Argument that Reality is a Computational Process (#1459 & 1467)

Also see other excerpts from my discussions with the Society for Scientific Exploration.

These are some interesting and profound issues that you raise. They are correct when applied to narrowly defined computation (algorithmic processes) but are not correct when applied to broadly defined computation (general processes).

These issues got me thinking and the other night I drew up the outline of a mathematical and conceptual proof of my position. This is contained in the document Computational Processes.

It is a mathematical argument proposing that reality can be thought of as a computational process and that this does not imply a pre- determined universe.

It adresses two main issues:

Is a general process or existential phenomenon conceptually equivalent to a computational process? Can this reality be thought of as a computational process?
(I propose Yes)

Are all computational processes ultimately dependent on static pre- defined algorithmic programming? Does a computational context imply pre-determinism?
(I propose No)

I would be interested to hear what others think of it... It seems quite compelling to me but I am overly familiar with it and perhaps from other perspectives others may see flaws in it.

There are many more details that could be discussed in relation to it but I have tried to keep the argument as direct as possible. It would be interesting to discuss the details of the argument with people and thereby draw out the various complexities. I hope there are others who are interested enough to delve into these ideas.