this being.

We should not be seduced into its twisted agenda,
but stand back and be a voice of reason and compassion.
Only by changing the way we perceive, believe, experience, interact and respond,
can we transform our worst nightmare into our highest hope.


The heart and the mind are Gods greatest gifts,
through the heart we commune with the transcendent Universe,
through the mind we commune with the empirical Universe.

Let not heart and mind be at war,
nor one lord it over the other,
for they are both servants of the one Lord,
the soul that is God within.

Know that life springs forth from the heart,
and flows through the mind,
God is the well spring of these waters.
Seek their source and you will find God.

The mind cannot live without the heart,
it shrivels and decays into despair and insanity.
The heart can live without the mind but it is senseless,
and isolated in its joy, the waters cannot flow between us,
and creation cannot proceed.

A world dominated by mind is insane with its rationality,
know that life is irrational, the universe is irrational.
Rationality may guide and channel our creative power,
but all creative power is irrational.

In this world dominated by rational minds and shriveled hearts,
the only way to salvation is a resurgence of the irrational,
a return to our hearts, a return to our bodies and a return to life.

This revolution will astound the hard headed rationalists of this world,
it will transform, not in spite of but because of its irrationality,
as inevitably as the swing of a pendulum.


Much of the feminist revolution has simply earned women the right to be more masculine,
so now we need another revolution giving everyone the right to be more feminine.

But that would truly be a revolutionary revolution.
Feminism simply brought females into the patriarchal hegemony,
that has been in power throughout all of recorded history.

Prior to the feminist revolution women were assimilated as the reproductive cells of society,
and also served a general nurturing and maintenance role,
whilst men were assimilated as its bone, muscle, visceral and neural cells.

The women were mainly sidelined because it was a patriarchal neurosis,
that led to this whole civilisation thing to begin with.
Prior to the patriarchal coup d etat things were much simpler, more grounded,
but after millennia of conditioning the women were ready to become patriarchs as well.

Thinking that we men had all the power, the women wanted to perform more roles,
indeed the way we men bragged and threw our weight about one might think we had some power,
but that was just macho bravado because in truth most men had no clue what was happening.

Having swallowed some of the propaganda that was originally meant for the men,
the women wanted some of the 'fun' as well so we all had to adjust,
the propaganda became more gender inclusive,
men had to get used to sharing some of the macho bravado with the women,
the women had to juggle work and family commitments,
and a whole new childcare industry sprung up to institutionalise the children.

And then we could all sail off together to control and dominate and exploit to our hearts content,
but throughout all this we totally left the feminine qualities behind,
now even the women were men.

Now that we suddenly have almost twice as many men on this planet and almost zero women,
the pace of civilised progress has sky-rocketed,
deforestation, pollution, fascism, militarism, crime, disease, suicide,
fanaticism, legalism, dualism, competitiveness, judgementalism,
every indicator of patriarchal civilisation was climbing,
things were progressing so well that we must surely be about to reach paradise,
that fascist dream of peace through full spectrum dominance.

The dream was so close but somehow things didn't seem so good on the ground,
the youth were unhappy, people of all walks of life started to get worried,
the environment was groaning under the assault, violence everywhere, fear, hatred,
constant talk of doom and gloom, but all wasn't bad.

People tried to escape any way they could, mass consumerism became a frenzy,
the new economy was booming, riding a wave of fear and despair,
escapism became the new opiate of the masses and corporations dutifully cashed in on it.

But some worried if this was all a bit unsustainable or even a bit unethical,
there's always someone who'll try and spoil the fun.
Not everybody was joining in, people started to turn away,
they started to go 'hippy', 'alternative', 'tribal','spiritual', 'religious', 'feral', 'terrorist', 'crackpot',
you name it, people went in all kinds of directions.

Some even started talking seriously about the power of Love,
before long there was all the signs of a crisis,
An overdose of civilisation that couldn't be cured by more civilisation.
The world had had about all it could take of patriarchal hegemony.

