Being - Assorted Brief Writings

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or other Assorted Brief Writings.



The objectivist thinks
“Its all centered on me and its all happening out there,
I am an object amidst objects that I must control.”
They are focussed on outer empirical form.

The subjectivist thinks
“Its all centered on me and its all happening in here,
I am subject to experiences and these I must control.”
They are focussed on inner empirical nature.

The vitalist thinks
“Its all centered on me and its happening inside and out, and I am the conduit between these.
By controlling inner and outer I can control the flow through myself.”
They are focussed on the experiential membrane between inner and outer.

The one who is liberated from the ego thinks
“no inner nor outer, no me nor other, no happening yet great things happen, only peace and oneness,
nothing is done yet nothing left undone, life flows effortlessly.”
They are focussed on the transcendent nature.

This Cosmos is and does of its own accord, there is no need for the ego to seize control,
when life flows effortlessly, then the Cosmos flows with you and not against you,
and nothing is impossible for your true Self, the Cosmos itself.


From here I clearly see that which has corrupted everything that I have ever known,
every perception, every interpretation, every thought, every belief, every feeling...
every form or phenomena that I have ever experienced, every inference and deduction arising therefrom,

Beyond the mirage of separate mechanistic egoic existence,
prior to the descent into illusion, there is wholeness and completion.
But the mechanistic veil conceals this and casts one into a world of many things,
all randomly hustling and struggling for dominance and control,
one no longer perceives the larger pattern of the heavenly order and the majestic dance.

By filtering reality through a mechanistic lens,
the One is corrupted and the many arise,
these many things are not real, they are products of ignorance,
in this way noise is introduced and one comes to dance amidst the noise of ones confusion.

To interpret this dance of confusion through a mechanistic lens only strengthens the illusion,
since these forms arise from that lens and fit perfectly into the world imagined through that lens,
but underlying this and permeating this is the world of intricate and subtle interactions,
the dance of unearthly light, that in each moment weaves this world together.

One cannot see this light with ones eyes, since it is the sight within ones eyes,
it is the information that flows and animates this earthly realm,
it manifests in all things but does not partake of their outer form,
just as light from a computer screen manifests many images,
whether sacred or profane, but the light itself is not effected thereby.

Only by looking upon the whole can one see the reality,
by looking only through ones eyes, or listening only through ones ears,
one gets a narrow and distorted view, so too by looking only through the senses,
one sees only a mechanistic world.

One must look and listen and speak and act with ones whole being,
then one comprehends the whole reality and one dwells in that reality,
where there is only the cosmic dance with its intricate flow,
no me, no you, no world of things, no control, nothing to do, no doer, only being, pure being.


We sing our way through life,
through the field we weave the dream,
with our thoughts we resonate the space,
with Light we illuminate the paths of our nature,
toward our desires energy is drawn.

The great Self, the Atman looks on,
as the ego or the jiva plays with the modifications of consciousness,
which is the substance of it's being,
since it is a thought form or a meme.

It believes the illusion of the five streams of perception,
and the five channels of action and also the ten thousand things.
It has become a being in a world, engaged in the struggle of life.

Looking out through such a narrow slit at the world, seeing only the densest of things,
and believing what it sees, it becomes physical and materialistic,
and then tunes away from the vision of the whole, the vision of awesome splendour,
and tunes into a mechanistic vision of efficient precision and perfect control.

Consider the child that grew up to become the adult.
What was the transition, and what was the state of natural being?
Do you remember being a child?
Do you truly remember what it feels like?


Distant birds fly through the valley,
specks of colour,
points of perception.
To their sensory apparatus they are a separate center of a universe of things,
Do they believe in themselves as we do?
Or are they just a part of the world?
Is their spirit bound within the make-believe of a body?
Or is it free to flow through the world as it truly does?


When I look out through my senses I perceive a body at the centre,
and many 'things' around me arranged in space,
I cannot see the interactions directly but I surmise them with my mind.

Information flows through the transcendent network that I call my surroundings,
it flows along the channels I call my senses and into the network that I call my body,
wherein it subtly changes the transcendent structure of that network,
thereby producing 'subconscious experience',
which is then interpreted to produce 'conscious experience'.

However along the way virtually all the information has been lost,
of all the frequencies incident only a fraction of a percent are registered by the sensory apparatus,
then of all the subtle changes that register as subconscious experience,
only a fraction of a percent reach consciousness.

The modifications of the subconscious are microstates which we do not normally perceive,
these microstates give rise to habitual macrostates depending on the structure of our minds.
Some may look upon a tree and see a living being and a home for animals,
another may look and interpret the same microstates simply as timber for the mill.
Only a truly still mind can register these microstates,
all turbulent minds see primarily their preconceptions.

Through this entropy or loss and distortion of information,
the unity is lost and only fragments are seen,
In this way we come to 'perceive' and to 'know' and to 'believe' in a world of fragments,
an empirical world of people, places and things.

But this is only a shadow of the Truth, the reality has been lost, the Truth has been warped,
to know the Truth is to see not through the senses but with heart and mind united,
then we see the transcendent network itself and we know ourselves in Truth,
we see ourselves as mystics see us, we know ourselves as we truly are.

For in absolute Truth a tree is not a tree, there are no 'things' or 'places' or 'events',
there is only a transcendent network resonating with information,
vibrating with Bliss, flowing and changing in a cosmic dance of creation.

This is the Nameless One, this is the Tao,
this is I,
I am That.

But heed not these words,
all words are lies, all names misleading,
seek the Truth within for You are the Truth,
the Truth lies not in words or ideas,
the Truth cannot be grasped by the mind,
experience it and you will Know in your heart.


All empirical manifestation arises from the transcendent ground of being,
one may see great towers of complexity,
but these are only forms within the ground of being,
it is the source, the sustenance and the absolute reality behind all empirical manifestation.

Physical matter is a tangible analogy for this ground of being,
many physical forms may arise and combine creating higher level forms,
which combine creating higher level forms which combine and so on.

We may say there are parts within parts within parts producing vast towers of complexity,
but in truth we know it is all still matter, we may see it differently,
and experience it differently but we have never left the realm of matter.

But matter is itself a high level form arising out of energy,
which arises out of information, which arises out of discernible difference,
and the ground of being is the primal information space,
the storehouse of all discernible difference.
Although we experience higher levels of empirical existence we never leave the ground of being.

Just as a computer game character may run through forests, drive cars,
die and be resurrected, but it never leaves the information space of the computer,
or a dream character may have many experiences but never leave your mind space,
so too the ground of being is our information space,
the primal and ultimate information space.

