Breaking the Code of Secrecy, the Cosmic Dance includes Light and Dark, the Process of Awakening, the Human Collective Paradigm Shift, plus some comments from the I Ching (#1639)

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> My position is that there is no extraphysical ability
> that can be used for good that cannot be used for evil.

This raises the question, what is good and evil?
I won't discuss it explicitly here just now but I have commented on it before in the context of rights and power struggles between competing agendas.

The gist of it is that actions are fundamentally neutral in themselves and all concepts of right and wrong are relative and defined within the context of some agenda. If one's agenda is to move north then that which takes one north is good and that which takes one south is bad. If the cosmos is random and without its own agenda then we are free to define our own right and wrong based upon our own agendas and to struggle for the suppremacy of our own agendas. But if the cosmos has a direction, i.e. an agenda, then that determines a metric of absolute right and wrong with which we must align if we wish to continue to exist.

and search for the phrase "The Anatomy of Rights and Power".

The rest of this posting directly relates to my previous posting in which I talk about the widespread distribution of ideas; ideas with great transformative power, that were once carefully guarded secrets. P says in a recent posting...

> Adepts and Masters are cautious of the rule - Do not cast
> your jewels before the swine, other wise it will be dragged
> to the mud because the mud is the nature of the swine.

> Nature also does not yield its secrets, knowledge, understanding
> and wisdom to the idle and wicked ones. That is why it has taken
> humanity this long to advance beyond its present level.  For
> nature to reveal itself one must work hard to raise consciousness
> from Malkut to Kether...

> Once you reveal the truth to the evil minded for the pursuance
> of good, its evil mind will lead him/or her to try it out for evil
> and selfish motives.

> If nature yields its energies, powers and other secret laws to
> humankind easily humankind will destroy themselves because
> of intellectual ignorance and their level of consciousness which
> resides prodominantly in the lower Chakras. 

> Conciousness in the Higher Chakras is consciousness of Love, 
> Service, Selflessness and sacrifice. The opposites predominate
> in the lower Chakras, the chakras of mundane ignorance.

The key points that I wish to highlight here are:
Evil = Ignorance of reality = Selfish motives = Holistic dis-ease
Love = Understanding of reality = Selfless motives = Holistic health

In this context I discuss esoteric (secret) knowledge, the consolidation of the light of knowledge, the purpose of the light to dispel the darkness of ignorance and the paradigm shift that humanity is undergoing.

In countless instances throughout history that which was once secret has become public knowledge. This is to some degree "casting pearls before swine"; there are inherent risks, but it is a natural part of the unfolding process. Here I briefly comment on how I understand the situation and thereby explain why I and many others are throwing ideas out into the world without adhering to the time honoured code of extreme caution and secrecy.

Put simply, there has been a coherent process unfolding throughout history - this process accords with the changing state of the world. Initially the esoteric knowledge was largely secret and for good reason but as the process unfolds the needs of the time change. Initially the light of spiritual inspiration was young (newly received or intuited), it needed time to grow and adapt to the particulars of this world. The darkness of ignorance was widespread but relatively benign, the people were profoundly ignorant of the true nature of themselves and the world and they behaved in relatively barbaric ways but they were also unable to do great harm to the world. The secrecy was to protect the growing light from the widespread attention of the ignorant who would destroy it out of misunderstanding, fear and avarice.

Over thousands of years this sacred knowledge has gradually assimilated itself into particular niches, it has matured and consolidated itself, developing rich and compelling systems of expression and transmission. All ideas are memes; they are not simple machines that remain static, they are cognitive viruses that occupy our collective consciousness. These esoteric memes have grown strong and gradually infiltrated the mundane world (the world based upon objectivist/materialist beliefs). But over time the darkness has grown too. The delusion stems from the egoic illusion of separation, the idea that we are isolated fragments that must struggle and compete, climbing over each other to secure our own advantage, and it doesn't matter what happens to the 'other' so long as 'I' am okay. The fundamental realisation contained in esoteric knowledge is that the cosmos is One and Whole, we are like cells in a body rather than separate bodies in conflict. If cells in your body only seek their own advantage without regard to the whole, then that is cancer. The darkness of ignorance is a cancer in the body of the cosmos, in particular, in the body of this planet.