But what then?
Could balance and harmony perhaps be a way forward?
Maybe a little Mother Love to balance out the Father Discipline?
Maybe a little compassion and nurturing instead of stiffer punishments?
Maybe a little wisdom instead of more control?
And what about cooperation, interdependence and communion,
instead of competition, self-reliance and conflict?

Could it be that we need a broad power base rather than a minute hegemony,
which seizes control and dominates the whole for the benefit of its agenda?
Sure, in the past it provided an organising principle but aren't there better ones around by now?
Maybe we need some concept of the 'whole'?
What are we?
What is it that we are trying to do?
What are our real needs?
What is our real context?
What is reality and what is delusion?

If we are ever going to survive we need real answers,
not political rhetoric or narrow scientific facts.
We need some perspective of the whole in order to extract ourselves,
from this tangled fragmentary mess.

If we survive this crisis,
the world of the future will bear little resemblance,
to the world we have come to know over the past several millennia.

To get a glimpse of what it might be like,
look to the prophets and mystics,
Jesus was talking about this very crisis,
so too many others throughout history.
You can tell the real prophets by their fruits,
compassion and justice.


Lord of Creation,
the very foundation of Universal Truth,
the only arbiter of Cosmic Justice,
I beg of you,
descend upon this world and set things aright,
for we have gone astray,
we are lost in delusion, arrogant and despairing,
the glory of creation is being destroyed,
Truth is not honoured, delusions proliferate,
Oh Lord, have mercy on us for we have sinned.


Jesus Christ lead a direct and universal assault on arbitrary human power,
Christ symbolises the Universal Truth that is That which Is,
That which none may usurp.

On an Earthly level Christ symbolises nature,
that which we depend upon and which we must respect,
for if we persist in ecologically destructive delusions,
reality will eventually catch up with us.

Or Christ is the Truth of gravity,
and one who denies the reality of gravity,
may dwell in delusions of flying for a time,
but eventually they run off a cliff,
and gravity plunges them to their destruction.

At the time of Jesus the Roman empire sought to make itself God,
and its laws the only arbiter of Truth, it was the beast.
But Christ claimed the sovereignty of the Universe over any part thereof,
thereby safeguarding us from delusions of grandeur that lead only to destruction.

For centuries after the advent of Christ the Roman empire attacked the fledgling Christian church,
it attempted to eradicate this threat to its power but could not,
then some five hundred years after Christ the beast changed tactics,
it agreed to make Christianity a formal religion but only on its terms,
the Council of Nice was convened and the Christian scriptures were carefully edited,
a large part being discarded and the remainder edited and formed into what is now called the Bible,
the original scriptures were dispersed and hidden by the faithful to protect them for future generations.

The Roman Catholic Church was formed which sought to diffuse the threat,
to turn this revolutionary movement into a useful tool for the empire,
it was slowly transformed from a doctrine of empowerment and openness to Truth,
into a doctrine of enslavement and blind faith in dogma,
with the Roman Catholic Church controlling the dogma.

The Roman Empire collapsed but the Roman Catholic Church lived on,
slowly subverting the Truth of Christianity,
deposing Christ and placing a human Pope as the arbiter of Truth,
changing the meaning of words, distorting the meaning of the scriptures,
thereby keeping alive the delusions of empire and arbitrary human power,
keeping alive the beast.

These delusions have grown, evolved and proliferated for millennia,
they have wracked the Earth causing untold suffering,
these delusions we see rife in the world at present,
we are told that religion is the cause of much suffering,
and secular nationalist empires are the cure for our suffering.
But the Christian religion throughout history was primarily a movement created by the beast,
to misinterpret and distort a message of hope and love into one of fear and oppression.

A core of Christianity remained pure and potent,
but it was wrapped in lies and deceit that disempowered it,
and made it a tool of human oppression,
so that even its treasures became glittering scales of the beast.

When the beast had all but destroyed peoples faith in God,
science tried to make a similar revolution to that of Jesus,
declaring that Truth and Reason shall be sovereign over arbitrary power,
but science lacked a strong foundation, it was weak and immature,
and was easily overpowered and assimilated by the beast.