It is the source of all that truly exists,
all else are higher level forms perceiving higher level forms,
and believing the appearance of their existence.
Are they real? Are they illusion? These are subtle questions,
what is 'real' and what is 'illusion'?

In an absolute sense God is all that is real,
the ground of being is all that is real,
but there are patterns within this ground of being,
they are real too, but they are not what they seem to be.

When these patterns are perceived by other patterns this manifests the empirical world.
Within this world constructed of sense perceptions there are objects and events,
but within the underlying transcendent information space,
there are only patterns of information and the ceaseless flow of information.


All these words, ideas, hopes, expectations, wants, needs,
judgements, anxieties, statements, warnings, all this stuff ...

They're just modifications in my mind!
And yet I confuse them for life...

Right now there are billions of people,
modifying their thoughts and thinking they are living.

Beneath all these thoughts they are indeed living,
but the thoughts are only a thin crusty scum that congeals on the surface of life.


Two newborn calves just outside my window,
so awkward and wide eyed, so fresh and new,
their energies are so pure and gentle,
the divine is strong in them,
they have yet to become enmeshed in the world.

This is their first day of being,
everything so new and full of wonder,
discovering how to move it's head as it nuzzles the tap post,
tasting the dirt and curling up to rest while the mother grazes nearby.

They will in time become complacent and familiar with their world,
but now they may enjoy its wonder and glory,
through eyes unclouded by accumulations of thoughts.
They are closer to Reality than I.


The apparent reality of this world is an illusion,
and whilst we dwell in this illusion we must deal with it,
but to identify with the illusion is to miss the Truth,
and become trapped in the illusion.

Just like a computer game is an illusion,
and whilst we are playing it we must deal with it,
but to identify with ones game character is to miss the Truth,
and become trapped in the illusion.

You do not die when the game is over,
for it is only a game,
it is only a dancing pattern of information,
that plays tricks with your senses.

That which Is shall always Be,
and that which Is-not never was,
so the game character cannot die because it was never alive,
so too the ego is just a character in a story woven by our senses,
but behind the ego lies the soul which shall always Be,
just as behind the game character lies the player,
who lives beyond the end of the game universe.


Agendas wield power through delusions,
a small but committed clique,
can make a whole collective engage in absurd behaviour.

Our sexuality wants us to procreate, it is programmed into us,
it weaves delusions in our minds about pleasure, belonging, romance and fantasy,
it whips us up into a frenzy until we lose control,
but as soon as its goal is accomplished the delusion is seen for what it is,
like when the fluorescent lights are turned on at the end of a rave or party,
the illusion is shattered and we see clearly in the harsh light,
as soon as our sexuality has had its way with us we feel spent and used and a bit silly,
but not wanting to believe we have lost control we deny it, we accept our actions and move on.

So too in a nation a faction may whip it up into a frenzy,
for example, a military industrial complex wants to grow and be strong,
for this it needs wars and conflict and for this it needs enemies,
so it is constantly talking of threats and fears, of terrorism and pre-emptive strikes,
perhaps some of this is necessary to be prepared in a hostile world,
but it tries to accentuate the hostility, to portray the world as fearful and dangerous,
one need only look at the literature coming out of US defence think tanks,
to see the subconscious babble that underlies the thinking of the US,
it is always whispering in the mind of the nation, stirring up fearful fantasies,
or glorious dreams of full spectrum dominance, it strokes the ego,
and latches onto like minds wherever it can,
always applying pressure, lusting after war,
like a drug addict who cannot bear the pressure,
the nation succumbs and starts to see fearful enemies everywhere,
it starts to approach the world with a fighting stance,
and thereby only makes more enemies,
the military industrial complex then gets its fix,
its orgy of violence and destruction and is sated for a while,
but fuelled by the frenzy of previous conquests its lusts build and build,
and if the nation is not careful it will be destroyed by its addiction to war.

This phenomenon of control through delusion is also clear in the case of drug addicts,
but even more clear in the case of consumer society and the role of the media.


This morning during yoga,
in the midst of a stretch with my mind focused on the feeling.
With vague thoughts of me, yoga, leg, foot, head,
floating about the back of my mind.

Suddenly I saw my foot,
really just a patch of skin on the side of my foot,
but there was no foot or skin or my or seeing.
There was That Which Is, just being.

My heart went out to this glorious being,
I cared not what labels might get stirred up in the mind,
here was existence, here was life.

Like a government that suddenly stops thinking,
industry, fiscal policy, law and order, border protection,
and suddenly just experiences, in awe and wonder,
the beauty and sacredness of those who are its very existence.

Society is not made of consumers or citizens,
and bodies are not made of cells.
These are the ripples in our minds that blind us to reality,
they are empirical shadows cast by fluctuations in the transcendent field.

Its all made of life, its pulsing living love in action.
We are God in motion.
We are existence, we just Be,
there is no reason or justification,
all agendas are borne of delusion.


The social taboo against nakedness is a sign of the dominance of ego delusion,
the taboo says, “don't look at what I am, look at what I am pretending to be”,
the ego tries to deny what it is and to fabricate a false identity,
with badges and insignia and uniforms it creates whole new types of beings,
but beneath these uniforms are the same naked bodies that we all share,
locked away, neglected and abused these bodies shrivel,
and become a product of the ego's denial,
and they must therefore be hidden even more stringently,
because they are the fruits of delusion for all to see.


Whilst ever the ego rules as a petty tyrant, there can be no truth, no harmony and no peace.
Whether in an individual life or in our collective life the ego is the source of suffering,
it's root is the I-thought which is the primal separation from reality,
this initiates the descent into material delusion.

Through the rampant jostling of our egos the collective ego forms and we call it 'authority'.
From the body of society this fictional being arises,
it too is nothing more than a complex web of delusions,
it must constantly maintain itself as a feature of our minds.

It too thinks the I-thought, it thinks "I am the nation"
and society becomes a mere vehicle by which it pursues it's agendas.
This is the process of individuation, which marks the early stages of a meta-system transition;
the process whereby a collection of systems integrate through collective interaction
and form a coherent whole or a super-system.

This process must evolve through many hard lessons before it attains harmony,
once the I-thought has become entrenched only death or enlightenment may correct it.


The collective ego has an ally within each of us; the individual ego.

It feeds and nourishes our ego's to make them strong
so that these petty tyrants will subdue our minds, hearts and bodies
and deliver us up to the rapacious appetite of the collective ego.

Only the Soul, the Sage, the Holy Guardian Angel may overthrow these petty tyrants;
through their delusional arrogance they are easily recognised and dethroned.
When delusional regimes become lost to reality they become "the emperor with no clothes",
this is the beginning of their end.