Initially the world of ignorance was a benign cancer, but over time it has become malignant. It has now spread throughout the globe and has the power to destroy the body of the planet. Whether through nuclear annihilation, or mass over-consumption and over-population, and so on. The life of the body is in danger due to the dysfunctional activities of some of the cells.

In countless ways this complex system that we refer to as planet Earth is undergoing a process of growth and transformation, this process is approaching a critical point in the phase transition. A critical point is the point at which widespread systemic change arises, such as water suddenly boiling and vaporising. This critical point is also a kind of crisis, in many ways we are approaching fundamental limits and this necessitates a phase transition. The pressure arises not only in the collective consciousness and not only in the form of spiritual traditions. The very ecosystem, human nature itself and countless general system theoretic principles based upon the logic of the growth and complexification of systems (such as finite resources) are creating pressure for change. In the coming crisis we are facing a situation in which, either widespread realisations occur to some degree or we face destruction.

People are rapidly coming to understand the deep inter-dependence that binds us all into a vast collective system, from ecology to the simple logistics of living in a metropolis - we are moving from an image of ourselves as isolated individuals in a vast environment that can absorb unlimited abuse, toward an image of ourselves as intrinsic and interacting parts of a greater whole, who's health depends upon the coherence of our interactions. In medieval times in Europe people would through their sewage out the window but with increasing density we turned toward toilets, sewage systems, waste treatment plants and so on. This is just one simple example of the growth of collective realisation and cooperation. This process of realisation has been increasing throughout civilisation - it could even be said that it is the underlying essence of what 'civilisation' means. The essence of sacred knowledge is that on the deepest possible levels we are intrinsically united, there is NO separation and this drives us in the direction of ever increasing 'civilisation', it demands of us that we become deeply civilised and we leave behind our barbaric egoic isolationist delusions.

This phase transition is a function of the unfolding of the system as a whole, it is not some scheme executed by some group of spiritual illuminati, there are those who are more aware of the process than others and who participate in it more coherently, but the process is the unfolding of the cosmic dance. It is the Earth evolving according to its nature.

As a part of this process of evolution, the light of wisdom is acting to confront the darkness of ignorance. Both through deliberate efforts and through synchronistic events beyond the control of anyone. That which was once secret is gradually becoming common knowledge and this is in accord with the nature of the times. Esoteric knowledge is spreading into the world through many channels, the release of previously secret knowledge, people realising things in the privacy of their hearts and minds and then speaking openly, ancient writings being discovered in caves or dug up from the ground, truths arising from the ramifications of scientific theories such as quantum physics, information theory, system theory, and so on. In countless ways the light of knowledge is mobilising to confront the darkness of ignorance. This phenomenon is one of the basic principles of the cosmic dance as it is unfolding in this particular part of the cosmos. In these times we see the greatest delusion and destruction in history but we also see the greatest spiritual/new age renaissance of all time.

In response to the comments about casting pearls before swine, some examples of the breaking of secrecy in recent history are mentioned below, but there are countless other examples if one looks into it. These are not random aberrations but rather a synchronistically coordinated release.

The body of sacred knowledge known as Kabbalah was once a carefully kept secret, handed down, since circa 2000 B.C.E, only from master to disciple, with injunctions of secrecy under pain of death. Countless Kabbalists have suffered and lost their lives due to speaking openly about the Kabbalah. The teachings of the Kabbalah were influential in ancient Greece, inspiring Plato and Aristotle amongst others. The Zohar (one of the main texts of Kabbalistic knowledge) was hidden and lost to the human collective consciousness from the period starting from the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and it remained hidden for exactly 1200 years until Moses Deleon discovered it in 1270. It had been written that it shall be lost for one hundred years for each of the twelve tribes of Israel.

"in the 16th century, the Kabbalist Abraham Azulai (1570-1643) issued a decree that removed any and all prohibitions concerning the learning of Kabbalah, retroactive from the year 1540. This would be the first time in human history that Kabbalah could be made available to everyone..." (quoted from The Power of Kabbalah, Yehuda Berg, Hodder & Stoughton, 2004, pg 241).