Now that God was out of the way and science was producing technology in abundance,
and new forms of power and new creation myths which validated arbitrary power,
the beast could once again make a claim for its own divinity.
Now we live in times where for most people God has become a mythical figure in some fairy tale,
it doesn't matter whether they believe or not because it has become just a fairy tale,
and science is just a way of getting more knowledge with which to control and dominate,
it is the Nation, the State, the Corporation, the Law and the Almighty Dollar that now rule the Earth.

There was also an attempted democratic revolution by the people,
but that was merely a redistribution of arbitrary power,
they said, this beast shall not have only one head but millions,
but this made the minds of the masses just another resource to be controlled,
so the ingenuity of science and technology was used to control and dominate,
and all these minds were enslaved and made malleable to the will of the beast.

The beast now rampages across the Earth, it has broken all the laws of nature,
it intrudes upon human lives and hearts and demands allegiance to its arbitrary power,
it fuels the fires of delusion, ignorance, arrogance and mindless escapism,
it consumes our Mother Earth and destroys the Glory of creation,
turning it into consumer products to console us in our despair and confusion,
thereby making a nice profit out of our suffering.

It murders millions as each century becomes more bloody than any before it,
it fights constantly, one arbitrary power against another,
wars rage as the Earth is trampled underfoot,
nothing is sacred any longer, all is profane, all is filth and pollution,
within and without, our minds and bodies have been enslaved by its power hungry agenda.

This was foreseen by prophets,
these times of darkness, despair and destruction where foreseen,
the hidden scriptures have been unearthed,
the Truth is resurrected and Christ has risen again,
not in the form of the historical Jesus but as the Cosmic Christ,
arising in our hearts and minds, the voice of Truth, Justice, Compassion and Reason.

In the midst of the beast's triumph the Truth is springing forth,
in research labs, in churches, in homes and streets,
many people cannot deny any longer the absurdity of the beast.

Most no longer believe in God as of old,
but in Nature people believe,
in Justice and Reason they believe,
and in Compassion they believe,
these are the essence of Christ so in Christ they believe,
although they don't call it that.

This is the times that were prophesied,
when Christ does final battle with the beast,
this battle is taking place in hearts and minds across the globe,
the beast is fighting back creating fear and confusion, propaganda and lies,
more militarism, more national security, more law and order, more fanaticism,
more economic rationalism, more fascist dominance, more conformism, more distraction,
the beast is itself afraid and dreams of full spectrum dominance as its only paradise,
but destruction is inevitable for delusion cannot overcome the Universe itself.

The Truth is attacking from all sides,
from within every heart and mind, every cell of the beast,
from Nature, from ancient prophets and modern science,
from the mouths of children and the dreams of the old,
every part of creation is in upheaval,
the old world is dying and a new world is being born.


Underlying the political facets of Christianity there is a truly mystical and spiritual core,
for the essence of Christ is Truth and reality goes far deeper than our shallow delusions admit.
The political movement that was early Christianity was based on the earlier and profound spiritual tradition of the Hebrews and the Essenes.

As the Roman Empire attempted to destroy the Christian tradition the central mystical core spread throughout Europe and Asia and found a safe haven in remote monasteries and ashrams throughout many foreign lands where they have been kept alive to this day. They have merged and evolved with other traditions and have formed into a spiritual tradition whose depth, diversity and power is a treasure for our times. There also lies within the Christian tradition a core of spiritual power that has survived all these millennia of subversion and remains pure and potent for any who approach it with an open heart and mind.

Only when all lovers of Truth unite and stop arguing over petty differences will we manifest the Cosmic Christ in its full glory. All who dwell in ignorance and cling to delusion are minions of the beast, whether they claim to love God or not they do not love Truth and are thereby enslaved by delusion and do the work of the beast.

As Christ arises in our midst not only will Truth free us from slavery to the beast but we will be initiated into the greater mysteries that are our true heritage as beings of the world and children of God. Enlightenment or baptism of the spirit will be given to all who open their hearts to Truth and who thereby love God. The old world is doomed to oblivion and only those who embrace Truth and let go of delusion may make the transition into the new world.