In this manner I thank, whole heartedly, the invaluable work of all contemporary delusional regimes,
especially the work of the puppet masters that lie behind the neo-conservative psychosis.
They are doing as much, perhaps more than any other in this time,
to hasten the end of delusion by driving it to utter crisis,
wherein "the people may see the craftiness and then there is Breakthrough!".


It is often difficult to speak to humans that are infested with ego,
all ego's assume that the world is populated only by other egos.

Whenever a word is uttered by an ego it is an attempt to assert dominance;
ego's assume that all truth is arbitrary delusion,
and it is only a matter of who's delusion will dominate.

So when my soul utters its truth their eyes go squinty,
I can feel them thinking with malice "who are you to say such things".
Implicitly they are wondering, by what 'authority' do I speak,
who has authorised this delusion, by what right can I sound so certain,
what right do I have to assume that my ego delusion is stronger than theirs.

But there is no ego delusion in such truths,
so ego's respond to the imagined ego within me
and hostility arises.

There is still an ego within me,
but it has been battered and bruised by the world,
so whenever the sage comes,
it hides, for protection, behind the sage.


This writing, this thinking, these words that flow through me,
these are just a part of the pattern of energy that is me,
the purpose of this manifestation will be achieved regardless,
this 'I' is not the doer, the universe is the doer.

These words and ideas are no impediment to realisation,
it is my identification with this pattern of activity that is the impediment.
Instead of being that which I am with the universe doing what it does,
I think 'I' am the doer and the whole delusion begins with me trying to take over,
rather than simply letting existence get on with the work of creation.

But the ego delusion is deeply embedded in our language and culture,
it is difficult to speak without reinforcing it,
how does one refer to the pattern of energy that one is without creating this 'I' character,
and weaving it into a story set in a panorama of sense experiences that we call “the world”.

All these things are artefacts of our perception,
in absolute Truth there is no I, no story and no world,
but language cannot go there for there are no 'things' to label with words,
in absolute Truth there is only Brahman and nothing else.

Thus the deepest Truth is silence,
all else is a construct of the senses,
an illusion woven into a story about things and places and events.
To dwell in words is to dwell in illusion.

In this circumstance what can be done?
This energy still flows and this pattern still moves and changes,
other patterns that some call words emanate from this pattern that some call John,
but what do these words mean?
Nothing, they are just ripples arising from the changing patterns in Brahman,
but these patterns in Brahman have some structure, there is some meaning.

But to give them meaning is to enter into an empirical world,
which is real in the sense that a story is real,
we experience it but it is not the True reality,
we are real characters in a story but we need not identify with those characters.

In that false identification arises all suffering and delusion,
to know that we are Brahman is to be free of all illusion,
even though we participate in the dance of light that is this thing we call the universe.


In truth my highest goal would be best achieved by sitting in silent solitary meditation,
emanating Love into the field and nourishing the whole of creation,
nothing need be said, no one need ask for help, Love would be freely bestowed upon all.

It is my ego that wants to be the doer, it wants to speak out to peoples minds,
and for their minds to know that it was I who spoke and I who helped them,
and for them to see that I am a being of light who is worthy of great respect.

There lies here a trap for my soul,
for I am not able to do any of this because I do not exist,
only when I can overcome this 'I' can I truly be what I hope to be.

Otherwise all my love and compassion is only being used to fuel my ego,
and will ultimately only cause harm in the world,
for if I fail in peoples eyes I am only proof for cynics of the charlatanism of spirituality,
and if I succeed in peoples eyes I am only continuing the cult of the ego.

It would be best to be invisible and inconspicuous,
then if I could overcome my ego,
and if God is willing I would surely succeed.

But alas this work itself thrusts me into the world,
may my ego not become aroused, may other's egos not become aroused,
may this pattern spin its patterns and the Way flow with the Way,
may these words find their mark with a minimum of disturbance.


The degree to which one is traumatised by events is a measure of the degree of ego identification that one suffers from,
if one lifts a rock and underneath there is an ant colony, the ants immediately respond with a flurry of activity,
they take any eggs that may be exposed and conceal them and then move out of the way and return back to normal,
there may have been casualties but that could not be helped,
the event has been dealt with, quickly, calmly and efficiently, then life goes on.

If the lid is lifted off from some human world we scurry about madly,
people screaming with horror, there is trauma and panic,
people become angry and want vengeance, we get whipped up into hysterical states of mind,
there are not only physical casualties but numerous victims of trauma needing counselling and years of recovery,
many carry psychological scars throughout their lives and many bear grudges and carry these for the rest of their lives,
and collectively we manifest scars and grudges, we go on vendettas and march off to destroy our perceived enemy.

The only difference is that we believe in this 'I' character about whom we weave vast and intricate stories,
we are not transparent to the will of the universe as it flows through us like the ants are,
we believe in ourselves, we invest so much into these mythical egoic beings that we pretend to be,
and these stories are so intricately woven together into whole societies and civilisations,
so when the lid is lifted off from our world and reality comes crashing into our delusions we are in utter shock.

Because we are in denial of reality and enmeshed in our delusions when they are shattered,
it seems that the whole world is shattered and the whole pseudo-reality that we have come to dwell in has fallen apart,
we do not simply respond as required by the universe, we thrash and wail about in horror and shock.
This false ego identification is the source of our suffering, we do not simply respond and move on like the ants,
we weave the event into our delusional stories as a vicious attack or ourselves as victims,
this only adds to our burden of delusion and suffering.

With every single event that we weave into our stories we move further and further from the simple truth,
whether these events are good or bad or mundane it doesn't matter,
the more we invest into these stories the more we wrap this mythical 'I' character in layers of delusion,
and the more we alienate ourselves from reality and close ourselves off from the dance of creativity that is dancing through us,
we cannot ever escape this dance, but we try by reinterpreting it, we say “I am doing this”, “I did that”, “I must do this”,
but this 'I' character is not the doer, the universe does and we are but a fragment of that process.

There is no separate individual in a world of things arranged around it,
that is a construct of our limited senses and as it is woven into an intricate story by our ignorant minds,
it becomes our whole experience of reality and we spiral into delusion,
we lose ourselves in delusions of fear, greed, lust, anger, hope, striving, seeking, wanting, trying.

But all this effort is like a statue carved into a wall that appears to be holding up the building,
it matters not how much effort the mythical being exerts, it is holding nothing for it is only a carving or an appearance,
it is the wall that is bearing the load, just as it matters not how much this 'I' character strives in my life, it means nothing,
this manifestation that people perceive as me is what it is and does what it does regardless of any delusions that surround it,
it formed as a function of the whole universe, it behaves as a function of the whole universe and it will dissipate likewise,
there never was nor will be an ego in all of this, the ego can try as it likes to believe it exists but it is only an appearance of things,
there is within me a sense of existence but this is not due to the ego, this is the life of the whole universe, it is existence itself.


