World - Assorted Brief Writings



anawim (the neglected, suffering, voiceless ones)
Whilst driving home I was thinking about all the animals killed on the roads, the insects crushed against the front of vehicles, the devastation of the landscape I was passing through, the blind dominance and 'le differánd' perpetrated by we humans.
It pains me to contribute to this madness.

I am the 'roadkill',
I am the life cut short,
I am the tree being felled, giving to the last,
I am the meek and the suffering,
I am the oppressed and the exploited,
These are my kind, these are where my heart lies,
I am not the proud and domineering,
I am not the boastful and cruel,
Whenever a life is broken and wasted,
Whenever an injustice is perpetrated,
Whenever one suffers or despairs,
I am That,
In these things know me.


The beast is a meme complex within the collective consciousness,
it is the collective ego, the aglomeration of countless individual egos,
there is great light and dark within each of us, individually and collectively.
The beast is characterised by an attitude of ignorance, delusion, denial, apathy and deception.
It dwells to differing degrees within us all and merges to form the collective beast,
that is the shadow of the human collective psyche.

Whereas the dweller on the threshold is a being of light,
and a child of the new creative dawn.


These organisations we create are living beings.
They are not as refined as we, they are like giant babies,
that we have given birth to through our collective creative organisation.

But they are not to be given free reign over the Earth to stomp around as they please,
and they are not to be feared and fought, and driven into strife.
They are to be understood and nurtured for what they are,
they are the flowering of humanity.

But we must be creative participants of this process,
if we are to ride this wave of creation,
we cannot control it but we can participate.

Beware of mindless conformity,
know yourself,
know the world,
flow with the Way,
let harmony be your guide.

There are currents of energy flowing through the world,
beware of what paths you follow,
some lead to life whilst others lead to nowhere.

With our hearts and minds we channel this energy,
beware what you channel,
since by doing so we project our life energies,
and strengthen these currents.

These currents weave our lives together to manifest the collective life,
in this way we may channel peace into the collective life,
and foster understanding and harmony.


In a population of slaves where are the slave drivers?
The human formal structure is a figment of our imaginations,
by which we enslave ourselves.


Native peoples of the Earth my heart prays with thee,
thy wisdom and thy vision lives on,
in spite of the ravages of the ignorant and the greedy.

Thou art the sacred heritage of our world,
in thee the timeless wisdom survives.
Teach us this way, enter our hearts and guide us all,
for it is only together that we may survive and bring forth new life.

If ever there was such a thing as a just war,
it is the native peoples who hold that right,
unto the end of the world.
But war begets war and hate begets hate,
forgive us our sins against thee for love begets love,
and only through love may we ever find peace and life,
for all beings in all times.


I woke up this morning from a brief dream that was closed in and claustrophobic,
bound not only by space but psychologically as well,
not just in a maze of drab corridors and rooms that constrict my body,
but within a maze of authoritarian rules and conditions that constrict my mind,
with a feeling like that of a prison, dark and foreboding, sadistic and evil.

Then I awoke and went outside and the sun was shining in the bright blue sky,
amidst the open green fields with cows gently grazing,
the breeze blowing pure air against me,
the grass wet with dew and birds singing in the trees,
the contrast was astounding, in these sudden shifts or juxtapositions,
there are profound lessons to be learnt,
lessons that cannot be expressed in words but are deep and subtle shifts within ones psyche.


The I-thought can be used as a leash...
The ego is trained to feel special, precious, solitary, fragile and all important.
It experiences little more than pain and pleasure, suffering and joy, fear and hope.
It is unable to surrender to the world, it cannot belong in the world.

The mind is warped to believe that ego happiness is the only thing that truly matters and Truth is lost.
The mind is kept ignorant, confused and deluded so that the individual is powerless and dependent.
Their only hope is to cling to and believe false promises of happiness in exchange for allegiance.

But instead the beast enslaves them and feeds upon their psychic energies.
They are a ball of isolated psychic energy to be assimilated into the machine in order to power it.

Without an overgrown ego they would belong in the world and feel a part of it.
They would not be isolated, fearful and easily manipulated,
they would be a part of the grand spectacle that is the world.

They would commune and dispel the fog of ignorance that blinds them
and they would never allow themselves to be enslaved because they are the world!


There is one core issue in this world that lies at the heart of our civilisation,
and which must be tackled before anything can seriously change for the better.
It is the uneven distribution of benefits.

It rests upon a seemingly reasonable foundation,
that we should be able to reap the benefits of our own effort,
this is the underlying justification for the whole structure of distribution.

But it has evolved from there,
atop this foundation a vast monstrous construction has been built,
which has become the basis of an arbitrary game of monopoly,
that transforms our world into real estate and our lives into working capital,
and anyone who comes late into a game of monopoly is at a distinct disadvantage,
since the board is already owned and covered with hotels.

One of the key false assumptions is that of the level playing field,
the idea that all players are rational agents with EQUAL power.
But not all beings are players; there is far more to life than monopoly,
and the playing field is always tilted in the direction of the powerful,
it is more like a funnel through which they inhale the world.

They play this world for their own benefit,
at great cost to everyone even themselves eventually.
Their delusions rule this world, their agendas set the discourse,
their greedy appetites make us all line up to feed them,
with the benefits of our own effort.

Another delusion we have fostered is the abstraction of effort into property,
so everything can be bought and sold in a market place,
people, places, things, ideas, lives, societies, cultures, all may be bought and owned,
and the owner reaps the benefits, just like a slave driver reaps the benefits of their slave's effort.

I have ideas that could eventually be worth billions in the world,
but who would get those benefits? Not me, not you, not any of we poor powerless,
regardless of what benefits come from where,
they all end up in the bloated bellies of powerful capitalists,
they own the playing field, they own the game,
indeed the very concept of the game is merely a justification for them to own things,
effectively they own the whole civilisation including our lives.

Any collective benefit is immediately fragmented by egoic delusion
and appropriated by those with the strongest egoic attachment to the benefits.
It is this attachment that is institutionalised in the concept of ownership.
Hence organisational egos cling to capitalism as vehemently and insidiously
as human egos to the I-thought, because without it they would cease to exist.

In response to any call for change,
the propaganda ignores the monstrosity that has been erected,
and naively points to the foundation saying,
“if people didn't get the benefit of their own effort there would be no incentive for effort”,
and right they are.

Because of the monstrosity of deceit that has been built atop that foundation,
only a very few manage to get the true benefit of their own effort,
only the system ensures that those harvesting the benefit have the power
to suppress and pacify those who are being harvested,
thus the capitalists harvest the effort of the masses.

When society gives forth fruit, this is a collective phenomenon,
but in terms on new technology such as robotics for example,
society gets only massive retrenchments whilst a few capitalists get filthy rich,
with their new automated labour force giving higher profits.

When an innovation occurs in this world it is for the benefit of a very small clique
of power brokers who get fat and bloated beyond imagination,
whilst the collective as a whole remains poor and dangling on a leash.
The crumbs falling from the table get larger but the banquet from which they fall,
is a mountain of abundance accumulated by collective effort and devoured by their greed.