From the perspective of the old paradigm things look bleak indeed,
the world is breaking apart and no matter how hard we try we cannot control it
to any who open their eyes there is only doom and destruction,
but amidst these falling dinosaurs and rotting corpses,
there is new life springing forth,
whole new beings the likes of which have never before been dreamt of,
this is the transition from the second to the third wave as Toffler describes it,
but it goes far deeper than any human revolution before it,
this is a critical stage in the Second Cambrian Explosion.

Just like in the first, this world will never be the same again!
All the requirements are in place for the super system to arise,
indeed its prototypes have been writhing in the slime of human culture for centuries,
but now it may become aware and strong and whole.

It is no longer a primitive beast wracked by primal urges and fears,
it can if it will, overcome itself and arise like we did out from amongst the jungle,
to become wise and intelligent, peaceful and compassionate,
to build connections not just devour resources,
build civilisations and cultures and whole new states of being.

All the technologies and lines of communication are in place,
the minds of the masses are crying out for structure and sanity in the world,
this world is self-organising on a scale never before possible,
attaining a level of coherency and integration never before imaginable.

We are cells in the body of a being that will change the meaning of existence,
whose body is the whole Earth, whose mind is our collective consciousness,
who neurons are our own minds, who cells are the bodies of every living being,
woven together with culture, technology and science.

Our fate lies in its fate, we have created beyond ourselves,
may it treat us better than we have treated our own cellular civilisations,
may we in these critical times exert the best of ourselves,
so that in its final stages of crystallisation it forms into a being of wisdom and harmony,
rather than a being of delusion and arrogance,
may it be fueled with love of Truth, Compassion, Reason and Justice,
not fueled with fear, arrogance, delusion and primitive appetites.

For if it cannot harmonise with its world it will live only briefly,
a life a fear and confusion and suffering the likes of which we have never dared imagine,
taking with it in its death throes the work of billions of years of evolution.
But if it can harmonise with its world and open its heart and mind to Truth,
then the whole of the Universe is its home, for all of eternity,
it will unlock secrets and unleash powers as far beyond our comprehension,
as modern society is beyond the comprehension of a single cell bacteria.


As humans have gained more and more experience creating virtual worlds,
we have learnt more about this world we occupy and how it too is created,
through painting, carving, stories, dance, theatre, literature, games,
knowledge, philosophy, mysticism, science, technology, movies, computing,
and all forms of abstract representation where we model aspects of this world or model the worlds of our imaginations.

We have learnt to create transcendent processes and manipulate them,
so that they produce empirical projections,
that fool our minds into belief in the outward experience,
for millennia we have been refining this art until now it is becoming a science.

Through art we learnt to transport ourselves into other worlds,
by manipulating the perceptual process whereby our experience of reality is formed,
through mysticism we learnt about ways of relating to the world as a whole,
not just to the fragments that impinge upon our limited awareness,
through science we not only learnt the detailed structure of our world,
but about ways of knowing and ways of understanding.

All these things combine into complex ways of being or culture,
which has flowered sporadically throughout history,
and now we have all the makings of a truly remarkable explosion of creative culture,
with the convergence of art, philosophy, mysticism, science and technology,
and the culmination and unification of all we have learnt throughout civilisation.

What I am talking about cannot be easily labeled,
it is vast and complex and multi-faceted,
it is a major paradigm shift on all levels, the Third Wave, a cultural revolution,
a scientific and technological revolution, the Computational Paradigm,
advancements in System Theory and the metaphysics of reality, the convergence of science and mysticism,
new technologies making global virtual environments possible where we may interact in new ways,
breakthroughs in biology and other sciences showing us what and who we are,
in this upheaval the old slave drivers will have trouble hanging on to their 'property'.

The analogies all about us are becoming more obviously,
gateways to understanding the nature of our world,
and to knowing it in deep and profound ways,
thereby allowing us to harmonise with it and grow into its mysteries,
if only we can let go of our old delusions and open our eyes.