It has been said, “before enlightenment, chopping wood carrying water,
after enlightenment, chopping wood carrying water”, the difference is in ones state of knowledge and identification,
one may believe one is the game character and one may fret and worry or one may know that one transcends the game and not be worried,
one still has a projection into the virtual space, one still plays the game but one knows it is only a game,
one may believe that one dies if one is shot or one may know that in Truth there is no bullet and there is no 'I' who can die,
certainly if the pattern of information that is a bullet intersects with the pattern of information that is a game character,
then the character is dead within the context of the game, but this only equates with ones own death if one is identified with the character,
if one knows oneself as Brahman then one knows that one can never die, ones life energies simply flow throughout the whole of creation,
manifesting different forms at different times depending upon the dynamical flow of energy through Brahman.

But there is knowing and there is Knowing,
to be told and to believe or to intellectually discover this fact is to know,
but to penetrate deep within and see through the one who sees,
and thereby experience oneself as Brahman then one Knows.


Sometimes when I look out upon the world I see such a profusion of stuff,
take the internet for example, there is so much babble both meaningful and meaningless,
so much 'culture', so many people externalising their internal cognitive states,
and looking back through time this babble disappears into the mists of history.

As one looks further back the remaining artefacts are fewer and therefore seem more meaningful,
but looking at the present there is such a manic profusion of babble that it all seems meaningless,
why bother to say anything? Will it even be heard? Even if it was what would it mean?

Looking out upon this vista has often left me feeling depressed rather than exhilarated,
I feel deflated, I feel insignificant and meaningless, I feel that everything I do is futile,
because it is just another stream of babble in amongst this torrent of cognitive verbiage,
what good is it? What does it achieve? What does it mean? Why do we do this?

This is often the state of mind I am in after surfing the internet,
and this evening whilst looking through some old data CD's from 1998/99,
I came across a directory of websites that I had stripped off the net,
and even this small sample of 1998 babble was enough to depress me.

But this time I haven't acted it out, I haven't engaged in the story of depression and futility,
I have tried to remain the seer and to watch the story as it plays out,
and this has been instructive,
I can see why I get depressed at this!

It is my ego,
my ego wants to be someone,
and in the absence of actually being someone in some else's eyes it tries to be someone in its own eyes,
so in my own small world it slowly works itself into a state where it thinks what it is doing is important,
that it will make a difference, and the only thing stopping me from “being someone” is that I have yet to publish,
but then I look out on the world and I see a vast hoard of ego's battling for attention,
a sea of ego's far more adept at jostling and hustling and externalising and creating 'culture' than mine is.

So it gets demoralised, it feels weak and forlorn,
it thinks “what's the point? How can I get the attention I crave in amongst all this?”,
my ego doesn't want to be just another jostling ego in a sea of stiff competition,
it doesn't want to be just another small minion or a cell in a vast organism,
it wants to stand out, it wants to be recognised for being as great as it thinks it is.

It is a true performer, it wants to stand in the lime light and receive the applause,
it doesn't want to be a stage hand who only gets an illegible credit at the end of the movie,
it wants to be the star performer, or the lead role.

But all this jostling and hustling is utterly futile,
those who succeed at this game get enough fame to fuel their delusions further,
but it only leads to suffering and despair, just look at the miserable lives of so many performers throughout history,
just look back into history to see that these relics and ideas, once grand in their day are only relics,
to create something aligned with Truth will stay potent but who really cares about the creators,
and even if we did care, how does our caring help their long dead ego's one iota?

To work without attachment to the fruits of ones work is the only sane way to work,
to channel that which flows through us but not to create an egoic cult of personality around it,
for to do so is only heaping delusion upon delusion,
those faceless nameless creators who have left their legacies in the world are the true creators of our civilisation,
not the great names and personalities that stand out in our minds, they are just the ones with the biggest ego delusions.


To all whom I have perceived to have hurt me,
I forgive you,
To all who have perceived that I have hurt them,
I beg your forgiveness.

I know how hard it is to just Be in the world,
how we thrash and spasm about in our ignorance,
we know not what we do yet we keep trying,
and with the grace of God we grow wiser.

All beings in their heart of hearts act out of love,
may this love be not warped and twisted as it issues forth,
may this love flow straight and wild and embrace us all.

We are only one, not multitudes, not even two,
in the world beyond illusion our love is the same love,
my love is but a drop in an ocean,
but where lies the boundary between drop and ocean,
there is only an ocean of love,
all else is illusion.


There is still a lot of bitterness inside me,
it will not be healed by denying it,
they are scars within my psyche, obstructions to the light,
creating shadows within my mind.

There is so much love within me but also so much hate and fear,
these shadows must be opened to the light so love can heal them all,
they must be faced squarely otherwise they become a part of my shadow self,
and they live in the shadows of my mind, places I dare not look,
where they multiply and grow stronger.

But how to face them, how to transmute them?
There is no simple answer for each case is unique,
but by opening to Truth the light of Love will guide me,
through mindfulness I will be purified and cleansed of delusion,
making room within my being for more light and more love,
making me a transparent channel of the will of the Cosmos.


What can I say about transcendent and empirical?
They are like above and below, they are relative,
a book is an empirical object within the universe at large,
but it may be a transcendent space within which a story unfolds,
with empirical people, places and events,
and the story may contain another book that contains another story and so on.

There may be worlds within worlds,
but all worlds arise from the one source.


If you feel lost and out of place in this mundane world,
if the emptiness of endless drudgery crushes your spirit,
if heartless narrow-rationality and mindless conformity disturb you,
if distractions never truly satisfy,
if you and others sometimes wonder if you might be mad,
don't despair, you are a mystic,
one who sees into the mysteries of the universe,
your kind is not spoken of these days,
it is no wonder you don't know what you are, you're life itself, the Cosmos in motion,
not a consumer or a citizen or a worker or any other object.

The mechanistic world cannot comprehend people such as we,
it fears and denies our very existence,
yet we are the creative foundation of this world,
throughout history it has been the mystics and visionaries that have inspired and guided humanity,
that have communed with the universe,
opening their hearts and minds and delving into the infinite wonder of existence.

Have hope for we are not alone,
everyone is a mystic in their heart of hearts,
and this world of hardened delusions has us back up against a wall,
with its brutal pressure it is breaking open hardened hearts every moment of every day,
unwittingly releasing a power that will transform and transfigure the world.