Where is the incentive for society to innovate,
sure I may release my ideas and get personally wealthy and become a bloated capitalist,
along with many others who would become bloated capitalists,
but what if I care about this world?
What if I wished to benefit it, not devour it?

This system seems to disallow any kind of holistic thinking or compassion,
any benefits are instantly channelled into the bellies of a few,
whilst everyone else who may have contributed in countless subtle ways are left with crumbs.

The only incentive I would have to innovate is to help build a better world for all,
but that seems almost impossible in this world at present,
everything gets subverted and stolen and appropriated into the belly of the beast.


Some Simple Questions

Are there cooperative ways of organising?
Could a company (or nation or organisation) be run based upon cooperative methods,
less dictatorial and fascist and more socialist and anarchic?
What are the flaws of present cooperative and exploitative systems? Can they be reconciled?
Can capitalism be dissociated from greed and associated with cooperative goal seeking?
Can we develop coherent methods for defining goals and values?
Can we achieve a workable balance between our agenthood and objecthood,
our rights and the needs of society?
What are the true needs of society?
What are our true needs?
Is rampant growth really required?
To what degree are the irrational drives and appetites of the super system driving society?
What type of energies are we individually projecting into the collective?
Are the things that we believe are normal and vital and necessary really required or wanted?
What are the holistic ramifications of our actions?
I.e. we may act for one reason but we send out signals that have complex influences on the whole network of systems called the world.


The most insidious propaganda content in the media,
is the attempt to keep us bound in the story of the world,
to keep our minds far from Truth and firmly trapped in delusion,
this is in keeping with the interests of our egos,
hence few people see it as propaganda it is only entertainment,
in fact in the modern western world the beast is the best friend of our egos,
it is the collective ego,
it keeps our egos strong and the delusions in our minds strong,
and that keeps us trapped in the world of our delusions,
and these delusions are then woven into the beast,
and we are made to serve the dark lord instead of our True Lord.
We come to dwell in a world of egoic struggle rather than a world of harmony.


One can have explicit 'organisations' or or one can have implicit memes;
both manage to structure people into coherent super systems that can do work.
A meme can only be attacked by another meme -
it has no physical body or address or legal status -
one cannot shut it down like an incorporated organisation.
A meme is robust, organic, dynamic and innovative whereas an incorporated organisation is a simple mechanical replica of this.

Collectives or interest based communities can manifest 'memetic organisations' rather than incorporated organisations.
These truly represent the group consensus since they are a manifestation of group consensus,
they haven't been abstracted and institutionalised and dogmatised,
they are still alive and not just mechanised replicas.

This is almost pure informal structure with only the minimum of formal structure.
This is an organisational paradigm that has been seen to be effective in protest movements and resistance movements around the globe.
It is informed and organised anarchy.
The global social, technological, political and ideological climate is driving this phase transition;
the means, the motivation and the intention are all there.

If a group of people with compatible organising principles come together with a common agenda then a great deal of power can be released.
If a group of people with incompatible organising principles are forced together by a dominant agenda then a great deal of tension is produced.
In the latter case much of the energy is bound up in internal tensions and cannot be harnessed.

The inner tensions lead to miss-communication, stunted growth and systemic dysfunction that produces noise within the system and may destabilise the system leading to chaotic schizoid behaviour.

Inner harmony leads to deepening awareness, growth, vitality and systemic 'bliss'.
This allows the super system to evolve toward individual perfection, which then allows it to partake in higher level contexts as a whole system.
And so the process of evolution continues, through successively higher levels of systems with periods of refinement at each stage.

An organic organisation will always be vastly more powerful, healthy and sane than a mechanistic organisation of a similar size.


What is the beast?
It is the mechanistic organisation of multitudes of humans, animals, technology, ideas and traditions.
It is the corruption of the organic collective that we create beyond ourselves.
We give life to the collective just as our cellular communities create us,
but the beast subverts this just as our egos subvert us.

The beast is the collective ego, a projection of our collective ignorance.
We could manifest a being of incomparable beauty, power and grace,
but it has sickened and darkened and is wracked with disease.

In it we are bound together by base instincts and driven by fear and ignorance.
It seeks power to dominate and exploit,
it turns its back on truth and wisdom,
it seeks pragmatic delusions that further its agenda.

It uses our highest hopes as a leash with which to control us,
it betrays our youth with lies and false promises,
it deceives and conditions our minds into allegiance.

It is hostile to God because God is Truth,
it says “my laws are Truth, my will is your only God”.
It inspires despair and apathy and by our own apathy,
we are enslaved within its body as it devours and destroys our Mother Earth.

Beware lest you bare the mark of the beast,
be aware how your base instincts and fears are stirred within you by the beast,
and used to bind you into its organs and sinews and brain.
Be aware of the flow of ideas from you to the beast and from the beast to you,
these are the thoughts of the beast itself.
This is how we create the beast and how the beast creates our experience of reality.

We cells may transform this beast into an Angel with only a change of heart,
as love flows from cell to cell and cell to collective the darkness is swept away,
the craving brutal monster becomes peaceful and gentle, it grows still and wise,
delusions fall from its mind and Truth comes flooding in.

If this beast itself neglects its yoga and prays to lesser Gods,
we must work from within to enliven it and enlighten it,
to guide it from within as our bodies guide us,
for that they do, with gentle whispers to any who listen,
or with pain and disease for any who don't.

For our bodies are the foundation of our being-in-the-world,
they are a part of our being, they arise from the ground of being,
and manifest that which we are.
They are our umbilical cord to God, our hotline to God,
only by turning within and 'feeling' our way,
may we ever find our way home.

We are the body of the beast,
we are its umbilical cord to God.
It is up to us to be beacons of Truth,
harsh as it may seem to the beast,
we are its only hope,
either survival through transformation or death,
they are the only choices to be made.


People have been fashioned into only a part of a person,
perhaps a giant eye or ear, or a hand only, or just a foot,
and only together do they form into a giant creature made of many fragments,
but this creature is primitive, awkward and fumbling,
these fragments have trouble sustaining themselves in their day to day existence,
let alone holding themselves together in this strange configuration.

I am small and alone but I am whole,
I have my own small eyes and ears and hands and feet,
I am weak in comparison to these giants but I am quick and agile,
I move with grace and fluidity, I am whole and sane.

This giant can move mountains but it cannot appreciate beauty,
it fails at the subtle things,
things requiring not brute force but delicate integration,
my eye and ear are connected with finer craft than that of the giant.

I am integrated by Nature and God over millions of years,
the giant is integrated by laws and culture over a few thousand years,
I lack a giant eye but I make good use of what I have,
I see the world through the eyes of a human not the eyes of a giant.

It is sad sometimes to think that we humans are almost extinct,
there are fewer and fewer of us left and the world is no longer ours,
these giants have arisen and their brute force overwhelms our subtlety,
they assimilate us until before long there may be only giants left.


To me there is no Goddess because God is not male,
It is like saying here is a 'rockess' implying all other rocks are male except this one.
God transcends gender, God is that which unites all dualities.
Another may equally well say that to them there is only the Goddess,
but the point is there is only one Godhead, and no gender differentiation.