I am a microcosm of this world in upheaval,
parts of this revolution have been happening inside my own heart and mind,
my world has transformed around me as my eyes have opened up to a wider reality.
Beyond the confines of our old delusions there lies a world of vast and profound truths yet to be inhabited,
here there have been many wanderers who have left their mark but no towns or cities have ever been built, few have ever dwelt here but that will change.


When information becomes our principle commodity our resource base becomes potentially infinite,
but people are still clinging to old ways, trying to make information behave like matter,
through legislation we impose an artificial scarcity upon the world,
so the capitalists can still grip the world with a greedy fist.

But information will flow, it will multiply and grow and evolve,
it is not like sugar or iron,
one cannot just create one ingot of iron and then make unlimited copies at no extra cost,
but with information one can!

In the new world of the information economy the capitalists will have to adjust their scam,
and take account of the changing nature of their products,
because they can't keep us trapped in the industrial age forever.


In some respects it is misleading to think of society as a single being,
because this human collective organism has yet to properly individuate,
even we cellular organisms who have had hundreds of millions of years of refinement,
are still quite fragmented and at odds with ourselves at times.

The human collective organism is still highly fragmented and schizophrenic,
with countless personalities all mixed together and struggling with each other,
there is the current dominant personality of an ignorant, arrogant, greedy, violent, self obsessed teenager,
wanting thrills and a slack jawed, mass produced lifestyle of mindless consumption,
but there are many others too that are wise and compassionate or keen and determined or seductive and decadent,
all possible states of human nature are magnified and they manifest through our collective organisations.

On the one hand it earnestly tries to build a healthy, whole, just and sustainable world that respects the mystery of existence,
but this is always being subverted and attacked by other personalities,
and on the other hand it is vehemently trying to build a fascist dictatorship of brutal force and domination,
but this is always being subverted and attacked by other personalities,
this world is engaged in so much internal struggle it expends vast amounts of effort going virtually nowhere,
and everything it does is subverted and corrupted,
it only thrashes around in violent spasms whilst slowly, accidentally moving somewhere but not really knowing where.

If we want to help this being gain sanity and peace we need to be careful about how we fuel its various personalities,
with every one of our interactions, beliefs, perceptions and responses we produce this collective being,
it is we who are magnified through it,
it is our conflict and cooperation and ignorance and wisdom that coalesces to give it personality.

If we want it to be wise and compassionate we too must be wise and compassionate,
and ensure that our laws and institutions and traditions and media and all our interactions that form our culture are wise and compassionate,
for our culture is its consciousness just as the culture or collective state of being of our cells is our consciousness,
if we want it to understand and respect us we need to be honest about ourselves,
otherwise it is only our pretensions that are woven into its consciousness.

If we as cells are disharmonious then the body of society is wracked with pain and disease,
if the hand cares not for the welfare of the foot the whole body suffers,
it is still easy to think of society as a lose aggregation of unrelated stuff,
but to any who open their eyes a being is forming in our midst,
and it is we who are responsible for this being.

If it grows into a wonder of creation it is we who benefit most,
if it grows into a demon of abomination it is we who suffer the most,
by we I mean the whole planet for any separation of race or species is just barriers in our minds,
we are one, we are the Earth, Gaia is awakening to consciousness!!!


Part of what drives me onward and has always driven me,
is a deep instinctive knowing that the world could be so much better than this,
that it doesn't need to be like this, through our ignorance and arrogance we entrap ourselves,
with mundane minds we wrap mundane worlds about ourselves and dwell in mundane states of being.

This world can be a Heaven or a Hell, it can be whatever we make of it,
but its depths and its heights have not been explored,
in our ignorance and mediocre apathy we have thrashed about in the middle,
but all it takes is a sincere desire and the unimaginable heights are within our reach.

We know not what lies in wait for us there,
what the world looks like from such an altitude of peace, wisdom and power,
this universe is an unfathomable mystery to participate in,
we are God's and masters of the Universe if only we stop fighting over scraps.

In our short time we have climbed just over the first rise, just enough to get a glimpse over the immediate obstacles,
to see the mountain rise up before us into the clouds of our ignorance,
this short way we have come has transformed us so completely but this is nothing compared to what awaits,
any who let go of their baggage and spread their wings may soar above those clouds and see this mountain rise ever upward.