The early symptoms are commonly diagnosed as depression,
anxiety, drug abuse, unemployability, apathy, listlessness,
sentimentality, sadness, despair, a nameless emptiness,
a tendency to lose oneself in all kinds of escapism,
a craving and groping for something without quite knowing what,
a subtle deadness of ones spirit and pressure within ones soul.

Be wary of the 'medicine' that is handed out,
it may sedate your soul. Instead, know who you are,
you are a creator, an imaginative force of nature,
you are free and may never be enslaved.

Your soul knows this,
it will destroy you before it will allow you to be wholly enslaved,
and it will exalt you and empower you to abundant life,
if only you will seize your freedom and live it boldly.

Care not for the 'objective' world of 'hard facts',
the mechanistic world view imposed on us by the world,
is the delusion that enslaves us.

We are subjective beings, we each live in a subjective world.
Commune with the universe anew and create your world anew,
live your dream and become your highest hope.

Through this alone may we or anyone survive.
In this time of global despair there is arising a revolution,
an awakening to the mystery that is life,
a resurgence of the sacred and the joyous.

Celebrate life and live in wondrous beauty,
and with the grace of God we mystics encourage the virtue of the world,
and transform darkness into Light.


If ones Soul / Self / Atman were to speak to ones personality / ego / jiva, during a time of confusion and stress, to guide and comfort the struggling individual being in the world, what would it say?


Do not act from fear and distrust, you must have faith and surrender completely to the process and know that God is in control, you must not run in denial, and do not obsess about things in the world, but be open and aware behind the world, for only then may the will of God flow through you and propel you along the inscrutable paths of destiny. The moment the ego succumbs to fear and seeks to control the process, then the voice of stillness is lost, your communion with Me is lost and this small fragment of the Great Work is lost. So be at peace and know that there is a clear pattern running through all things, nothing is by chance and everything is divine.


The question is not what to do, but what to be.
When one is one's Self and nothing more,
nothing needs doing and there are no things such as you and me,
even though outwardly it seems that many things happen.

That is but the outer form of the cosmic dance,
wherein who is the doer and where is the struggle?
Patterns flow into patterns as forms seemingly arise, merge and dissipate.
The mind creates them in consciousness from out of the fluctuating field.
And the ego sees and experiences these forms as its reality.

The ripples in the lens of the mind produce many glints of Light from the one Sun,
This is the origin of the many things, it is this that divides the waters,
But the water is one, it is whole, that is All.


Perhaps I shouldn't take myself quite so seriously,
perhaps I should become a fool once more,
life is far more joyous as a fool,
to drift aimlessly in the arms of the universe,
caring not one way or another.

Joy is a hallmark of the divine,
it is through the fools that God speaks the deepest riddles.
To stiffen and become serious is a sign that ones heart is shrivelling up,
and ones mind is swelling out of proportion.

Participation in life is joyous,
but to know too much without the wisdom to laugh at it,
is to be crushed beneath weighty concerns and gnawing what-ifs.

We cannot grasp and control the world like the mind urges us too,
we must have trust in the world and let it carry us wherever it will.


A computer whiz is someone who dwells in the transcendent context,
of code and memory registers, program subroutines and security loop holes,
they perceive the flow and transformation of information behind the scenes,
and from this vantage point they reach down into the empirical frame,
of programs and documents and buttons and graphics that the normal 'user' dwells in.

The computer whiz knows cyberspace on a lower level,
they can interact and operate in cyberspace in ways that seem miraculous to the normal user,
because they are in closer communion with the detailed implementation of this space,
they can swim through it in ways unimaginable to the normal user.

So too the yogi or mystic,
they see behind the scenes,
the surface is only an apparition,
behind this there is a whole universe of happenings.

By communing on a deeper level one can interact and operate in seemingly miraculous ways,
when seen from a transcendent perspective this world is flexible where the empirical projection seems rigid,
things are not as they seem from down below,
time and space and matter are virtual, they arise only through our limited perception,
there is reason and rhyme to all things and even the seemingly miraculous is quite normal to one who knows.


Is everything doom and gloom? Why yes. Is everything joy and lightness? Of course. There is no paradox here, for there is no universal perspective so there is no way to utter a universal statement about "what is" in the empirical world, this world is a construct of our minds. For those that dwell in a materialistic delusion, they are isolated, fragile little specks of meaningless matter that are swept along by the world and ultimately are driven into oblivion, there can be no hope, only transitory joy always ending in suffering, always ending in destruction; although flights of fancy allow for temporary denial, this is a world of doom and gloom. For those that dwell in reality, they are an intimate and personal part of the universe, they belong to all things and all things belong to them, their form may be ephemeral (and that is part is its beauty) but their essence is timeless; not eternal but beyond time. They live in a world of meaning and purpose, where things are not at all random, this universe is alive, we are not like atoms randomly jostling in a gas, we are like cells in a cosmic organism that is growing, that is intelligent and that is sacred and divine. Although suffering sometimes causes moments of despair, this is a world of joy and lightness.


Our minds are models of the world, built up from our experiences, interpretations, responses and perceived consequences. Picture peoples heads as being transparent spheres within which you can see a world taking place, that is their experiential world. Some people's are drab or mundane or exciting or blissful or fearful or joyful. With our responses we project that world outward, we act as if we are in it. These different worlds influence each other and we each partake in each others worlds. Some worlds attract and some repel, there is a complex dynamic.


Interaction involves Objectification
Interaction involves Objectification


The Anatomy of Rights and Power
The Anatomy of Rights and Power


Idealistically as opposed to practically, what about rights?
I'll explain;
There is a spider loitering around my doorway, right where I often walk,
there are many spiders around here,
I try to coexist with all beings with whom I share this place.

I said to it today, something like “you'd better watch out,
that's the most walked on piece of ground around here, you'll get stepped on,
but I guess you don't understand the dynamics of human households do you ...
So does that mean I should watch out for you? Or is it your own fault if I step on you?
Where lies the obligation? We each have the same right to exist. Do I have a duty of care?”

You see what I mean?
Just because I have more power do I have a right to perpetrate a le differánd and ride rough shod over the less powerful?

If so, then whoever has power can set the discourse and if others don't understand it or even know of it then tough luck to them they'll just get crushed by the more powerful. So this makes might equal right.

If not, then we all have a right to exist regardless of our power or level of understanding and we all have our own agendas, and those with more power or understanding have a duty of care to see that their agenda does not interfere with the agendas of those who are less powerful or less aware.

It is a fundamental issue that has far reaching ramifications!!!

