Religion/Spirituality, Energy/Information and the Unification of Material and Spiritual Science (#1470)

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Also see other excerpts from my discussions with the Society for Scientific Exploration.

> I am a lone voice in contemporary western science
> insisting that the greatest laboratory is ourselves.

You are not alone!!!!
But those who realise that their power lies within themselves and not in some institution don't usually climb the institutional ladder and therefore don't have an institutional voice. Hence in this institutionalised world such people are not usually heard by the majority of people. But they do exist, I am one of them. Who knows how many there are...

> by religion, I mean systems of belief in which
> that sacred relationship with "GOD" - however
> that term is interpreted, must go through or
> come through a leader, a priest, a pope, an
> interpreter, or some kind of middle man,
> essentially functioning as a means of control
> and power over individuals' "spiritual"
> experiences. That's religion!

I agree! That is why I never use the term 'religion' because it is too associated with corrupt spirituality. But I do use the term spirituality to refer to non-corrupt spirituality and I have pursued the path of Yoga and Eastern spirituality because western forms are too confused due to historical abuses. I have always found western religion utterly repulsive, it 'smelt' bad, even as a child. Hence I was a complete athiest until I discovered the profound wisdom of Eastern spirituality such as Vedanta and Taoism. I suspect that is part of the underlying agenda of corrupt spirituality - to either deceive people into believing in disempowering fairy tales or to turn them into materialistic athiests - either way they will never discover their own inate beauty and power and they will therefore be easily enslaved into institutional agendas.

The political battle between individual spirituality and institutionalised power underlies the struggle between early Christianity and the Roman empire - unfortunately for the west the Romans got the upper hand. Thus for the past two thousand years in the west the dominant spiritual path has really been institutionalised power dressed up as spirituality. But the struggle is not over...

> 1) It appears to us that the fundamental essence
> of the universe and everything in it, seen and
> unseen, is intelligent.

> 4) All communication and interface with this
> intelligence appears to be in the form of
> energy and information, or, "consciousness
> and energy".

> 5) This energy and information appears to us to
> be omnipresent and flows like a river and
> surrounds us infinitely.

> 6) That all life, all cells, all biology, all
> genetics are intelligent and that this energy and
> information flows through every cell.

> 7) We have come to understand that the source of
> these streams of packets of energy and
> information seem to come from a
> matter/antimatter field

These quotes from the Chinese work beautifully describe the essence of the arising paradigm. This is what underlies my own work - although many will misunderstand it because I use 'computation' as an analogy for the coherent flow of information and many people have very narrow and distorted concepts of what computation is (just like with 'religion') - they think of desktop computers instead of a transcendent coherent flow of information that underlies all of reality.

The matter/antimatter field mentioned above is sometimes called the "unified quantum vacuum" and also the "Akashic Field". In the context of the computational analogy I call it the EP/ES membrane that separates the empirical process (simulator) and the empirical space (simulation). It is how the simulator appears from within the simulation. It is the membrane that separates the world of manifest forms from the underlying virtual-reality generative process.

> 8) A person's individual spiritual capacity,
> their level of awareness and consciousness
> directy corresponds to their ability to
> manipulate matter.

Matter is just a concept that arises from our perception of the universe. In the computational analogy the universe is a virtual reality - it is 'made' of computation and information. Only through virtual senses does it seem to be 'solid'. Another way of putting it is that existence is a field of consciousness, our personal consciousness is an aspect of the cosmic consciousness and with a focused consciousness we may participate in that field. By interacting with the underlying energy and information we influence it, then when our senses perceive the situation it seems that 'matter' has been influenced - but that matter is just the underlying energy and information as it appears to our senses.

> "Where does it fit into WESTERN science?"
> Based on my experiences at conferences this
> past year, I do not perceive that "western
> science" - the new priests of the 21st
> century, are quite ready for the jewels that
> these precious Chinese "non-religious"
> human-capacity scientists have to offer.

That is the main purpose of my work with the "Computational Paradigm". It provides a conceptual framework that many scientists may be able to comprehend (i.e. information instead of spirit) and which can also comprehend the spiritual foundations of reality. In this way I hope that scientists may start to get a deeper understanding and acceptance of such things.

If much of the productive capacity of modern science could be diverted away from bolstering materialist beliefs and toward exploration of the subtler aspects of reality, the potential would be profound.

> Western scientists must actually develop
> themselves, learn to discipline their minds
> to reach into the invisible through training
> like remote viewing, so that they, themselves
> develop a deepening "spiritual-conscious"
> interface, or they will truly never have the
> understanding necessary to understand the
> intelligence that underlies everything.

I agree. Knowledge only arises from experience - otherwise it is just belief. But before someone seriously attempts to attain an experience they must in some way believe that such an experience is possible. In general, most scientific minds are trapped in deep cynicism and materialist beliefs thus they are not likely to ever seek any such experiences or if they accidently had some they would find some way to avoid accepting them.

Thus I see that there are two aspects, there is a work of the mind (of words and ideas) that can prepare one for the real journey that consists of intimate personal experience of reality. To use an analogy, if someone had never tasted food and they didn't beleive that it even existed or if it did that it was poisonous they would not be inclined to eat it and would not be able to understand it coherently. But through analysis and discussion they may eventually come to accept that it is real and edible and only then would they attempt to eat it and experience it - and only then could they understand 'food'.

My own work attempts to create a conceptual "mind made" bridge that may help convince some people that the spiritual analogies are not just confused fairy tales but are detailed metaphysical analogies that exhibit profound insights into the deepest levels of reality. Thus spiritual experiences are indeed real, attainable and meaningful. But then they still need to actually experience them before they can really understand.

Thus I agree that:

> We will not understand the universe through
> mathematics, but will understand mathematics
> as a consequence to discovering our true
> nature still locked within us.

But when D says:

> they have opened the door into the next
> scientific paradigm that philosphical
> western scientists haven't even yet begun
> to explore.

I disagree - they have begun and some are making good progress but on the whole the western world is still struggling to free itself from millenia of corrupt spirituality. There are so many deep confusions that it is initially difficult to make any headway. But exposure to Eastern spirituality is helping enormously and things are definately changing. There is a major paradigm shift coming.