There in its golden majesty is the longing of all creation,
the summit to which all paths converge, the destination that gives direction to existence and the source of all meaning,
there lies the home of our highest hope, the completion of love and awe and power and glory,
in this the universe reaches completion and the work of God is done.


The living Earth is a sacred Being of Light,
where multitudes resonate in love and prayer,
this song echoes throughout creation as a symphony of delight,
creating beyond ourselves we fuel the sacred fire.


I just read the book of Revelations
It is such a rich and profound story,
so much symbolism and cosmic imagery,
it speaks of a frightening and glorious time,
a time of final justice, when Truth overcomes delusion.

I particularly liked the part where Babylon is set aflame,
and all the kings of the earth and the merchants wail and mourn her passing,
“for in one hour so great riches has come to nought” (Rev 18:17)
and the apostles and prophets rejoice “for God hath avenged you on her” (Rev 18:20).

And the part where the beast and the false prophet are cast into the lake of fire,
“And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him,
with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshiped his image.
These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.” (Rev 19:20)

The false prophet is shallow materialistic science that denies the reality of God and which delivers great power and justifications to the beast

And eventually the great deceiver, is cast into the lake of fire.
“and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.
And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone” (Rev 20:9-10)

There is also a description by an angel of the nature of the beast that Babylon rides,
“the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” (Rev 17:8) [the beast is a meme]
“The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman siteth.” (Rev 17:9)
“And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is,
and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh,
he must continue a short space.” (Rev 17:10)
“And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings,
which have received no kingdom as yet;
but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them” (Rev 17:12-14)

The seven kings are the seven ages or phases of human evolution,
we are currently in the sixth age, the Aryan age.
The ten horns sound like organisations or corporations,
kings without a kingdom but who share power with the beast and who serve the beast,
they have one mind in greed and they make war on Truth and innocence and justice,
they are the horns atop the beast upon which the whore of Babylon rides,
and she is “drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs” (Rev 17:6)

But then it says, “And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast,
these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked,
and shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will,
and to agree, and to give their kingdom unto the beast,
until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

And the woman which thou sawest is that great city,
which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” (Rev 17:16-18)

The beast is the body of lies and delusion that form a framework of arbitrary power within which this world is exploited,
the whore is the hegemony or power elite that fashions a civilisation out of our basest qualities, our lust and fear and greed,
and weaves these into the beast which it rides and revels drunkenly in its dominion and oppression of the world,
these analogies also refer to Rome and in particular the "city of seven hills", the Vatican city, the centre of the Roman Catholic Church,
that instrument set up by the Roman empire to subvert the teachings and perpetuate the legitimacy of arbitrary power.
The horns are outgrowths of the beast, corporations and organisations which depend on the whore and the beast,
but which will eventually come to attack the whore and overthrow the hegemony of arbitrary power built out of our basest attributes..

For God has put it in their hearts to resent arbitrary authority,
all beings in their hearts resent arbitrary authority,
all beings in their hearts praise Truth and Justice,
but the delusions that cloud our hearts reach for power and dominion,
so there is constant struggle to overcome the arbitrary authority of others,
but this then leads to the temptation to seek dominion of ones own,
but if all bow down to Truth then none have dominion over others and all are exalted in the light of Truth.

I also liked the description of the new Jerusalem in (Rev 21),
keeping in mind that all these visions are filtered through the mind of John,
who was a human being set in a contemporary world,
behind the analogies it is a beautific vision of peace and glory. Below are a few quotes:

“Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God.”

And God said:
“Behold, I make all things anew”
“I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely”
“He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God and he shall be my son.”

“And there came unto me [John] one of the seven angels ... And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious ... clear as crystal.”

“And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.
And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.
And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it.
And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.
And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it.
And there shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life.
And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, there was the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”


Our minds are a double edged sword, they give us the power to be creators and Gods,
but not comprehending our power we create worlds of delusion that conflict with reality,
we create worlds of suffering and despair in which we wallow and cry out for salvation.

but it is we who created all this with our minds and no one can save us but ourselves,
only the Truth of what we are will teach us how, we need to see through these stories,
to weave them nevertheless for we are creators but to weave in full understanding of the reality within which we weave,
then we become conscious creators in the likeness of God.