There are many examples of both principles being applied in the world;
Might equals right can be seen in the way humans treat animals and forests, the government says this forest is for logging, but the animals don't know this but they just have to run for their lives as their whole world is torn down around them.
Or a colonial government declares another country to be its colony, regardless of what the natives think or if they even understand these foreign ideas of ownership and colonisation, they are slaughtered as their whole world is stolen from them.
Or how governments entangle their populations in vast incomprehensible legislation that nobody understands but which binds everybody and ignorance is no excuse.
Or how our whole world including our own lives is being transformed into a vast corporate monopoly board and is being parcelled up and sold off whilst we remain ignorant that we humans have lost control of this world to a new type of being we call organisations, regardless of whether we understand or agree with this process we are trapped in it.

The duty of care strategy is seen in relation to low speed zones outside schools or in legislation and rules making the world foolproof so in certain contexts everybody has to bring their behaviour down to a common level, such as council restrictions on building, on the use of parks, on the use of footpaths etc, or the slowness of speed limits causing able drivers in faster cars to creep along even when there is no situational reason to creep. It occurs in those few situations where we value those that are less powerful or less aware, such as children or the elderly.

It seems to depend upon whether we value the less powerful as to whether we just run them over or we take their limitations into consideration, for me I value all life but I still drive at night sometimes and cause insects to be attracted to my lights and get squashed on the front of the van, but I also know that certain birds and wallabies don't understand the concept of something moving at a 100km/h so they try to cut in front and they get hit so I slow down whenever I see them.

This relates to other ideas I've recently written about regarding where does our conscience kick in and about psychological barriers that we build in our minds to the suffering of others and about how agendas condition ones experience of reality and can allow one to create suffering without even noticing it. I'm certain my neighbour when he goes around driving over little trees doesn't even think of the harm done to them, it just doesn't occur to him.

In general I know that it is “might equals right” that is the principle option considered amongst humans, this is the model upon which the whole of human civilisation is built.
But is it Truth? Is it fundamentally right? Are these even coherent questions? Is there any right and wrong?

Ultimately is there right or wrong? These only exist relative to a context, but in the widest possible context what is there, there is everything, there is God, there is the whole Universe from beginning to end. If there is no agenda to the Universe or to God, if they simply Be and have no purpose or aim then no one thing is any better or worse than another, but if they do have an agenda then that agenda creates the measure by which one thing becomes better or worse than another.

So if God has no agenda then there is no ultimate right or wrong, there is only that which is. So if I have the power to bring an end to your manifestation then that is my right to exercise that power for whatever reason I see fit. So then I will persist as that which is and you will not, I will continue to be and you will fade into oblivion.
In this absence of a universal agenda we may still form collective agendas so we accept rights and constraints within that collective context but it all still hinges on who has more power to define and change those rights and constraints as the context evolves. For example, to create a peaceful society we may agree to be bound by certain rights and constraints on the use of power but at any point this can break down when the powerful choose to break those constraints, this is often seen in the case of the US and the UN.

But this Universe has a definite direction, it began as hot undifferentiated energy and has been cooling and forming more and more complex structures such as stars, planets, organisms, ecosystems, societies, civilisations, philosophies, religions, technology and so on. Where is all this headed? Does this constitute some kind of universal agenda? Could it be right to foster the growth and complexification of this planet and wrong to destroy it or to homogenise it?

A major part of the political agenda of religion is to impose the idea that God does have an agenda so there is a right and wrong that is a part of the universe and we two-legged's are not free to arbitrarily define our own right and wrong. We can make our own definitions but these can only be extensions of the universal context and cannot blithely fly in the face of God.
This is the crux of what I feel, it is why I go on about Truth and delusion.
If there was no universal agenda then there is no Universal Truth and there is no delusion. Delusion is simply creating in a destructive manner rather than a constructive manner, there is no right and wrong. In such a universe, if the U.S. decided today to send out millions of drones to de-populated the world of all people it considered useless or dangerous or just un-American then so long as it could get away with it it would be right to do so.

I don't believe in arbitrary power, I have respect for the wonder that is this Universe, I see a minute creature and I have no desire to crush it, I gaze in awe at it, it is a mystery, it is a living being, it is a glorious creation, I feel I have no right to crush it, neither would I desire to, I love it, my heart goes out in compassion at the very idea of killing it.

Arbitrary power says, “we know everything we need to know, this is how reality Is,
and this is what we are going to do and that is final”,
arbitrary power is arrogance that closes us off to Truth,
and binds us into worlds constructed out of our own limited understanding,
it gives free reign to our delusions.

It is acting in a narrow context and that always leads to conflict,
just like one who looks only at their feet will often stumble,
if we did know all there was to know then arbitrary power would no longer be arbitrary,
we would have enough information to be able to act wisely,
but in the absence of that omniscient wisdom we need humility and respect for Truth,
for to think we know it all when we are hopelessly ignorant is to invite disaster.

This is the political crux of spirituality, do we relate to our world through the context of our personal agenda and our power relations or do we relate through the context of a universal agenda and through awe and respect for the mystery of existence.

We do not even faintly understand existence so can we blithely take it for granted? Are we just monsters fighting it out for survival in a brutal jungle or are we creators able to live in harmony and thereby grow to heights that we cannot even imagine from our present state of ignorance and disharmony?

There is an agenda to the world and we have tried to ride rough shod over it and now we are realising that our own existence was part of that same agenda that we tried to deny.
Now we need to get back in touch with that agenda and discover our place in it,
we need to break out of our own arrogant, naïve delusions,
and get in touch with the reality around us and in us and all through us, that is the very life we live.


Although our minds might contemplate theories of right and wrong,
and wonder if might equals right or if it equals responsibility,
all this time our bodies have their own in built sense of right and wrong,
our lives have their own agenda.

For example, a nationalist president may happily pursue agendas,
without a care for the millions that suffer and die as a consequence,
saying “we have the power, it is our right”,
but say I developed my own powers of stealth and timing,
and when this president was at a weak moment and able to be overcome,
what if I snatched them away into some hidden basement,
where I tortured them brutally without end,
would they still say, “oh well you had the power so I guess this is your right”?
Certainly not, they would know deep inside of them that it was wrong,
just as the millions who suffer and die know that the brutality of many nationalist policies are wrong,
it isn't a matter of arguing and hypothesising and cogitating,
deep inside of us we Know what is right and wrong.

The idea that might is right really boils down to being a strategy of ignorance,
if I can cause you to suffer and I can close my mind to your suffering,
and you don't have the power to break through my barriers and make me understand your suffering,
then I can ignore your suffering and carry on as if it didn't exist,
and I can keep you in suffering as I blithely pursue my agenda,
and there is no way you can get through to me because my mind is closed,
and whenever you try to get through I will misunderstand this and misconstrue it,
then come down on you with all my destructive might, thereby keeping you powerless,
and sending a message to anyone else that not only am I not listening,
but I will crush any who try to speak out.