This decree is by no means accepted by all and many Kabbalists still face oppression but in general the Kabbalah has gradually spread far and wide, having enormous effects on the growth of modern civilisation, influencing the enlightenment period of Western civilisation and influencing such people as Leibniz and Newton.

An example of great relevance to Western and Modern civilisation is the revelation of many of the secret doctrines of the Western esoteric tradition (known by many names, not definable by any particular name, related to what is known as The Great White Brotherhood). Madame Blavatsky received many secret teachings via intuitive transmission and conveyed them to others throughout Europe. Esoteric societies sprang up and flourished, giving birth to the Order of the Rosy Cross, the Ordo Templi Orientis, the A.'.A.'. , the Golden Dawn, and on and on. These groups spontaneously formed and assimilated the teachings. They developed them in different ways and spread them far and wide. This had significant impacts on mass culture and has been influential in New Age movements such as Ascona, natural therapies, ecological movements, the 60's, and countless other 'alternative' movements.

Another example is certain teachings of Tibetan Tantric Yoga, which have been carefully kept secrets for thousands of years but due to recent events they have been translated and published in widely available books. One such book I happen to have in front of me and in the forward the translator says:

"The translator, fearful lest these important teachings be lost in their mother-land under the tyranny of Communism, has broken with tradition by revealing these hitherto 'secretly guarded' documents in English translation, with the hope that they may prove useful to seekers of truth." (Teachings of Tibetan Yoga, Garma. C. C. Chang, Citadel Press, 1993).

The synchronistic unfolding of events underlies the release of many esoteric teachings, not just the conscious decisions of humans. It is in accord with the times; a gesture in the Cosmic Dance.

The many esoteric memes that were intuited, conceived and consolidated in seclusion are now moving into the wider collective consciousness where they can mature, evolve, inter-mingle, inspire countless minds, and create a fusion of global holistic awareness and understanding. Physical science is now at a stage of development where it can comprehend these esoteric memes and the fusion of physical science and mystic science is a major aspect of the growing fusion.

In conclusion, much that was once secret is now no longer secret, the esoteric truths are responsive to the changing times and play an major role in the evolution of this vastly subtle and dynamic organism that we call the planet Earth. This evolutionary process is a part of the cosmic dance and it unfolds in countless subtle ways, through the ecosystem, the spiritual traditions, the hearts and minds of countless individuals, the physical sciences, philosophy, politics, economics, and so on. The direction of this process is one of growing awareness of the wholly real and thereby greater holistic harmony.

In this context, of the synchronistic arising of wisdom, I decided to consult the I Ching regarding this historical process. The I Ching is a synchronistic oracle through which the universe itself speaks and its response was very relevant so I have summarised it below for any who are interested. The deeply symbolic metaphorical language may be difficult for those who are used to literal rational language but there is much that may be learnt from the wisdom of the I Ching.

The hexagrams that arose were:

------    ------
------    ------
------ -> --  --
------    --  --
------    --  --
------    ------
(1)    -> (42)

Inspiring Force -> Augmenting

The first hexagram describes the general context in which the process operates. The changing lines (2nd, 3rd and 4th) produce particular comments relating to the specifics of the process. Then the resulting hexagram describes the general resulting situation. All the following comments are quoted from (Total I Ching: Myths for Change, Stephen Karcher, Time Warner, 2004).

Inspiring Force / Dragon
"Inspiring Force, the Dragon, represents inspiration, a shape changer at once inner and outer... [that] initiates and presides over the growing season... and dispenses the fates of all creatures... [it] surrounds us as lifelines in the landscape through which energy flows and as inner imagery, an inexhaustible source of transformation. He [the Dragon's inspiring force] rises within us, a mysterious vital force moving and circulating through the subtle body. Dragon/Force is the actualizing potential between seen and unseen... He is connected with the Great Person, the deep personality in all of us, and with the diviners and sages who can help us realise this force. He promotes seeing or visualizing: becoming aware, connecting with inner images, being struck and moved by Inspiring Force."