Then our creations are in harmony with the rest of creation and we are co-creators with God,
our creations will stand the test of time and become a foundation for further creation,
we would be like the stars who have created all matter with mass greater than iron,
rather than what we are at present creating mainly delusional daydreams and ecological destruction,
these will fall into oblivion taking us with them if we do not wake up from our sleep of ignorance.

Life is not a freak occurrence in the universe just as the stars are not arbitrary,
they arise as a function of the universe, when the conditions are right they condense out of the very structure of reality,
so too all of life and we sentient beings and our civilisations and philosophies and technologies,
we are a force of nature and in time we will transform this universe even more than the stars have done.
Throughout the cosmos, like drops of mist, life is forming and by degrees transforming all around it,
if we are to partake in this great mystery and become creators of the future we must look to our roots,
and knowing what we are we must harmonise with Truth and let it be our guide or else Truth will be our executioner.


To weave an illusion that honours That which Is and extends it is to create,
to weave an illusion that denies That which Is and conflicts with it is destruction.

Life is a magnificent illusion woven out of molecules and feedback loops,
the whole of creation is an illusion woven from the ground of being,
an atom is an illusion woven from quantum dynamics and energy,
culture is an illusion woven from sounds and images and beliefs and habits,
all of creation is an illusion,
and illusion is the thread out of which the whole fabric of our world is woven.

We are creative beings by nature, we weave illusions all the time,
our whole culture and language and art and civilisation is woven out of illusions,
our perceptions and experiences are illusions that bear minute resemblance to the Truth,
we are illusions dwelling in illusion and creating illusion all the time.

So when does illusion become delusion?
When does creation become destruction?
The difference lies in our relationship with That which Is.

If we seek the Truth and honour it and build upon it,
we create illusions that may persist and form the foundation for further creation,
and illusions that persist become virtually real, for virtual reality is a perceptual phenomenon,
an illusion that does not disappear is a fact to all who perceive it.

If we deny the Truth, for whatever reason,
out of ignorance or arrogance or deception or apathy,
if we go against That which Is we come into conflict with That which Is.
Although we create, our creations cannot last,
although there may be a core of seeming stability,
at the boundaries where delusion meets Truth there will be conflict,
and Truth always outlasts delusion so our core of apparent stability cannot last,
our illusions cannot become reality, they are doomed to destruction.

Truth is hostile to delusion just as light is hostile to darkness,
although we may place obstacles in the light and creep about in shadows,
this universe is filled with light and all shadow worlds are doomed.

To any who embrace the light the whole of creation becomes their world,
Truth is deeper than any yet imagine, Truth is the essence of reality,
Truth extends down to the very Ground of Being,
whereas all shadows end at an obstacle,
to embrace Truth is to be free to roam the whole of creation,
to dwell in delusion is to be trapped within shadows,
and bound by obstructions placed between you and God.

Any who love and honour Truth may be creators in the midst of creation,
we may participate in the unfolding of the Universe,
but any who cling to delusion will fall into strife and suffering,
ending only in destruction and oblivion.
Thus are Heaven and Hell differentiated.


There are some things that are passive and some that are active,
what I mean is that I am unlikely to overwhelm my neighbours with my peace and quiet,
but they can easily overwhelm me with their noise.

The principle arises in many contexts and many situations rely on this asymmetry,
this is how the aggressive use overwhelming force to dominate the peaceful,
the meek may inherit the Earth eventually but in the meantime it's the arrogant brutes that run the show.

Love may be the all powerful sustaining force,
but in narrow contexts people can close their hearts to it,
and project hate through the world which always overwhelms love,
when the bombs are raining down from the sky one knows that hate has devoured love.

Although we need love to survive,
if death is what you want to inflict on another then hate is the weapon of choice,
I have never heard of a rampaging army using Love as their weapon,
to use Love one must be subtle and patient, it will win out in the end,
but perhaps it will take generations or millennia of suffering before it finally overwhelms hate.