Having said that, far too many masculine connotations have accrued to the idea 'God',
there has been a sustained patriarchal assault on God for millennia,
indeed the whole of human 'civilisation' has been a patriarchal 'coup d etat',
seeking to wrest the power from the creator and invest it in the law giver.

With the loss of Mother Love we have shriveled and become sado-masochistic,
worshiping the powerful oppressor, the vengeful law giver,
we side with oppression in order to wreak vengeance,
we submit to oppression in order to atone for the innate unworthiness,
that we have come to see in ourselves.
Fascism and fundamentalism are the inevitable result,
of our estrangement from the Earth and our selves.

This estrangement is the life blood of the beast,
the Mother gives life through love,
the Father gives order through power,
the Mothers teaches us to trust the world,
the Father ensures security by force,
The Father alone is sterile and oppressive,
without the Mother we cannot survive.

Jesus called upon the Mother in us all,
upon love, compassion and trust,
that is why they had to crucify him,
He threatened the patriarchy of the Jews, Romans,
and all fearful minds and distrustful hearts.
Things have not changed, the patriarchy tightens its fascist grip,
and the Mother resists with love and compassion.
Either love will balance power or all shall lose,
that is the game we call 'civilisation'.


A world made foolproof is a carefree playground for fools,
everywhere hemmed in with safety rails and everyone propped up with crutches,
where fools can slump into foolish daydreams as they are whisked along on their foolish rides.

Such a world breeds mainly fools for they are what it is designed for,
but the only saving grace of fools is lost, for to be a fool was the first step to wisdom,
but in this foolproof world all hard lessons have been carefully expunged.

So fools whiz about in foolish ways and only a fool could tolerate this world,
the wise are wise enough to realise that their time has yet to come,
and they themselves quietly wait and work on the fringes.

I myself am just a fool but I want to be wise,
perhaps I have read too many old stories about wisdom and mystery,
these too should have been expunged for they could get a fool like me into trouble.

But here I am a fool in a fools paradise but I'm not happy,
these safety rails and crutches only get in my way as I try to run and fall and discover,
fools point and laugh at my foolish despair as I cry out to the world:

Where are the wise ones? Who can teach me? Who can even recognise what I am?
Beyond this playground of padded contraptions is there even still a Universe out there?
Someone please answer me and stop giggling and drooling like fools!


At times it seems that this world is like a garden of Eden,
with lush forests, rainbows, strange creatures,
profound mysteries and magical powers.

But we are all trapped inside hermetically sealed suits that separate us from the world,
and feed us only poison and foul air and administer electric shocks,
our visors filter our view systematically so only sanctioned sights may be seen,
all else is censored for our protection and the whole is overlayed with constant propaganda,
with images of fear and brutality and consumer products for our escapist pleasure.

We are all oblivious to our world of mystical delights and live miserable existences,
wracked with constant stress, disease and suffering, lost in confused authoritarian nightmares,
all of this so that we may look like robots and believe we are robots so we act like robots,
and do the bidding of some dark power that controls us via these suits.

There are some of us who struggled too much all those years ago when our suits were being fitted,
and they chafe and cut into us but for some they also have gaps in them,
a lucky few can see glimpses through cracks in their visor,
a few get occasional wafts of sweet air,
some even manage to drink pure water through gaps in their suits,
there are even some, it is said that have escaped their suits altogether but it is hard to tell,
there are so many lies and deceits, we never know what can be trusted or who can be trusted.

I am one of the lucky ones,
although my suit is painful and debilitating it has a small crack in its visor,
I can see through this tiny gap,
past the sterilised view and constant propaganda of fearful lies,
and what I see is a blessing to behold.

There is out there a mystical land of purity and beauty that makes the heart sing with joy,
we are in it, I see us standing and walking about in it but I only see robots,
I know there are human beings inside because I too am inside a suit,
but these suits look and act like robots, they believe they are robots.

If I let on that I can see I would be reported by some well meaning robot,
and my visor would be repaired to improve my productivity,
so I keep quiet and I watch.


In this world of wounded and protective egos,
my heart goes out in compassion yet recoils in frustration.
Any comfort is misunderstood as complicity in egoic denial,
and any rebuke is misunderstood as an attack on the sanctity of the person.

So I cannot comfort them without deepening their delusion,
and I cannot correct them without arousing anger and fear,
my whole approach is wrong,
at least here in solitude I do no harm.

I have tended to associate as a friend and equal,
to commune with those in distress, as a close confidant.
Myself being open to Truth and wanting to grow and reach for the light,
I have a deep assumption that others too want what is good for them.

Perhaps this is my fault and my misunderstanding,
in these days of darkness and ignorance a friend is a partner in crime not a beacon of light,
a friend should help one hide from ones Self, not shed light upon ones delusions,
a friend is not to try and help one toward health but to help one deny ones suffering.

If this is what has become of friendship I have no friends,
I love these poor wretched creatures but I know not how to help them,
they are in Gods care and I pray that they are well looked after,
and they are given all the lessons and healing that they need.

For myself I make do in solitude with God as my companion and teacher,
but my heart longs for the company of those who crave Truth and Light like I do.
Who will show me my faults and help me to grow?
Are there others wise enough to want to be wise even though they may still be fools?


Contrary to popular belief, democracy does not give us freedom, it could potentially, in theory but it would have to be very different to the present system. What it does is bring our very minds and lives into the political power loop. So our minds and lives become the battle ground within which various political forces struggle for dominance. This is one of the reasons why we live in a sea of propaganda and lies, why there is such intense and subtle pressure to conform and why our spirits are broken and we are made docile from an early age. Any political entity primarily seeks power and once in power it primarily seeks to maintain power. I'm not speaking of particular parties but of the whole system. When it's very existence depends upon the consensus of our minds, the control of our minds becomes essential in order for it to achieve 'security'. Thus government is perpetually waging an information war against the population.

It is the same with commercialism, it is tirelessly seducing us, subverting us, manipulating and controlling us; there are enormous vested interests at stake and governments and industries collude to protect each other against the population, because these fictional beings know that if the population understood what was happening they could never again pull the same scam and their very existence would come under threat.


I find much about the human world greatly ironic, much like an Orwellian "Ministry of Love" who's sole purpose is to torture and coerce people into submission, there is so much confusion and deliberate obfuscation in this world. I find it amusing that mystics are considered superstitious or practitioners of "the dark arts" when it is 'normal' people who dwell in a world founded upon primitive superstitions. They mindlessly take part in bizarre rituals surrounding consumer products, wars, politics and sport. They respond to arcane incantations as if they were the very source of reality, such as "that is 'illegal'" or "this has been 'authorised'". But what do these mean? Can owning such and such a material object "magically" give one happiness? Is reality really so arbitrary that any tin pot dictator with a gun can define it for us? I'm afraid I am not 'sophisticated' enough to believe in these primitive religions, (the root of the word 'sophisticated' is closely related to 'corrupt').

For me this world is coherent and not arbitrary, happiness and health are side effects of holistic living, wisdom and harmony is our only hope of liberation and survival. All things arise from a single coherent source, all things follow the immutable laws of the universe. I cannot believe that things just are, and things just happen randomly, this is a shallow delusion that is pulled over our minds to make us malleable and exploitable. We are trained to think only along well worn ruts and we are instilled with knee jerk cognitive responses that subvert our intelligence and defile our morality. We become amoral automatons that obey orders and are driven by fears that are instilled within us, thus we betray and destroy all that was once dear to us and we march mindlessly into oblivion.