"Dragon is a realising spirit-image, gate to the unseen, mediator and conductor of blessings. He is tireless creative energy, shape changing, inspiring and creating dynamic harmony. He is dangerous... He brings deep abiding joy"

"[The hexagram] Inspiring Force describes [the] situation in terms of the primal power of spirit to create and destroy... the inspiring power of Heaven... that breaks through boundaries. [We] are confronted with many obstacles. The way to deal with them is to persist, for [we] are in contact with fundamental creative energy. Take action. Be dynamic, strong, untiring, tenacious and enduring. Continue on [this] path and don't be dismayed. Ride the power of the Dragon and bring the fertilising rain. [This] situation contains great creative potential. It can open up a whole new cycle of time."

"The hexagram figure shows creative force in action. Heaven moves and persists. The spirit power is available to [us]. Use it as a source of strength and determination in order to continue on without pause. This great force is the beginning of things. As the clouds spread and the rain falls all things flow into their shapes. It shows you the end that brings a new beginning, the way energy moves in the world and the proper time to accomplish something. If you become aware of its movement, you can ride this energy... The way of Force is to change and transform things. It makes the innate spirit within each being manifest. This protects the great harmony of the world. Take advantage of it. Use this creative energy to produce ideas that inspire people and give them models of transformation. Bring together what belongs together. What [we] create can be the source of a deep and self-renewing peace of mind."

The 2nd changing line
"Power and virtue (transcendent awareness) is spreading throughout. Early spring. Creative energy emerges into the lower centre. [We] have the ability to realise things now. Take the advice of people you know. Seek those who connect you to the great spirits and trust what is great in yourself. Bring people together. Give them a goal. [We] are coupled with a creative force."

The 3rd changing line
"The Way reverses and returns. This is a transitional time of incessant activity, plagued by practical and emotional problems. Old ghosts (memes?) come back to haunt [us]. Don't worry. This is a very important change and creative energy is available to [us]. Turn your back on the past and commit yourself to the new. This marks the return of the Way in your life. Make your way step by step. Find supportive people. Gather energy for a decisive new move."

The 4th changing line
"This means advancing without fault. Late spring. Creative energy emerges in the heart centre. Even though [we] are dealing with big issues, don't lose the playful spirit. Joy is the key to creation in this situation. [We] are mingling with the Source. Don't get frozen into a single stance (dogma). Accumulate small things to build the great. Gather [our] ghosts. Turn conflict into creative tension. The situation is already changing."

The resulting hexagram representing the outcome of the process is:
Augmenting / The Blessing
"Augmenting is the Blessing: 'What is above gives to what is below'. The root is a recipient for food... a vessel overflowing with blessing, the sun that appears through the grace of the ancestor after a dark time, gladdening and enriching everything. This is the feast in which all partake... a transformation effected by a crossing (paradigm shift)... it is a connection of Heaven and Earth brought about by ritual, sacrifice and inner work... it is what enriches power and virtue."

"Augmenting describes [the] situation in terms of increase, advance and development. The way to deal with it is to increase your involvement and pour in more energy. This is a time of gain, profit and expansion. Have a place to go. Impose a direction on things. Enter the Stream of Life with a purpose and embark on a significant enterprise. These things bring profit and insight."

"The hexagram figure shows arousing new energy penetrating the outer world... Strip away your old ideas. Through augmenting you enrich your power to realise the Way. Augmenting continually enriches things without setting up structures. It uses flourishing and harvesting. When you can imagine improvement, shift the way you do things. When there is excess or error, correct it. Diminish what is above and augment what is below. Stimulate people at their work without limiting them. The Source above has descended and its Way is shining greatly. Let it stimulate you. Having a place to go or imposing a direction on things brings profit and insight. Make correcting one-sidedness and error the centre of your concerns. It will bring rewards. Step into the Stream of Life. Secure your vehicle, the boat to carry you, then make your move. Augmenting stirs things up and grounds them. Like the sun rising, it has no limits. When Heaven spreads out, Earth gives birth. Together they increase and augment things on all sides. Augment everything. This connects you with the time, so you can accompany it as it moves."

"This is... rousing energy within that expands into outer penetration, coupling and augmenting all things. The ideal Realising Person reflects this by perceiving how things can be improved and shifting his stance accordingly. Work through rousing and inspiring. A cycle is beginning. Fix the omen (symbolically represent the inner realisations so the vision does not fade over time)."