This is the strategy used by the powerful all the time,
they think that by burying their heads in the sand the problem goes away,
but suffering has ramifications, even amongst the so called powerless,
resentment builds, righteous indignation builds,
the whole network of interactions becomes darkened and fearful and hostile,
the whole game changes from one of open cooperation and compassionate understanding,
into one of grudging adherence out of fear and subversive attacks in countless small ways,
we end up with guerilla warfare throughout our populations, institutions and nations,
people conform out of fear but they fight back in countless small ways,
they drag their feet, they vandalise, they refuse to cooperate, they become unproductive,
the society begins to fragment and become hostile to all who ruthlessly wield power,
and the body of society succumbs to diseases that no amount of law and order can cure.

There is an inherent contradiction between the powerful and the oppressed,
for the powerful depend upon the oppressed,
for power originates in the masses and the powerful only become powerful,
by stealing this power through lies and myths of 'authority' and through fear and violence,
the powerless are only powerless because they are kept confused and fragmented,
but as soon as they organise they realise that the power lies in them,
and what they once feared was only myths and lies spread by stealthy thieves and con artists.

Our lives have their own agenda, nature within us has its agenda,
life as it flows through us has its agenda,
the universe that created us has its agenda,
we are all part of a universal agenda and to go against this is 'wrong'.

Some might say that the universe created us all to have a personal agenda,
which guides us to protect ourselves as we engage as combatants in evolution,
so to wield power and crush the weak is right even though the weak think it is wrong,
but one could just as well say that our personal agenda,
is a holographic element of the universal agenda,
which arises out of all the individual agendas,
and we were never meant to be brutal combatants forever,
we were meant to find harmony and growth and peace and love,
and thereby rising to greater heights than conflict could ever take us,
this universe grows and proceeds toward ever greater creations.

Perhaps we are here to explore states of being,
and we have explored the states of fear and conflict and brutality quite well,
for billions of years we have been exploring this territory,
but now the circumstances have changed, we have reached a phase transition,
through continued conflict and closed minded dominance we will destroy everything.

Perhaps there are states of being that can only be reached through,
cooperation, compassion, understanding, wisdom, humility and respect,
perhaps these are higher states of being that we are yet to properly explore,
and which will unlock incredible potential hidden within us,
perhaps we are angels of light dressed up as beasts of prey,
perhaps it is only by entering these new states of being that life may continue to exist.

I know for a fact in my own life that there is a vast difference in my state of being,
when I closed mindedly pursue an agenda and when I open up to truth in awe and wonder,
when one respects the universe it opens up to one and invites one into its secret mysteries,
when one disrespects the universe its doors are closed and we are locked out,
and in clumsy, brutal ways we try to bash our way through to its treasures,
but we always seem to hurt ourselves more than anything else.

The difference is as stark as making love in ecstasy of union,
or the brutal struggle of violent rape.

If the universal agenda is for life to explore higher states of being,
then to destroy ourselves with war, pollution, oppression and arrogant ignorance would be wrong,
and to grow through compassion and harmony, discovering new ways of being would be right.


This story of me is what prevents my realisation,
the story of me seeking realisation,
the story of my search for wisdom and enlightenment,
the story of me as a victim of society,
the story of my healing,
the story of me as a sufferer reaching out to others who suffer,
the story of me having compassion for this world and wanting to heal it,
the story of me as a hermit and a mystic and a yogi,
the story of me as a 32 yr old man who is alive and is called John,
the story of this ego in all its various guises,
this ego plays all kinds of roles just to hang onto the lime light,
just to keep hold of center stage it goes through all kinds of contortions,
Oh God I pray that you rid me of me and also of you,
these stories must come to an end so let them end now,
then the real work begins,
then this may Be.


Entropy lets fly the arrow of time,
without entropy all processes are reversible,
they may move forward or back or around and round,
time as we know it is a perceptual phenomenon of the flow of change.

Hence change underlies the empirical experience of time,
but what of that that does not change?
The changeless is timeless, it is more than just eternal.


I awoke with a dream of having had this realisation and having written down some sketch of it,
but then I awoke again to realise I had still not written it down but only dreamt of writing in down,
but then I awoke again, so now I write it down.

The One Person,
The Cosmic Purusha,
There is only One,
In this unbroken web or cosmic field,
entropic perception sees some regions as being more 'together' than others,
our minds fragment the network into individuals and relations,
we focus on these fragments.

Different regions or aspects of this field are indeed different,
they have their own transcendent structure or nature or prakriti.
These perceptual entities are seen to exist in different network neighbourhoods,
different contexts draw out different responses from these perceived individuals,
and we see and believe in separate individual existences, unique people.

Seeing, not through the senses, but with heart and mind united,
there is no inner and outer, all barriers and boundaries dissolve.
Nothing is fragmented, all is part of the cosmic field, the web or network of interactions,
this is the cosmic purusha, this transcendent field is All there Is,
to identify with a minute fragment is to be a being in the world,
to identify with the field itself is to be the world, the One Person.

A tiny fragment of this field gives us the illusion of life, of mind, heart and body,
the underlying region of the transcendent field is our soul,
but the whole network is the World Soul, it is God,
and we are it, there is no separation, to know ourselves is to Know God,
to be our true selves is to be All there Is, to Be God, the Cosmic Purusha.

Nothing is then impossible, nothing unknown,
All that Is is our very own Being,
all the Siddhis and Mystic Wonders of the saints become comprehensible.
I am not what you think, what you see is but a focal point,
I extend to encompass all of creation.

To appear in a million places at once and converse individually with a million people,
this is just a particular fluctuation of the field, a simple modification of my transcendent body,
each apparition of me is a region of the field, it has its own prakriti, its own nature,
by aligning this nature with that of my own focal point, that which people believe to be me,
then people experience this region of the field as being me,
and it responds according to its nature so they speak to me and I respond exactly as if it was me.

But I am not in a million places at once, just as I am not in only one place,
I am no place, I am all places and all things,
beyond this focal point I am All there Is.


In some respects learning to live without delusion is tough,
for comfort, pleasure, purpose, hope, all these things and more are delusions,
and must be seen through and sacrificed into the fire of knowledge.

That is not to say one who dwells in Truth experiences the opposites either for they too are delusions,
in Truth there is neither comfort nor discomfort, no pleasure nor pain, no purpose nor purposelessness, no hope nor despair,
the delusion lies in the minds weaving of a story around comfort and discomfort or any other such concepts.