It is also amusing that people such as I are called idealists whilst the sleep walkers are called pragmatists, is it idealistic to want to live, is it really that pragmatic to sell oneself into slavery for a pittance, is it idealistic to expect sanity and a future, is it pragmatic to collude with the gangsters that are raping and pillaging this world unto destruction? What is really meant by those terms is, "conform or we will hurt you, therefore it would be pragmatic of you to submit otherwise we will make you suffer and that is not a pragmatic choice for you to make". But such pragmatism is meaningful only in the narrowest of contexts and all narrow contexts exclude the wider context and thereby slip into conflict with reality. Anyone who is truly pragmatic will be seen to be a fanatical idealist by these gangsters for they dwell only in the narrowest of contexts, that is their art, to create and impose delusion by blinding us to the wider context. Just as "economic rationalism" is the height of insanity because it may indeed be rational with its own narrowly defined context but in the wider context it is simply a flimsy pretext by which to enslave humanity in order to ensure the freedom of the beast. To ensure a free market there can be no freedom for those who are the victims of the market, for any freedom attributed to humans places constraints on the freedom of the market. We must all be bound and gagged and helpless before the market and only then will it breath a sigh of relief and declare this world to be free. Beware when your leaders promise freedom and liberty, who's freedom are they seeking and at who's expense?


The societal power game is structured such that it explicitly polarises the population along the lines of conformity to the dominant agenda. Those that conform are propelled toward integration and general success and those that don't conform are propelled toward alienation and general dysfunction.

Thus all people who have gone against the flow have suffered for it and all people who cannot go with the flow are made to suffer. This situation creates a distinct incentive or force to induce people to conform regardless of the agenda, thus people have learnt to not even question the agenda but to mindlessly conform. This creates a dangerous situation where our guidance mechanism is crippled and our delusions run wild and the voice of sanity is silenced.

This delusional feedback loop has been growing in strength over recent years and if left unchecked it could blow up into extreme fascism or some other manifestation of darkness.


Here on this landmass that we monkeys call "Australia" there has never been any right to free speech, indeed there are very few 'rights' at all. There has been a general culture of tolerance so long as one's words were not too far from the dominant delusion, otherwise one would be met by derision, hostility and random acts of violence but not institutionalised violence. But now there are explicit laws allowing for arbitrary kidnapping, interrogation (psychological torture) and detention. Without any need to for an explicit reason people may be 'disappeared. All that is required is for the government to feel afraid and then it gives itself the right to arbitrary action regardless of the reality of the situation.

For these reasons Australia is no longer safe for lovers of Truth and any such as myself who dare speak their truth must be prepared to be attacked with overwhelming violence. The beast's delusions are under threat and it is becoming desperate. For this reason it is no longer pragmatic to speak the truth in Australia, just as it is not pragmatic to stand in a room full of gangsters and threaten to call the police, they will simply kill you. This does not mean that the truth is impractical, it simply means that the beast's regime of terror and intimidation makes the need to speak out all the more urgent but the process of speaking out becomes more and more risky. In order to be effective one must be heard and in order to be heard one must ensure that the beast does not silence ones words.

But God is my master, I shall speak out across the void. I shall not run in fear, I shall not fear the beast, for fear is the mind killer, fear is the power that the beast wields over us to control us. Ultimately, nowhere is safe, but I do not seek safety, I seek effectiveness in this work and when I die it will be in the service of God and will be according to the will of God.


It only fully impacted on my mind today, that Jesus and the early Christians were engaged in exactly the same political struggle that I am engaged in. An attempt to ensure that Truth and the Universe have sovereignty over this world not arbitrary human power or the beast.
I have sometimes expressed this as a struggle between individuals and organisations, but I could not say that I was on either side, I was on the side of the creative process of the universe and on the side of the path of least suffering and destruction and on the side of honouring That which Is and not spiraling into delusion.
But now I see the battle lines more clearly, it is between Universal Truth and Arbitrary Power, both individuals and organisations are caught up in this battle, its just that the organisations have been the most deluded and arrogant and beast like so it is they that I have mostly railed against.
But on a personal level I have also railed against individuals who dwell in delusion and who close themselves off to reality.
I can see that IIST and SMN can be tools to bring a deeper understanding of the nature of universal truth into the world, whether it is individuals or organisations that take it up it doesn't matter. Organisations are not the enemy, the beast dwells in us all and the beast is the enemy.
The beast is anything that dwells in delusion and denial of reality, whether individual or organisation, that is the real issue!!!!


How to get around the subversive assimilative power of the beast?
All revolutions so far have been subverted and used to benefit the beast?
What lies at the heart of this?
How to avoid it?
Nature was subverted.
Human nature was subverted.
Spirituality was subverted.
Native Cultures were subverted.
Capitalism was subverted.
Socialism was subverted.
Media was subverted
Democracy was subverted.
Science was subverted.
Flower Power was subverted.
Teenage Rebellion was subverted.
Sexuality was subverted.
Drug Culture was subverted.
Food was subverted.

Almost anything can be assimilated by the beast and used to fuel the beast, even things that are at first hostile to it.
It has incredible power to assimilate, could this be because the beast resonates at such a low level, a level that we all have in common, the level of primal fear, violence, greed and selfishness.

Is it because it reduces everything down to this level then assimilates it and then repackages it to be sold back to us, dressed up like the original but fundamentally corrupted, is this why it manages to resist all attempts to mend its beastly ways?

Deep ignorance is hard to curb, it can misunderstand anything, it can be impervious to all attempts to teach it as it revels in delusion.


Ever since I was born, but especially since I started school and entered into society, I have been at war. It is the war of the individual to protect themselves from the excesses of the collective. We each wage this war in isolation. It is the war of the flea, the prototype of all guerilla warfare. To begin with I was entirely the victim of atrocities committed against me, I was innocent and trusted society and I didn't know that what was happening to me was wrong. I was misled and extorted and victimised and abused and alienated and brainwashed by both my peers and authority figures. I passively resisted but I accepted society's right to assault me because I was made to feel inherently unworthy, flawed and impotent.

As I entered adulthood I began a phase of active resistance, I attempted to break down the conditioning imposed upon me and to protect myself from further abuse. Then I began to try and ascertain the nature of my enemy. This last phase has taken me many years, the nature of the beast is extremely subtle, it permeates our world, it is the light and shadow play that animates our existence and it dwells deep within each of us; it is the ignorance and delusion that sustains itself and underlies the world that we experience. I know it now, have known it for some time and my grasp on it is getting better all the time.

Now that I am getting a grip on the nature of the beast, how does that help me? I better understand the holistic context that I am in but I still have no power to act. That is the stage that I am in now; the mustering of power and virtue. I seek to connect with others and share our knowledge, to collectively deepen our understanding of the nature of the issue and build power with which to address some of the dysfunctions of the wider collective.

