Higher Level Evolution - Second Cambrian Explosion (#1215)

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I don't think our excess intelligence is an accident that evolution needs to breed out of us although it does seem that way at times. I suspect that something very interesting is going on with that excess... I call it The Second Cambrian Explosion, which is a kind of human meta system transition.

I'll very briefly describe what I mean... The procaryotes (basic single cells) ruled the earth for approximately the first 2.5 billion years or so. They developed adequate perceptual, interpretive and responsive mechanisms to sustain the life of a single cell. But then came the eucaryotes (much like a procaryote but containing sub- procaryotes within them which formed the nucleus and other organelles). This gave them a far more complex mechanism of perception, interpretation and response (more intelligence than they really needed for themselves). In only a matter of millions of years they suddenly took over from the procaryotes (just as humans have taken over from all other animals).

With their greater intelligence they communicated in more complex ways and formed interlinked systems of dependencies, thereby forming organisations (just as we form schools of thought, corporations, nations and so on). Over time the dependencies increase and the individuals become more and more just a part of the collective. They came to perceive their world via the collective mechanisms (e.g. senses, nervous system, or for us philosophies, media, etc) and they became wholy dependent on the collective. Thus 'oraganisms' formed and came to dominate the ecosystem, thereby radically transforming it forever. This was the First Cambrian Explosion or evoultionary meta system transition.

I seriously feel that we are currently going through another such process and it is our excess intelligence that is the main driving factor. It leads us to communicate and organise and strive in collective ways that bear little relevance to individual existence, thereby radically transforming the whole ecosystem and giving rise to various kinds or organisations just as the individual cells gave rise to we organisms. And this loss of individuality can lead to a loss of one's intelligence to a large degree as it becomes harnessed and channeled into the collective's metabolic processes, hence the perception of the dumbing down of humans on a mass scale.

Anyway, that's my theory on why the world seems so crazy from the perspective of an individual such as myself, it's because it is evolving into a higher systemic level. Just think how you must appear to a single eucaryote, like a vast civilisation of trillions of individuals all lost in a trance and engaged in some bizarre but beautifully coordinated collective dance. I discuss this in much more detail in the essays called The First Cambrian Explosion and The Second Cambrian Explosion on my website if anyone is interested...

Hope that gives some more food for thought... something to not necessarily immediately grasp fully with ones rational calculating mind but something to contemplate, perhaps an alternative looking glass to peer through and re-imagine the world. It is difficult to peer across from one paradigm to another, one needs to subtly immerse oneself in them to really get a taste of what they are like.