To dwell beyond all such concepts is to dwell beyond the world constructed by the mind,
to dwell here is to dwell in the world that IS prior to the act of perception,
to dwell here is to dwell in the world of Truth that the eye cannot see nor the mind conceive,
to dwell here is to dwell in absolute Truth, beyond all manifest forms and limited appearances.

Here neither pleasure nor pain have meaning,
here there is only That which Is,
only timeless Being.


Last night I had a dream
I was a traveler in a small drab country town,
My soul mate had only just left town and I too was about to leave.
I had a small yellow bag with all my belongings in it,
but just before I bought the ticket to leave, my bag disappeared,
I looked everywhere, someone must have stolen it,
I never again found this bag although throughout much of the dream I was keeping a lookout for it in the back of my mind.

At first I wandered kind of dazed,
that bag had all my money, my contact numbers with those I loved, my clothes, everything I owned,
I thought to find some kind of shelter, maybe where I could do some work to pay for lodgings,
I gradually found myself a very simple low key lifestyle there in that town,
but the dream didn't go into any detail about that.

Several times throughout the dream I would wander into a scene where a large dog would pick up a small dog in it's mouth,
and brutally shake it about and attack it, I would call out and get it to stop and I would rescue the small dog.
For this or maybe other reasons I'm not sure, but over time I gained acceptance and a degree of honour in this town but it meant nothing to me.

I'm not sure how the dream connected through to its end but as I awoke there was a definite concept or idea or moral to the story,
this was clearly imprinted in my mind but now that I come to write it it seems vague in its details but the moral is still clear,
it was basically that to get where I wanted or needed to go I didn't need the bag or money or honours or anything in this world,
the more we invest in this world the more attached we become to our illusions of it,
what I needed was as simple as a subtle shift in perspective which could take place irrespective of any things in the world.

You could interpret this as saying,
one doesn't need to do yoga for years, or extreme penance, or pray to some idol, or whatever to attain realisation,
one doesn't need to see great lights or exhibit powers or feel intense bliss in order to know one is realised,
all these things are just empirical phenomena 'in the world', they are things that the mind wants to grasp onto,
but they are distractions, they are the mind trying to cling to things in the world, but realisation is going beyond the world.

As I awoke there was a feeling of supreme simplicity,
that all the complex grasping was just the mind weaving complex illusions,
but the Truth was pure simplicity, it was just Being, no more no less.

It was so simple that the mind could not accept it, it wanted bright lights and mystical powers,
it wanted to travel places and have it's name written up in golden letters but that is just child's play,
the real essence is just being, wherever, whenever, whoever, whatever, all these things are outward appearances,
the essence is pure simplicity, it transcends the world because it is the essence of the world, but it cannot be found 'in the world'.


Words only have meaning within a language and a context of use,
within a network of associations and a discourse of interaction.

So too the Word of God,
each manifest form is a word within God's great language,
the whole of creation is a discourse of divine creativity.

Empirical forms are permutations within a transcendent idiom,
as energy flows through the permutation space,
the field of potential collapses into classical actuality,
and the world is seen to happen.


There is only one absolute reality but there are countless worlds,
singular worlds are perceptual phenomena that are resolved out of the ground of being at different levels of complexity.
Particular perceptual apparatus at particular spatial, temporal and energy scales tune into particular bands of the incident information,
and produce particular responses to that information whilst the rest of the information is lost as entropy.

An atom perceives and experiences a world appropriate for an atom,
a human perceives and experiences a world appropriate for a human,
a galaxy perceives and experiences a world appropriate for a galaxy,
and all these things that we perceive as atoms, humans and galaxies are just forms that we resolve out of the ground of being,
and we therefore experience them in some way and have assigned labels for them and assimilated them into our story of empirical existence.


Existence may be conceived of as a projection through many worlds, beginning from the transcendent ground of being or Brahman,
this gives rise to low level forms that resolve out of the raw information and come to inhabit low level worlds of particles and atoms,
these interact in complex ways and although they never cease being only patterns in Brahman,
in their own empirical way they are entities in a world and through their interactions they create a world,
that manifests more complex forms such as molecules and cells and grains of sand,
and these interact in complex ways and although they never cease being only patterns in Brahman,
in their own empirical way they are entities in a world and through their interactions they create a world,
that manifests more complex forms such as organisms, ecosystems and civilisations,
and so on up to higher levels of complexity.

Whether one says that Brahman created atoms which created molecules which created cells which created organisms and so on,
or whether one says Brahman, through its intricate patterns and dynamics created humans which then created ideas,
such as atoms and molecules and cells and organisms and so on out of their perceptions and cogitations,
it doesn't matter both are right and both are wrong and there are countless other ways of describing things,
whether one says there are worlds within worlds or one says that there is only Brahman and Maya or Heaven and Earth,
or whether one says there is only Brahman, it doesn't matter, words cannot capture the Truth of it,
they are only signs devised for use in the objective empirical world, they can at best point in a general direction.

All these 'things' that we perceive and experience and assign labels to are illusions,
in the sense that they are resolved out of Brahman via a perceptual process,
which throws out virtually all the information and then heavily interprets the remainder in the context of some story,
but behind these apparitions of our senses there is a transcendent reality,
and these apparitions also have many degrees of their own empirical (virtual) reality,
depending upon the path and the nature of the information that leads to the experience,
for example our experience of food and our experience of government and our experience of a unicorn all have decreasing degrees of reality.

Leaving aside the complexities of the many worlds analogy,
one can say that all experiential existence occurs in two worlds,
Heaven and Earth or Brahman and Maya,
a transcendent world and an empirical world, a simulator and a simulation,
there is that which is the absolute reality and which is the substance of existence and which implements existence,
and there is that which is the experience of this existence, the world constructed by the senses.

A computer game is a good analogy for this,
it is also a good example of the worlds within worlds concept,
but may also be isolated as an analogy for the two worlds concept.
There is the transcendent frame with the program, the computer, the information processes and representations,
the whole flow and dynamical movement of transcendent information,
these give rise to a virtual space, an empirical context, a space that is an illusion but it is also 'real' in an empirical sense,
it can be experienced and interacted with, one can enter into a virtual game world and move through corridors and cities,
one can interact with entities in that space, it looks as if there are people, places, things and events,
there are here two worlds and existence spans them both, one interacts in both.
Events in the transcendent frame have corresponding events in the empirical frame,
and events in the empirical frame have corresponding events in the transcendent frame,
this is why empirical (virtual) reality is both an illusion and a reality;
to pick up an empirical object one interacts with the computer and therefore with the transcendent process,
and therefore through the program and the information dynamics one picks up an object within the empirical context.