All my life I have been a metaphysical guerilla deep in enemy territory. Always in hiding, always resisting wherever possible and compromising anything to maintain the integrity of my primary mission. Daily life is transitory and may change overnight, most of my time is spent in observing, gathering information, waiting, lying low, planning and basic maintenance such as food and sanity. My mind dwells in the fringes of the beast and creeps through the labyrinth of complexity that is its general structure.

My exact long term goals are not defined, I don't seek to destroy my enemy, I seek to diagnose its dysfunction and apply a remedy so that it is less likely to assault individuals and the world in general as badly in the future. I seek to help heal the agitation and society will be returned to sanity.

Christ's mission continues through us all to liberate life from the beast. I seek to find a way for us to further this mission. Through understanding we may collectively rise above the beast.


I have suffered terribly at the hands of this society, in one of the nations with supposedly the most freedom I have never felt free. For those with power this world is becoming freer but for those without power it is becoming less free.

Looking around me I see an epidemic of human suffering, in all situations people are impoverished, abused, kept ignorant and enslaved by manufactured circumstances, depressed, diseased, holistically malnourished, filled with anguish and despair, escaping through drugs, entertainment or consumerism, they are closing their minds to the ugliness of the world around them and generally becoming isolated and alienated from each other.

Deep down I have always intuitively known that there is something deeply wrong with this world on the large scale, it is sick and delusional, rebounding from hysteria to psychosis and creating untold human and ecological suffering. How can one help to bring healing to the world? To fight the present system simply creates more hostility and violence, besides to destroy the present system would simply leave a power vacuum and lead to chaos, it must be a gradual reorientation from one paradigm to another, parallels must be put in place that channel energy coherently and that help to either rectify the other energy flows or diminish them. Thereby migrating the present system toward a more coherent and harmonious foundation.

At the root of the sickness I see ignorance, a lack of understanding of ourselves, each other and the nature of the world in general and the naive arrogance to believe that we do understand. We formulate ill conceived agendas and pursue them at all costs.

We operate within the bounds of simplistic delusions which reinforce our prejudices and further the agendas of the powerful.

We are deliberately encouraged to remain ignorant and docile, we are trapped by our ignorance and enslaved by our circumstances.

The powerful have no deeper understanding of the true situation, they just know what seems to increase their power, they too operate within agendas that are defined within the bounds of simplistic delusions.

This is the nature of interaction, communication, perception, interpretation, understanding, experience, power games, MST evolution, etc.

We project false images of ourselves into the collective sphere which then comprehends us through these falsehoods and imposes them back upon us. Through our eagerness to fit into the collective system we present ourselves as domesticated and compliant, thus we are being transformed into docile cells within the collective body.

We diminish as moral agents wielding power in our own agendas and we become objects or docile bodies wielding power on behalf of those that control us, in pursuit of their agendas. The entities in control are not human, they are generally organisational or higher level agents.

The phenomenon we call civilisation is a Meta System Transition through which we are passing, if we don't maintain our power to some degree we will be entirely assimilated by the super system and become docile cells within it's body. The process of evolution will not stop for us, we will be assimilated, but in what form? Will we be understood, nurtured and valued or will we be objectified, exploited and utterly dispensable like cells are within our bodies or animals within a factory farm.

What will be our rights? Our rights depend upon the agenda in which we are enmeshed and the relationship between the strong to the weak that dominates within that agenda ... see detailed discussion on rights in the context of animal rights elsewhere. Will we preserve our rights by preserving our power of awareness and action? Will we maintain some degree of sovereignty and self determination? Ignorance makes us susceptible to assimilation and objectification. Cells were too ignorant to retain any power but we humans have a chance to actively participate in the process of evolution rather than just be objects within it and victims of it.

The way to overcome our ignorance is to dig down to the root of the metaphysical falsehoods and rectify upwards (VITRIOL / IST), also through developing tools for communication and understanding such as methods for representing, simulating, analysing and visualising concepts (SMN) and through developing channels of communication or networks of relations (Culture and Community, Anandavala).

In this way we may come to better understand ourselves, each other, our holistic context and our place in the world. We may strive for harmonious growth rather than uncontrolled destructive growth.

Central to the process of growth is System Engineering, whether we devise organisational systems, mechanical, electronic or software systems, conceptual systems, scientific or philosophical systems, economic systems, political systems, social systems or interact with ecosystems, etc it is through the process of system science, system engineering and system innovation that we continually re-create our world.


Perhaps the reason why I responded so strongly to my alienation and disempowerment and the raping and sacking of this world is that deep inside I know that this is my world. I was not going to feel weak and dependent upon the powerful, believing that this is their world and I exist in it because they tolerate me to. This is my world as much as anyone's and I also belong to the world; there is no separation. This world has been torn into fragments and it has been stolen and defiled by the powerful, it is constantly appropriated and used to enslave and manipulate me within the agenda of the powerful. I will not bow down to any lords because I see only criminals. But even these wretched fools are a part of the whole, we are all one. Ignorance separates us and binds us into the external world whilst wisdom unites us and liberates us within. With the light of love and wisdom we may heal this world but with fear and ignorance we will destroy it.


In this world, to an open and fully aware mind, there is free choice. However to a mind that is less able, this world is a trap that ensnares and enslaves us.


I protest to save forests,
and yet participate in the very activities that are destroying them,
I abhor slavery and eat chocolate,
I abhor brutality and eat meat (sometimes),
I abhor violence and live in a nationalist militarist regime,
I abhor deceit and exploitation and participate in a capitalist regime.

I cannot participate in this human world without engaging in sickness and depravity,
I reside in solitude amongst the mountains, trees and animals,
and reach out to any who care about this world as a whole,
any who may be awake or able to be stirred from slumber,
please look around you, look beyond your illusions,
see the wider world about you and reach out with compassion.

Some may call me a fanatic but I will not kiss someone's left hand,
whilst their right hand is committing brutal murder.
I cannot break my world in pieces and care only about some,
this world is all one, this world needs our love and compassion to be healed,
and harmonious once more.

I will no longer add to the suffering,
I will sacrifice whatever I must to protect the sanctity of the whole,
out of love for this whole world, for the whole of manifest existence,
I dedicate my life to the service of God,
for without the whole there are no parts, there is nothing.

We build barriers in our minds, some people we recognise as people,
but others are just objects to be disposed of,
it all depends on your agenda and how that agenda has warped your experience of reality.

But one without barriers and blind spots,
one who sees beyond their immediate context will see this suffering everywhere.
Every time I see a shopping centre I see sweat shops all over the globe,
every time I buy fuel I see militaristic and environmental atrocities throughout the world,
every time I engage with western economies I see millions starving in the third world,
every time I hear about nation and government and national security,
I see hundreds of millions of corpses, countless prison cells, torture, deceit and brutal oppression.

There is so much suffering in this world,
and it is allowed to proliferate because people shut their minds to it.
They break their lives into neat compartments,
and carefully guard their own cognitive borders,
lest fugitive scraps of ugly truth slip through.

There is much of this world that is hideously ugly,
if we shut our minds to it we only let it worsen.
All those hundreds of millions of people where just like we,
they tried to ignore the ugly truth right up until it devoured them,
and then it was too late.