The passive cannot overwhelm, that is part of why it is a creative force,
it keeps to itself and doesn't seek to impose,
it gives and gives but it doesn't take,
it may be a source of nourishment but only for those who seek it.

Whereas the active always seeks to overwhelm, that is why it is a destructive force,
it cannot keep to itself, it is always imposing outside itself,
it pushes and shoves and takes whatever it wants,
it can create whole worlds but always at the cost of destruction elsewhere.

The passive creates and creates whereas the active destroys and creates,
Love nourishes All whereas hate nourishes some at the expense of others,
Silence sustains All whereas noise furthers some at the expense of others,
In a zero sum game there is little love, there is only the clash of active forces,
there is a winner who is enriched at the expense of the loser,
but where love rules all interactions are win/win and nobody loses,
there is only growth and creation,
even that which is destroyed by love is a blessing to let go of.


As I drive through this land my eyes see a wasteland,
fragments struggling to survive amidst the devastation.
So many tourists drive through here because of its scenic wonders,
but in so many ways it is a wasteland of human destructiveness.

My heart reaches out to a different state of being.
Same place but untouched.
Instead of bare paddocks there are forest glades and open grasslands,
running streams and ancient trees.
Animals abound and harmony prevails.

This place is a reality.
Just behind the veil cast by the senses there are many alternate worlds.
Do you see them?
Can you reach out to them?

The multiverse is a tangible reality,
which we are constantly navigating with our collective consciousness.
If only we could learn to see anew,
then this wasteland could become only a possibility in the multiverse
and the natural harmonious landscape could become our experience of reality.


Know that through the heart one may commune with the transcendent Universe,
here lies all the mansions of God,
the permutation space or the multiverse containing all that ever can be,
it is with prayer deep in our hearts that we navigate this space,
and bring potentiality into actuality,
it is here in our hearts that we choose the world we are to experience.

Through the resonance of collective prayer we create our collective experience,
every one of us is creating every single moment but we are mostly unaware,
believing we are victims of fate we fail to grasp our rudder.

But any who steady their mind and unite with the feeling of love in their heart,
may consciously utilise their 'wish fulfilling Tree',
as some have called it in the East,

If only the square root of one percent of us call out with love,
this conscious prayer will counter the unconscious remainder,
and peace will descend upon us.

Know that it is only through love that this power is given us,
for the creator is wise and would trust it in no other hands,
but those of love and compassion.


In each present moment we are laying down the foundations of our future but in certain ways now is a pivotal moment in history. We are forming new spaces of interaction that will become fundamental aspects of our world in the future; cyberspace, the 'market', etc are spaces that will in future be as fundamental to our existence as physical space.

But in what manner are we constructing these spaces? If early on in the formation of our universe there were certain power interests that took possession of the low level aspects of the metaphysical structure of our reality could this universe have formed into the coherent entity that it is?

If the electromagnetic force had been patented and developed within the context of a commercial venture, this world could never have formed into what it is; it would become a simple, shallow, commercial illusion rather than a complex, deep, metaphysical reality. It would be an extension of a system of exploitation that would fail in terms of metaphysical coherency because of it's inherent bias, blindness and delusion. It would implement a system with a gradient of benefits that funnels the benefits upwards and into the pockets of its owners.

As we presently go about designing realities for the future we could blindly go on producing shopping malls and other such atrocities or we could build spaces in which beings may freely interact, create and evolve without the distortion that is imposed in a context such as a shopping mall. Is the internet to be an electronic shopping mall or social control system that kills the human spirit or is it to be the cauldron of our genius and the birthplace of our highest hope?

There is nothing less than our future at stake!


Like one side of a see-saw denying its other half,
humanity is out of balance, dragged down by its own weight.
The natural, the primal, the simple,
without name and number,
the silence and the stillness,
that which underlies our world of make believe,
this is our other half.
We humans are creators but we have not mastered our medium,
the whole is the body of God,
when we are whole we are Gods.