Can human civilization be recreated? (#1240)

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Re: Can human civilization be recreated?

I think it could be but it would need to be very different the second time around.

Although many outward energy sources may be depleted, that just means that in the event of a civilisational collapse the future path of re- civilisation would have to be very different but there are many possible avenues that can be explored. And as Peter says, some knowledge will be carried over into the new cycle, not to mention also the many and profound lessons that would be learnt from the process of collapse itself. I.e. Many of the mistakes and obsessions of the past could not have occured if it wasn't for the total ignorance of the ramifications of those actions. But once humanity has experience the devastating reality of those ramifications it will hopefully be much wiser in regard to those things next time.

The growth of civilisation that has occured in much of past history is just one possible path. It was the path of outward mastery, but many ancient civilisations pursued the path of inner mastery. Both have great potential for growth and evolution to new levels. Just as Valerie said "I think maybe it would help to educate folks about other sources of energy, spiritual energy and so on, help change focus and dependency on certain systems that stress the environment and lead to frivolous use for monetary gain."

Humanity will more likely seek harmony rather than dominance and holistic wellbeing rather than narrow monetary gain. It would also quite likely be forced to learn from the old ways - e.g. the Australian Aborigines lived relatively harmoniously for around 60-80 thousand years, surely there is much to be learnt from them. Such civilisations only appear primitive through the eyes of prejudice, perhaps an apocalyptic upheaval would force us to dispell many of our prejudices and re-imagine the situation. If the modern and tribal ways could be unified in a positive way, this may lead to harmonious sustainability even in a post-apocalyptic context.