Darwinism is now known to be false and Lamarkianism is closer to the truth,
but the beast won't broadcast that news because Darwinism is one of its greatest justifications for the use of arbitrary power,
we are active creators not just combatants,
through harmony we may foster more growth and complexity than through conflict,
the universe has only just begun to open up to us its secret treasures,
we do not even yet know what we are or what we are capable of,
and yet we build limited delusions about ourselves and engage in constant strife and destruction,
is this the wisest way to proceed through such sacred ground as existence, the universe, God?
Is this the path to our highest hope?

What is our highest hope?
There are many different opinions on this.
Esoteric Christianity says it is to be co-creators with God and eternal masters of the Universe.
Exoteric Christianity says it is to be well rewarded in Heaven and to avoid eternal suffering in Hell.
Eastern spirituality says it is to return to our source in the Godhead.
Buddhism says it is to become one with the universal consciousness that is the source of existence.
Nationalism says it is to be satisfied productive cells within a larger social organism.
Secularism says it is to experience some pleasure before we die and avoid suffering whilst we are alive.
And there are countless variations and other totally different hopes.

None of them seem to include dying in a pool of our own filth,
but ecologically that is where we are headed,
so where have we gone wrong?


Any system that relies on deceit, denial, delusion and despair can only ever create more of the same and we have bred, in our midst, a vast global system of coercive exploitation that drives us insane and then harnesses our manic desperation to channel it into avenues of production and consumption, it eagerly fosters every new fad, obsession, neurosis, disease and war, these are all immensely profitable. It knows what makes us work, buy and fight, these are the buttons that it pushes, it neither knows nor cares about the ramifications of its actions on human beings, we are cells in its body, mere specks of expendable matter that it pushes around so as to implement its metabolism. It has a westerners view of its body, a body is nothing more than a vehicle with which it pursues whatever arbitrary agendas that come into it's mind, the body is dumb and unfeeling, it is a mechanism only. Thus we take anesthetics to kill the pain and the government similarly shuts down its lines of communication and it believes that the pain has gone away. But pain is a signal from ones body saying that one has abused it for too long, the only way toward health is through the pain; if one denies it and shrinks from it it will only accumulate and it will find other ways of making you listen. The present regimes are feverishly trying to anesthetise themselves from their suffering so that they can get back to pursuing their agendas with impunity. We experience this as a tightening of authoritarian control, a shutting down of all coherent avenues of communication with the government, a confusion of language and ideas that makes all meaningful communication amongst ourselves impossible and a quick readiness to react with overwhelming violence to suppress any part of the body that dares to cry out in pain. Through this strategy it is ensuring its continued suffering and if it remains blind to its predicament it will either kill itself with its own 'cures' or the body (society) will self destruct and break out in malignant cancers and festering pustules as it collapses into death.


Like any street hustler and small time criminal the beast seeks to create confusion and manipulate the situation thereby. I have often seen this happen, particularly in regards to drug deals with junkies and also consumer advertising. Those that are sensible move on at the first signs of devious manipulation, but many are too innocent, unaware and trusting so they go along and try to make sense of the confusion, but before they work it out, the hustler has already absconded with their money or passed them a dud deal and then disappeared.


In a world founded on deceit and power anything goes, to have honour and integrity is considered a weakness because the criminal is bound by no such constraints, they feel themselves to be free and powerful because they can subvert and destroy at will. But eventually they discover the fruits of their 'power' when they stand in a wasteland of destruction where even they may survive no longer. Then they realise how barren their power is, there is no creativity, no fertility in the authoritarian delusion, it relies on the creativity of others and steals it for itself. When the discipline of the Father and the creativity of the Mother are in balance then there is harmony, there is no theft but a sacred embrace. The Father alone gives meaningless discipline leading only to destruction, the Mother alone may create without end but these creations cannot organise and create beyond themselves. The Mother provides an endless stream of life and the Father constrains this and forms it into life on a higher level, such as 'society'. Without the Father, civilisation could never have begun, but without the Mother there would have been no beings from which to form civilisation, nor can life be sustained without the Mother so any attempt at patriarchal civilisation is doomed to failure.

One significant delusion that lies behind much of our confusion is the idea of duality and power relations, many people cannot conceive of there being two forces that work together as one, they assume one must be dominant and the other submissive, they assume the dominant dictates the situation and the submissive is purely a victim of the situation. Such people often enact this pattern in their own lives to disastrous consequences and they project it upon the world to even more disastrous consequences. It is generally not even the case that such people truly believe it, they have not ever given it serious thought, they have simply been conditioned to automatically respond that way in order to sustain the authoritarian delusion and the supremacy of the Father over the Mother.

However in the ecological disasters that immanently threaten us and the fragmentation of the body of society we realise the power of the Mother and our dependence on her. This is the time of awakening because the Father and the Mother shall come together as equals and by cooperation, not coercion, they will create a new world and a new humanity.

Having been oppressed, crippled and enslaved for countless generations we have forgotten what we are, we know not our potential, we know not that we are beings of Light and unlimited power, we think ourselves to be matter machines for the use of the beast but the beast is a delusion in our own minds that betrays us. Any power that it wields over us, has been stolen from us, but that power is the weakest part of us, the part that could be squeezed out of us. But remaining within, forgotten and dormant, lies a bottomless well of creative joy, of laughter and hope, of awe and wonder, of majesty and divinity. This well is poison to the beast, it may be covered and forgotten for long periods but it can never be removed, this well will flood the plains and mountains, there shall be nowhere for the beast to hide.


I am living in a deeply troubled world
this world is very sick and possibly dying
my eyes are open to aspects of this phenomenon
just as others eyes are open to social relations or the flow of money
I am engaged with aspects of this phenomenon
just as others are engaged with their jobs or houses
I am profoundly disturbed by much of what I see
the deceit and exploitation
delusion and despair
the use of manipulation and the abuse of power
the ignorance and conformity
the deliberate aesthetic of stupidity
the incentive to breed generations of moronic imbeciles
the crippling and 'de-geniusing' of countless innocent minds
and their incarceration and systematic abuse
to 'educate' them into docile bodies to be consumed by industry
just like breaking in a horse
the rampant pursuit of profit regardless of the holistic cost
the closed minded arrogance and conceit
the cruelty and apathy
the lack of subtly or decency
the fact the we have most of the worlds population suffering
and we're accelerating toward a global environmental catastrophe
or perhaps nuclear annihilation
whilst delusional power junkies hussle for more power
weaving a web of lies to suck our minds into their delusion
they bathe us in propaganda and condition us with 'entertainment' and 'education'
the process of massification creating uniformity
we see potentially magnificent beings ground down by a military/industrial system
we see the subversion of democracy by manipulative media and a culture of apathy
and a blanket of fear smothering our communities
there is a bait consisting of mass produced pseudo freedom
concealing a hook composed of the science of psychological manipulation
we have manifested a beast and this beast wants our very selves to form the cells of its body
it assimilates us and uses us as it devours our world
we are each victims and perpetrators of this abomination
I have deep compassion for all beings who suffer and I despise those who cause suffering
yet due to our suffering we cause suffering so I despise with compassion
darkness grows and a storm broods
the beast spasms in its primordial unconsciousness
still forming with it's cells connecting with each interaction
our minds are its neurons
our bodies and technological artefacts are its cells and proteins
our beliefs are it's DNA
our transport lines are its veins
our lines of communication are its nerve fibres
our military is its fists and claws
our love and fertility are it's cell division
with each thought and each interaction we manifest this being
and this being seeks to control our thoughts and interactions
and thereby control itself and be as we are in relation to our cells
this is a process called by some a meta system transition
where system interactions manifest a super system
this is the process of manifestation
we are manifested from single cells
in a process that occurred about 550 million years ago
when we multicellular organisations first formed out of the bacterial slime of eukaryotes
we are now vast and intricately refined civilisations of trillions of cells
but we were quite crude to begin with too
I don't begrudge the beast that
but I fear that we may not survive the process
that we are channelling our greed and selfishness
to spawn a psychotic sociopathic monstrosity
that lusts for power and dominion at all costs
that cares not if it's body and our lives suffer
that is an oil 'junky'
my mind is on overdrive and striving to think of something
it has been for at least twelve years
I know not where next to go, what to do, what to be
the beast seeks to close all loop holes
I have half made plans and no idea how to implement them
in this I am alone and without help
I am traumatised by my life, in particular high school
I do not trust the beast
the beast is the market
when we have a completely free market there will be no freedom for us


