Trusting the flow, the Cosmic Dance, the natural holistic process (#1638)

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> Your theosophy is captivating. I know the Cosmic takes care of
> our needs in many ways. I agree with your notion of open
> mindedness and flowing with the Cosmic. But I have difficulty
> with the idea of flowing or floating with the Cosmic dance. If I
> have an idea and I want to accomplish in a particular way, and
> the idea stagnates, then I try other methods. But as long as I
> focus on the idea it will get accomplished. It may take a longer
> time. It is better to call for few additional hands that just
> throwing out the idea for others to plagiarise. Even when you
> get a few hands one will be a Judas.

Your remarks suggest to me that you are thinking of "the Cosmic Dance" as something separate from yourself. If an idea arises from deep within you then that is the Cosmic Dance. If you are inspired to accomplish it in a particular way then that is the Cosmic Dance. If others are inspired to take up the idea and explore it in their own way then that is the Cosmic dance. Your inner most essence, your intuition and spiritual impulse is your connection to the Cosmic dance and it is the same with us all. It is the inspiration that is our 'handle' on the Cosmic dance, just as you say "as long as I focus on the idea it will get accomplished".

And it is true that "It is better to call for few additional hands" but you then say, rather than "just throwing out the idea for others to plagiarise. Even when you get a few hands one will be a Judas." I strongly disagree with this comment. The Cosmic dance animates the WHOLE of the cosmos. It is not localised within your own consciousness and solely under your control; it is not your 'project', you are a minute gesture in the dance. It is those isolationist ideas that would cause you to "have difficulty with the idea of flowing or floating with the Cosmic dance". In the context of the work of Jesus the Roman empire was an intrinsic part of the process, so too was Judas. The enuing dark ages were prophesised and expected, they were all a part of the cosmic dance. The dance is not yours to control, it is what controls every aspect of existence. By throwing the idea out into the world one simply spreads the scope of the process and allows other parts of the universe to take part in the dance. The concept of 'plagiarism' is one based upon an egoic isolationist illusion; my ideas are not mine, they belong to the cosmos and have flowed through me because I am a part of the cosmos that is open to such a flow arising. If others take on those ideas and channel them in their own way then that is not a case of an isolated ego stealing those ideas, it is rather a case of another part of the universe experiencing them and expressing it's own response to them. That is exactly what I seek.

> Otherwise people will
> just read it and take out what they can from it without actually
> achieving what you wished.

I do not seek to create a bandwagon where everyone must think and act as I intend. I simply intend to inject an idea into the collective consciousness and then allow the process to unfold however the Cosmic dance wishes to unfold. If people 'plagiarise' my work then I would be very happy with that, it means that the idea is spreading and evolving. That is what I wish.

> In addition to throwing out the original idea on the net, you may
> consider asking one or two programmers to join you on the
> software development for  a modest fee.

I only have enough resources to sustain myself and my work - there is no way for me to be able to offer inducements for others to get involved. They are free to get involved if they are interested, but anyone who is just after money would not have the right motives or a sufficient degree of interest to be able to grasp the subtle and profound ideas. In the past I notified the "free software" and "open source" communities, hoping that some developers would be interested in assisting me or perhaps taking up the idea themselves and developing it independently. There was virtually no response and as far as I can tell the ideas were too abstract for them. Comments I received from the free software foundation indicated to me that they were only interested in ideas for new 'widgets' that had obvious and immediate commercial application. I.e. the programmers could only conceive of minor variations of the current computing paradigm and something that was a revolutionary paradigm shift in computing was of no interest to them.

I was very sad to hear that, I had hoped that it would be free independent humans that would take it up first but perhaps it will be corporations and military research labs that will have the first chance to develop it and define it's arrival in the world. I also notified a wide variety of scientists but received no response at all; I suspect it was because I had no PhD and no backing from a prestigious journal or university; without authorisation from the priesthood one is simply a heretic - these days the label 'crackpot' is most often used.

There is no simple path from conception to completion of these ideas - it may take years or centuries, it may involve a smooth growth of wisdom and prosperity or it may pass through phases of catastrophic delusion and destruction - that all depends upon the human collective consciousness and cannot be controlled by myself or anyone else. The process will unfold according to its own nature.

> I designed an on going muti-disciplinary set of experiments
> recently. The results we are getting from different disciplines
> are very impressive. Yet one of the scientists I invited decided
> to sit on her  data and refuse to write it up. Her explanation
> was that she has not seen that kind of response or data before
> and she cannot write up the results. I thought that is the more
> reason she should write it up. She possibly wants to continue
> independent work on the project.

I was much like her for many years - I sat on my ideas and told no one about them - I wanted to continue independent work without distraction from external inputs or distortion due to premature convergence of the subtle states of mind into words and ideas that could be communicated and I was also afraid of the possible ramifications - feeling myself responsible for them. But I have taken the ideas as far as I care to on my own for now and have relinquished all responsibility and have come to trust the Cosmic dance, thus I am trying to communicate the ideas as far and wide as I can. That is the purpose of my website and my conversation here on the SSE forum. I hope that the ideas may inspire others in some way who will then provide useful input into the process, either in cooperation with myself or through their own independent work. The work that I have done is not some isolated project, it is a small part of a paradigm shift that has been slowly brewing for thousands of years and is nearing a major turning point (see the next posting for more comments on this). I simply seek to do what I can and to inject this work into the larger process, which is a phase transition in the human collective consciousness. No one can 'control' this larger process, it is a vast wave that we can ride but it is too powerful for anyone to control.