Our use of deception, illusion and denial as tools of manipulation and exploitation leads to alienation from reality, withdrawal from truth, breakdown of communication and coherence, and systemic social dysfunction.
Systemic social dysfunction leads to alienation of individuals from society which leads to withdrawal which leads to depression which leads to individual dysfunction.
We are each mirrors on the world.
Our individual dysfunctions merge and produce the collective dysfunctions.
Our individual delusions produce the collective delusion.
This is a feedback loop, where the collective dis-ease creates individual dis-ease creates collective dis-ease and so on.
The super system is a product of our individual interactions and we are products of our environment, which is the super system.
A feedback loop can spiral in different directions, it can explode out of control.
This system that is built upon egoism, greed, deception, delusion, fear and violence is driving us into a downward spiral.
Whereas a system built upon awareness, cooperation and respect for each other results in empowerment and individual engagement with society and individual growth, which leads to collective health and vitality, which leads to individual health and vitality.


My underlying allegiance to individual sanctity accords with Ayn Rand. There is power and complexity and dignity in a highly evolved individual being, that is defiled and repressed when that being is deceived and disempowered and homogenised and objectified within some agenda which does not encourage or utilise the potential of that being. These crippled beings are assimilated as cells which drive the metabolism of a higher level being that is crude and unevolved. It is unconscious and irrational, driven by instincts of hunger and fear. There is power in this collectivisation, the invention of the "man machine" triggered the beginning of the meta system transition. This transition process will come to an end when the super system is fully coherent, individuated, adapted and refined through evolution and capable of reproduction. By this time we will be cells bound within the body of these organisms and our world will be the inner dynamics of their bodies. There are countless ways of potentially organising these dynamics, some of the ancestral prototypes are managed capitalism, free market capitalism, socialism, fascism, dictatorship, liberal democracy etc. The ways that we chose to interact will gradually become entrenched and will become a part of the structure of the higher level being's physiological functioning. We may organise in ways that foster individual growth, health, cooperation and so on or we may organise in ways that produce suffering, fear, alienation, deprivation, exploitation, and dysfunction on individual and systemic levels.


There is suffering
this is largely due to the MST, otherwise known as civilisation
teaching people about IST/MST will help them perceive the situation and protect themselves
the process is undirected and feeding on dark energies
the process cannot be stopped but we must be active players in the process
if we are to avoid a future of unending abuse
the process can be healthy and able to fulfill our highest destiny
but we must be aware and alert if we are to participate positively in the process.
If we slump into apathy, fear, selfishness, greed, confusion and denial
these energies will fuel the process.
If we increase our awareness, open our minds and hearts, live with honour, compassion, knowledge, and love, these energies will fuel the process.
Do we create a creature of darkness that objectifies and exploits the world
or do we create a creature of light that honours and harmonises with the world.


The human collective organisation or meta system is running so hot and is fueled by so many blind aggressive energies that it is cracking up in countless ways and pressure is blowing out of these cracks. There are so many tensions upon tensions that the weaker points are breaking. There are countless manifestations of this from wars, insurgencies, revolutions, riots, alienation, apathy, escapism, depression, disease, drug abuse, violent crime, vandalism, ecological destruction, unsustainable and inequitable lifestyles, corporate exploitation, etc. Some of these cracks are tolerated or even encouraged because parts of the meta system have come to depend upon them (such as war, apathy, escapism, corporate exploitation, etc), but other cracks are not tolerated and the system attempts to repair them by looking into the underlying causes and reducing the pressure then plugging the hole (such as disease, violent crime, vandalism, etc). But sometimes the underlying cause of the blow-out is the meta system itself and in these cases the system simply tries to plug the hole and hope that the system will somehow readjust and redistribute the pressures or that the individual components will somehow absorb the tension and normalise the collective system or that somehow the problem will reach a climax and the ramifications won't be too bad and a quick technological fix will make everything OK again, there might even be money to be made out of it (cases such as insurgencies, revolutions, riots, alienation, drug abuse, vandalism, etc).

When the meta system is a major problem these latter cases are very common. The more that the meta system simply tries to plug them up the more pressure builds up throughout the system and the more pressure blows out of the other cracks. We get more wars, apathy, escapism, corporate exploitation, disease, violent crime, vandalism, etc and we also get a heavy handed fascist program to plug up the other cracks such as insurgencies, revolutions, riots, alienation, drug abuse, etc.

A simple finely tuned engine may pump a huge amount of energy without any problem but a complex crudely evolved organic organisation such as our human collective meta system cannot operate very efficiently yet. It cannot channel power coherently and it constantly pushes and pulls against itself, spasming about and clenched with tension.


Our children are a gift from God that sustains this world,
and forever creates it anew,
But we who, out of fear, cling to the old,
we take these precious delicate beings and cripple them,
we deny the lessons that they bring into our world,
we say “we adults know best, this is how it is and how its going to be”,
but these children are far wiser than any yet know.

They are not uniform raw material to be processed and extruded into moulds,
in order to build the parts of a machine,
we are living organisms all the way down and all the way up,
this world is alive!

Although speechless and helpless,
within their hearts they know how this world should be,
they know when they are being abused and lied to,
They have yet to become hardened and blind to the atrocities of adults.

As we kill our children we become dead ourselves,
we shadows of humanity form the beast,
and as we die our Mother Earth sickens and dies with us.
Is this the vision of our highest hope?
Is this the best we can achieve?

This universe is filled with light and joy,
in this small nook there is growing shadow and suffering.
We must ask ourselves, “Where have we gone astray?
Where lies the paths to life and love and growth and bliss?”


Anyone who wonders if we need a new paradigm need only look at the state of the world today,
there is obviously something amiss, something we don't understand, or something we are refusing to accept. There are so many fatal flaws in our relationship with the world at present that it is difficult to know where to begin, but according to the universal solvent of the alchemists V.I.T.R.I.O.L. One must delve down to the very root and foundation of the situation and then work ones way up, rectifying things as one goes.
So what lies at the root? I don't know how far the root extends but one thing that lies fairly deep is our attitude to the world, the attitude that we may control and exploit it as we see fit in the context of our arbitrary and ill thought out agendas. But at some point we need to recognise the reality of that which we are exploiting, all things exist within a complex network of dependencies, what are its needs, what is its agenda? At some point we need to return to that old fashioned mission statement of science “To understand the natural order so as to harmonise with it” and to break away from the modern arrogance of “To acquire knowledge in order to control and dominate nature”.

An even deeper cause of our dilemma is our belief in the illusion of the objective empirical world and an even deeper cause is our belief in the subjective empirical world. Even if our experience was still caught in the empirical frame we could still extend our understanding into the transcendent frame and thereby understand our world in a more holistic sense, to know how things are interconnected and how they actually function in a detailed way rather than flying by myths and assumptions and plausible delusions for these only lead us into conflict with truth.


Whenever I interact with corporate consumer society something feels deeply wrong.
On the surface things seem 'normal' to a superficial glance,
the usual bullshit and lies and subtle deceits.
I can never quite point to something and say “here it is, there is the source of the evil foul stench”,
because all there is is just petty instances of subtle deceit.

Maybe it is just the accumulation of those deceits,
maybe its the fact that the entire system is built out of them,
and is spreading them into every nook and cranny of the world.
I don't quite know exactly what it is,
but every time I see certain types of advertising it sickens me and deeply disturbs me.

Its the delusion mainly, the way they have made an art form out of delusion,
and have built a whole global way of life out of it,
and how they spread this sickness and make out it is all normal and good and healthy.

Every phrase and every image and every aspect of the commercial process,
contains lies and delusion, it is frightening,
and for most people around me it is totally normal and right and true and good.
This world is deeply disturbing :(


That evil eye that looked out from the darkest depravity of the Roman empire lives on,
and looks out from the depths of each of our minds.
Whilst the beast roams free none are safe,
and everything is corrupt.

To live in the midst of atrocity is to know right from wrong,
there is no hesitation to judge when it is you who are being oppressed,
for God too looks out through our eyes,
and righteousness seeks justice for all that the beast has done.


Even if one seeks to destroy the beast, the moment one projects hatred and violence into he world one has become a minion of the beast, only wisdom, understanding and love can cast out the shadow of delusion that darkens this world.


We each thirst for belonging,
I have been parched and dry all my life,
the world that was shown to me by my kind,
was a shallow delusion in which I could not belong.

Slowly I have found signs of moisture and drops of dew,
patches of mould and mildew that many think filthy but I see as life,
this trail I have tirelessly followed,
it has led me deep into the bowels of Earth.

It is there that I found a spring of the waters of life,
there I found belonging and union with life,
there I lingered to drink from this gushing spring.

Having tasted of these waters, now able to discern its nature,
I see these waters everywhere, we are each swimming in an ocean of life,
but not knowing that we may drink of it, many are thirsty and weak and fearful.
Many are there that drink their fill and live,
but still the delusion perpetuates that we live in a desert,
a wasteland of isolation and fear.

The beast keeps us from the Truth,
each new generation is betrayed and enslaved,
for if we were to drink of these waters of life,
we would grow to our full stature as Gods.
The beast would no longer be the beast,
it too would be transformed into God.

The beast fears to lose control of us,
it cannot trust us to be free and yet to be its cells,
it thinks anarchy will destroy it,
but Love is pure anarchy,
Love is the only path to greater life.


To all who despair and who are alienated and without meaning,
do not turn to alcohol, drugs, entertainment and denial of life,
this is how the beast wants you to respond,
for your annihilation and its profit.
Only within the illusion of the beast does this alienation seem real,
the beast is but an apparition,
a dark smudge on the infinite expanse of reality.

Know that you are sacred and in you lies all power,
you are a living manifestation of the universe, you do not live in vain.
The beast will tell many lies, stirring up confusion and dejection,
seeking to hide from you the mystery that you are,
do not be swayed, cling to the Truth for the truth will set you free.

Even though the beast envelops us and holds images before our minds,
feeding us its version of reality,
even though it imprisons and murders us,
or steals all that we held in sacred trust for our Mother Earth,
even though it penetrates our minds and distorts our understanding,
it can only conquer us if we succumb to its fearful delusions,
and submit to the lie of its inevitability.

Be not afraid, although things seem dark at times, this is a projection of the beast.
In truth, the beast is afraid, it tightens its grip but cannot stop the inevitable.
Darkness is a passing shadow in a universe of endless light,
Love is the rule, not the exception.
Darkness has no power over light, fear has no power over love,
seek the true meaning of your life within your heart,
it lies not in the outer world of things but in the inner world of feelings,
it is here that God speaks to us all, listen, take guidance and be at peace.

With each mind that turns from the beast, each heart that ignites with love,
each Self that discovers itself, with each prayer for peace and harmony,
the beast is purified, the fabric of its illusion unravels revealing an Angel.

With each fearful response, each negation of love,
each denial of Self and Life, with each prayer for vengeance or dominance,
the beast is strengthened,
our individual perceptions and actions weave together and cast a veil over the world.

Know that each of us is a creator, each a power to be reckoned with,
it is this that the beast fears most,
it is the most sacred and creative force within us,
the hope in our hearts, our imagination and our creative will,
it is this that the beast seeks to destroy, to bind us to its world of mundane drudgery,
but we are made for greater things,
we are Gods if only we take up our role as creators.


One of the most pernicious lies promulgated by the beast,
is the idea of 'The World' as an objective fact.
We each create our own 'World',
and by interaction and consensus we create 'The World'.

But the beast portrays its vision of the world and says,
“This is 'The World', your subjective experience means nothing,
you cannot change 'The World' except on my terms,
so learn to live with it. Just give in and I wont hurt you.”

It even has the gall to insinuate that it IS the world,
indeed it wants to be our world and completely entrap us,
It wants to be our God, but we have a greater God,
a God which is its God too but which it denies.

It wants to be our closest companion and confidant too,
so we relate primarily with it and not with each other,
and when we do interact it is always through the medium of the beast,
and according to the terms of the beast.

But it cannot understand us, it is not of our kind, it knows only our outer observables,
and the myths that we weave about ourselves in our collective discourse,
Just as we know little about our cells yet we tirelessly push them about,
causing them to do our work, without regard for their true needs.

It is in this way that we have lost control of 'The World',
because we no longer know that it is we who create it,
we are trapped into the perceptual ruts instilled in us by the beast,
and it uses us as components in its circuitry to do its work.

It is through imagination that we create 'The World' anew,
through open minds and enlivened hearts that we tune into the wider universe,
but the beast is fearful and possessive, it is jealous and irrational,
it believes we belong to it and carefully protects us from our freedom.

To break free requires courage and faith but is very simple,
but to realise that one is enslaved, when one is conditioned to hide from this knowledge,
and to desire freedom when one is conditioned for slavery,
that is very difficult to arrive at, our egos refuse to accept it.

It is in this first step that we must come together and communicate,
human to human, in order to discover and know our true predicament.
To open our minds and hearts to the wider universe, to God.